Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Micah and Miller

I love to see my sweet boys interact with their friends. Jonah, is obviously more advanced in his friendships than little Micah is but that doesn't keep him from having his own social calendar. Less than two months before Micah made his appearance into our world, Miller was born. His mom is one of my good friends and I have a feeling these boys are gonna be big buds as they grow up. You know, assuming Micah doesn't eat Miller! (He is two months younger but several pounds heavier!!!)

I love this sweet picture. It makes you wonder what on earth they are thinking. I love how they are holding hands and looking at each other so intently. Minus his family being massive Gator fans, we would be so okay with these little guys growing up to be best buds!
Micah got to try out Miller's Jumperoo while he was there and LOVED it. He jumped and giggled. It was so sweet to see. I can't believe he is even old enough to be in a Jumperoo. Time is passing quickly!!!

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Aja said...

I love our sweet boys! Can't wait till those, "The Gators are better than Miss State!" "No, Miss State is better!" playground arguments. We'll let the big guys sort those out. :)


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