Saturday, April 23, 2011

Friday play dates

**all photos are from my Iphone since my Canon is at the repair shop after an unfortunate fall!**

Yesterday was a new experience for our family. Dan and Jonah went one direction for the day and Micah and I went the other. We were invited to a play date at a friend's house with a couple of other mommies and little ones. Since none of the kids were Jonah's age, Dan took him and a friend bowling.

Micah was thrilled to see his friend Miller. They love to stare at each other. We already have lots of pictures of the two of them doing that. Miller was nice enough to share his bed with Micah so he could take a long nap. He missed most of the play date since he was sleeping. But, that just gave me more time to visit with the sweet mommies who were there.

Right before Micah woke up, Dan called to tell me I needed to meet him at the park. There was a serious emergency with a family in our church and he needed to get over there ASAP. He had just gotten to the park after getting food for the boys. I left the play date, drove to the play ground and took over park duty with the boys. When I drove up, they looked at me like I had two heads. It was as if they were saying "seriously, we are loosing the cool dad and gaining the not so cool mom??"

Once I started pushing them on the tire swing, creating and timing obstacle courses and being the tickle monster, they were just fine with me taking over. That was until we had to leave for 1:30 p.m. haircuts. Seriously, who wants to leave a park for a haircut?

Minus the terrible tragedy in our church family, it was a good day. The boys had fun. We had fun. And, we ended the day with the sweetest conversations with Jonah about what Good Friday means and why Jesus died for us. It won't be long until that little heart gets it and makes the biggest decision of his little life. I'm praying for that day. I can't wait!

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Aja said...

Seriously, I love those pictures! I know in my head Miller and Micah have no real clue about being "friends," but my heart just believes they have such a good time together and love each other. I guess ya'll will already have to count us as people who will cry on your shoulders if God calls you away from DeLand.


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