Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A different perspective

When we bought our house, we were quite impressed with the beautiful landscaping. Neither of us really enjoy yard work, so buying a house that was "done" was a great plan for us. It just so happened that this one required little maintenance. What we didn't know about was the patch of grass in the front yard that had to be replaced yearly. You can see in the picture above how it already seemed to be dying when we moved in. We didn't notice that. I'm sure we thought it just needed more water.

It wasn't long until that patch was completely dead. It didn't matter how much water, fertilizer or attention we gave it it, it died. So, we re sodded last year. In the midst of that process, our neighbor told us that the previous owners re sodded that same patch of grass every year. Apparently, there is some sort of soil issue going on. We have had the soil tested and it keeps coming up ok. We've had the sprinkler system adjusted in hopes of getting more water to it. Nothing we do helps. The grass dies and must be replaced each year. (at a nice price tag of over $300!)
One day last week, Jonah had a friend coming over to play. The friend's mom called to say she was on our street but was unsure which house was ours. I told her to drive until she got to the house with ugly patch of dead grass.

She pulled in and I started to tell her our struggles with that silly grass. Before I got a chance, she said, "you should have said the house with the beautiful azaleas because that is what I noticed first!"
I continued to think about that after she left. How often do we do that in life? We notice the negative before the positive. We look for the bad before the good. We focus on what we can't do rather than what we can. I'm using my yard as a reminder of how I should be with people. Yes, we all have issues and hang-ups. We all have things we don't like about ourselves or other people. We all have things we would change if we could. But, we also have beautiful parts of us that stand out. We have good qualities that sometimes overshadow the bad.

So, today, I choose to see the beautiful azaleas rather than the dead patch of grass.


Malinda said...

Love it. And thankful you see the good in me as a friend and choose not to focus on the Evil Queen. Ha.

Cristi said...

Great analagy. Sounds like a very nice Rock Garden needs to be landscaped there. - The bad can also be turned into good. :)

winstead family said...

thank you for the reminder!


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