Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Star Wars has made it to our kitchen!

Back on Valentine's Day, Jonah got a package in the mail from his GiGi. He opened the package to discover a Star Wars Apron from Williams-Sonoma. He was so excited! Well, later that week, I was shopping at Williams-Sonoma and discovered an entire line of Star Wars stuff. My friend Amanda sent me a link right after Christmas that had most of this stuff on sale but I missed the deadline to order it. When I saw it in the store, I had to pick up a couple of things for my Star Wars crazed boy!

I got him one set of the pancake molds and one set of the cookie cutters. He was THRILLED! To top it off, I also gave him a Vintage Star Wars shirt I found for $2 at the JBF Consignment Sale. Yep, mommy was quite the hero that night.

The next Monday morning, we got up and had a Star Wars themed morning. It was President's Day so Jonah was out of school. He was over the top happy to share this special time with me. (Although, I am clueless about all things Star Wars!!! But, I did pretend!)

He loves cooking and helping in the kitchen. (Once again, why did I EVER sell the Learning Tower??) I let him do as much as my OCD self will allow.

Our first try wasn't so great! We put a little too much batter in the molds. The Star Wars characters looked a little silly but he still loved them.

We continued to practice and got better with each time. We ended up having enough batter to pull out the Mickey Mouse mold and then to also make letter pancakes. (See, fun AND educational!!!)


vhdawg's Wife said...

I need a set for Parker!

Barb said...

How cool is that! He looks adorable in the apron and mask.


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