Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thank you,

Oh dear, how I love thee! If a website could be a best friend, you would SO be mine! Thank you for the awesome diaper and wipes deals that you blessed me with this past week. The UPS man probably doesn't like you much after your delivery today, but my bank account sure does.

Total price for 3 cases of diapers and 1 case of wipes $129.94
Tax $0
Shipping $0
Total I actually paid after discounts $65.48

That is a savings of $64.46!!! ALMOST a 50% savings! And, had I not gotten in a hurry on the order, there would have been additional Amazon coupons I could have used for $5 more off which would have been $60.48 for 2 cases of Pampers, 1 case of Huggies Overnites and 1 case of Pampers wipes. One of those boxes alone retails for $41.99 so I got all four for not much more than that.

I feel like I accomplished something today! I can go to bed now!


Amy said...

Holy smokes! He's in 3s already!

The Glenn Gang said...

No...not in 3's yet. I have a few 2's stockpiled so I ordered 3's to be safe.

vhdawg's Wife said...

I love some amazon! we have daily arrivals - wipes, genie refills, diapers - love it! -Mel

Aja said...

Do you know I have never purchased diapers online? I'm a budgetary mess!

Luke said...

Do you do any couponing at drug stores (CVS, Rite Aid, etc.)? This past year I have saved a ton on diapers that way. Try looking at


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