Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ella's Birthday Party

Several weeks ago, Jonah, Micah and I loaded up and headed across town to Ella's birthday. Dan was out of town at a soccer certification clinic so he missed all the fun. I was a little fearful of how I would handle both boys on my own. I'm used to being 100% hands on with Jonah so I could not imagine how I would do that outside at a party with Micah there too.

Somehow, I forgot the "everybody loves a baby" theory. Within a short time of arriving, Micah was flirting with the ladies and cooing and grinning at anyone who spoke to him. So, while he was with me some, he spent the majority of time being adored by the different grandmothers at the party.

Jonah was the only boy at the party and was totally shy about that at first. But, then Mikenzie's grandmother, G Wilma showed up and he came out of his shell a little bit.

Ella's party was totally awesome! It had a bounce house, carnival games, carnival food, face painting, spin art, a pinata and even a pony ride. Yeah, Jane nailed it. Jonah had (way) more than one helping of cotton candy. He bounced his little heart out and played those games over and over and over. It worked out great for him because he won a prize every time. Since he was the only boy there, he got all the boy prizes. SCORE!!

Check out the painted "toenails" on the horse! Jonah thought that was hysterical! It is the first thing he told Dan when he saw him later that day.
Jane's sister, Jean painted faces for the party. All the little girls had cute, delicate paintings. Jonah wanted Spiderman. Jean knocked it out of the park and did an awesome job with Spiderman. He did not want to wash it off before bed. It was that good!

Jonah and Ella, the birthday girl! He calls her "the Ella that isn't my cousin" since he does have a cousin named Ella. It makes me laugh every time he says that. Sometimes, he will call her "the other Ella!"
The pinata was great fun as always. Those things are hard to bust through. All the kids got several turns before the candy started to flow.

During the pinata, Jonah walked over to Ella's Aunt Cindy and lifted his sweater to reveal a Star Wars shirt. He said "You wanna see what I've got on under this red shirt?" Hee hee! The kid loves his Star Wars shirts and wants to be sure everyone sees them. You should have seen me trying to get him to wear a sweater over that shirt.

Mrs. Jeanne was quite content to hold and love on my sweet Micah for most of the day. She even found a rocker and put him right to sleep. I think she would have been okay for me to just leave him there. Grandmothers love to rock a baby!
After the line dwindled down for the face painting, Jonah finally got his turn. He could have gone earlier but he wanted to bounce rather than wait in line. So, the first time there was no wait, he came running for his turn.

And, since he was painted like SpiderMan, he had to throw a web at Jane!

It was a super fun party that Jonah is still talking about! Thanks for inviting us, Ella!


Baylee's Mommy said...

Holy Cow what a party! Mom deserves mad props!!! :)

jane said...

I love this site!!! Ella still talks about her friend Jonah. She always asks," Who's Jonah gonna marry?" hmmmm!
Thanks for coming guys! We loved having y'all!

Barb said...

That's an amazing party! And the spiderman face paint is excellent.

Amanda said...

I totally had my own spin art when I was younger. I loved that thing! Looks like it was a great party!!!


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