Monday, April 25, 2011

A blog post from Jonah

Jonah and I have have done several activities this afternoon. He has decided he wants to do a blog post. He picked one picture to post and he is going to tell me what to say. So, look under the picture for Jonah's words about it.

I want to play with Mikenzie always on the playground and Garret and Aaron. I am glad I went to Mathias' house and to a restaurant to get bouncy balls to play with. Okay? The next sentence will be short. These balls are for me to play with. And, when Daddy gets home, I'm going to play with my Spiderman Web shooter. Someday I want to go back to Nana's house with Mikenzie and make cookies again. That knife that I'm holding in my hand is to icing the cookie. I ate a lot of the icing right off that knife. That's all of the stuff. I have some more stuff to tell you. Sometimes, I would want to play with my Yoda kite. Sometimes, I want to play with my cars.

Upload it up, okay?


Cristi said...

Funny, and good idea!

Aja said...

The "that's all my stuff" followed by "I have some more stuff to tell you"- I can literally hear Jonah saying those sentences back to back. He's funny.


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