Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zoo-Zoo comes to visit

Back in March, our sweet Zoo-Zoo came all the way from Vidalia to visit us Jonah! For those of you who know her, you know what a BIG deal this is. She hasn't flown since Josh was 3. Josh is now 31. See, REALLY big deal that she flew here!!

My little boy was so over the top about her visit. He could hardly contain himself. We stopped at Sam's on the way to the airport. He saw the flowers and just had to buy some for her.

After she came through the gate, he wanted nothing else to do with me. He was all about his Zoo-Zoo. He showed her some of her favorite parts of the airport. He kind of wanted to stick around there for a while but I convinced him to let us go home.
While she was here, they did tons of fun things. From reading books to art projects, they had a blast. It is really the first time we have seen Jonah be jealous with Micah. He did not want her to do anything with him. He wanted her undivided attention.

But, some of the time she was here found Jonah in school so she got some special bonding time with Micah. And, as you can imagine, he fell in love with her too!

We headed over to Daytona Beach and Ponce Inlet one afternoon so Sue could see the Atlantic Ocean. She had never seen it before. Had it not been so chilly, we would have taken Jonah's suit but that day was especially cold and windy.

I tried to take a picture of Micah in the sling on the beach but he kept burying his face because the wind was driving him CRAZY. So, here ya go, Micah's first trip (outside of the car) to the beach.

We got all dressed and ready for church Wednesday night only to stay home because of the terrible weather. The power at church was out so there was no need to go. They sent everyone home. Since we were all dressed, I decided to take a few pictures.

Then, Jonah decided he wanted to take a few. If I didn't have any pride, I'd show you the rest of them. But, some pictures just aren't meant for public viewing. I've sent them to Sue and we have decided to keep those private!! Nothing but silliness! Makes me laugh now just thinking about them.

Our visit was so much fun and much needed medicine for our souls. We all love our Zoo-Zoo and can't wait to see her again!!


Katie said...

2 Things

1. It appears that Micah may pass his big brother in size soon!

2. I love the last picture. It looks as though Micah is getting a big kick out of it too. :)

Baylee's Mommy said...

That last post was from me. OOPS
Someone at my work had logged onto her google account on my computer and didn't sign off. :)

Penny said...

I'll bet Jonah being jealous of her actually tickled Sue to death! It would have me. :) So glad Jonah got time with Sue~ I know how much she misses y'all. Glad, too, that she got to meet her second surrogate grandson. :)

Anonymous said...

GREAT trip, great friends! Love those sweet boys and had such fun with Jonah (who loves me unconditionally) and Micah (who smiled and laughed at me everytime I looked at him.) Couldn't have done it without you, Nic-Nic...love y'all!


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