Saturday, March 5, 2011

Opening Ceremonies for T-ball

Does anyone remember this sweet little boy who loved going across the street to the ball fields?

Well, somehow that little boy grew into a 4 year old who is now old enough to be on a T-ball team. This morning, he got dressed in his uniform (which, oddly enough, he called a robe all week?!?) and proudly turned to show me. In that exact moment, my eyes filled with tears. He looked so big...and so very proud!

We drove to the Chipper Jones Little League complex and walked towards our field. Jonah was so excited he could hardly stand it. Our Little League uses teams from the MLB so we quickly saw a few Atlanta Braves, Cincinnati Reds and New York Yankees. Jonah was most impressed that his team, The Oakland Athletics matched the fences. (Notice the fence behind them?)

When Jonah got his uniform shirt Thursday night, we could hardly believe who the sponsor was. Comfort Services is a local Air Conditioning company that a member of our church actually owns. But, even more interesting is that Frank (Jonah's adopted grandfather) started that business many years ago and then sold it to Blaine. We are thrilled that Jonah is on that team since Comfort Services is so special to the Wood Family. And, Frank just so happened to be at that practice and got to be the one to tell me who the team sponsor was.

Aunt Jen walked up as the boys were about to line up with their team. Jonah was so excited to see her. He jumped up and down. It was so sweet. He loves them so much.
I changed my camera lens to the zoom lens so I could get better pictures of Jonah out on the field. He was fairly close to first base and I was on the third base side so I was very pleased to get these close up shots of them.
Dan pointed out to Jonah that Jeff, Cathi and Margie had all arrived. He grinned so big when he saw them and then just started waving. He was happy to have his own personal cheering section.

Our friend Andy coaches his little boy Andrew. As you can see, they are the Braves. Too bad their uniforms don't match the fence.
My little patriotic ball player!
When I signed Jonah up for T-ball, I was told the league sponsored two different fundraisers. Each child had to participate in at least one. It just so happened that one was a Poker Run and one was a Raffle. Both of those are things that "some" Baptists get all up in arms about so we were in a bit of a pickle. We don't want to cause any issues with church members who might take offense to their pastor doing either so we were stuck. But, a very kind friend stepped in and took care of the raffle for us so we could 'distance' ourselves from it...just in case.

Well, as the ceremonies went on, it got time to draw for the raffle. Over the loud speaker, we hear "And, just to keep things honest around here, we are gonna call Pastor Dan Glenn out to draw tickets for the raffle!" HAHAHAHAHA! So much for "distancing" ourselves. Dan was center stage drawing all the tickets. So funny!

As soon as the teams were dismissed, Jonah ran over to see his adoring fans. Jeff got the first hug! Jeff grew up playing ball on those very fields so it was kind of a memorable day for him.

When I mentioned to Sue that they were all coming to Opening Ceremonies, she said "they must really love Jonah to endure that. It is long and boring!" Well, I told them that when they all got there. About 45 minutes into it, Margie said "Zoo-Zoo was right!!!" HAHA! I think she was kidding?!?

The next picture makes me laugh. Is this what you would call a dad who is "hands- off?"

And, then this is what we call the bargaining table! There was a carnival after Opening Ceremonies with games on all the different fields. There were concessions, home run derbies, electronic games, bounce houses, etc. It was MADNESS! So, we were trying to offer Jonah other things (a new Wii game, the DeLand Motorcycle Festival, ice cream, the Burger King play house, etc) to keep from having to fight the crowds there.

Well, we lost! He wanted to bounce. He loves a bounce house and almost never chooses anything over them. So, we stayed and bounced...and bounced...and bounced. Finally, I left to go get Micah and just came back to pick Jonah and Dan up.

It was a fun day with sweet memories. I have a feeling this season will be full of lots of fun, a good bit of whining because he doesn't want to play anymore, lots of money spent at the concession stand, many blog posts about T-ball and LOTS of pictures. So, stay tuned. And, just so you know, at some point, I'll catch up on the blog and post pictures from his first practice. Nothing like posting backwards!

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Anonymous said...

Wish I could have been there but, thanks to your photography, I feel like I WAS there (minus the tan). Jonah makes a very good-looking ball player...Gigi


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