Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bye, daddy!

You know how people do those "random things about me" surveys on their blogs? I have done some of those over the years but there is one thing about me that I've never put out there. This is totally crazy but every time Dan goes out of town, I always take pictures of him with our boys in case something happens to him. Before any of you go and call me morbid, let me explain. I don't think I dwell on death. I don't worry non-stop. I don't actually think something WILL happen. The thought comes to mind, so I do it.

So, before Dan left for Atlanta a few weeks ago, I snapped these pictures. Sue was here. She thought I was crazy. Dan just smiles and goes along with it. He is so used to me after almost 12 years of marriage. He just appeases me with things like this. So, here is Micah and Dan.

And then, Jonah and Dan.
Well, I already had my pajamas on but Jonah was convinced he should take a picture of me with his daddy. (He doesn't know Dan calls them the "ICOD Photos." ) He thinks it just a normal day where he gets his picture taken numerous times!! Anyway, Jonah wanted to take our picture and I said I didn't want one because I had pajamas on. Dan thought he was helping me hide my pajamas but instead, it looks more like he has me in a headlock. Ahhh...can't you see the love??

And, just so Zoo-Zoo wasn't left out. She got her picture made with Danno (as she calls him)! Can't you see the love between them?
Oh, and to add the the randomness of my quirky ICOD photos, I never post them until he is home safe and sound. Yep, I'm odd! I openly admit that.

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Penny said...

Too funny! But there's wisdom in your "morbid" obsession. Just this past sunday a friend showed me a family portrait she had done 15 or 16 years ago. She had just been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and immediately scheduled a family portrait. She said her mom told her that she was morbid, but I think it was smart and now every time she sees it, she is reminded how blessed she is that she is still here~ and cancer free for 15 years. :) We never know. My biggest regret is that I don't have been a few family portraits and not near as many pics of my girls as I'd like. The days before digital cameras.... sigh.


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