Thursday, April 21, 2011

Orlando Science Center

The day Zoo-Zoo flew home was one of the worst weather days I have seen in our 18 months as Florida residents. We dropped her at the airport at 11:30 for a 1:30 flight. She was delayed over and over again and did not end up flying out of Orlando until around 6 p.m. She should have been back in Vidalia by that time but was just leaving here.

We kept Jonah out of school that day so he could go to the airport with us and so we could do something as a family while we were in Orlando. If you remember, Dan had been gone to Atlanta all week so we knew Jonah would enjoy some time with his daddy. Unfortunately, due to the terrible weather, every tourist in Central Florida who could not do theme parks, was also in Orlando looking for a family adventure.

We (and two thousand other people) settled on the Orlando Science Center. Jonah was excited about the new Curious George exhibit they had. He loves him some Curious George.

He enjoys any time of hands on activity, so a children's museum is perfect for him. And, considering the terrible weather, it was perfect for all of us. Dan basically took Jonah duty and I kept Micah entertained.

It was a fun day to be together as a family. Doing things like this is so different since we added Micah to our family. It means I can't always be as involved as I would like but that is just part of the adjustment of being a growing family. Jonah didn't seem to mind the full attention from his dad and Micah certainly didn't mind being the object of my affection for several hours.

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