Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Call to Fast

This coming Sunday, Stetson Baptist Church is observing a Sacred Assembly. (Joel 1:13-15) Because of this, our pastor, my husband has called our church to fast during the days of March 31-April 2. His sermon on Fasting helped us to realize that fasting isn't just about food. It is about removing the physical and focusing on the spiritual. So, we were all asked to evaluate our lives and find something to give up during this time.

I really struggled with what physical thing to replace. Food is obviously the first one but there are many days that I don't take a bite of anything until 5:00 p.m. or so. (bad, I know!) So, while I do believe food would be difficult, I don't think it is something I think about or dwell on all day long. TV is not a big deal to me at all so that never made my potential list. I listen to music about 90% of the time when I'm home but I don't think giving that up would be a huge sacrifice that would cause me to the think or dwell on Christ during that time.

So, what is the thing that takes the most of my time and attention? You're looking at it! This blog, Facebook, Twitter and reading other blogs take much of my time each day. And, since I can do all of those things from my phone now, I spend even more time on those each day. Not to mention, the time I spend playing Words With Friends each night before I go to sleep. So, when I publish this post, I'll close my laptop, turn it off and won't open it again until Sunday, April 3. I'll use my phone only for phone calls, texts and emails that must be responded to.

All of the times I reach for my computer or phone in order to check Facebook or update the blog, I'll pray instead. I'll journal about what God is teaching me. I'll ask God to reveal Himself to our church in ways that He never has before. I'll seek His will and direction. I'll pray for my family. I'll seek Him in ways that I never have before. I'll join my husband in times of prayer together. I'll see God rather then entertaining myself.

The truth is, I'm addicted to technology. I love keeping up with people. (some call that nosey!) I love reading blogs of my friends who I miss so much. (and those who I see quite often!) I love seeing pictures on Facebook of people I care so much about. I love sharing with you the stories of my sweet boys. But, I love my God so much more. And, I long to know Him better than I ever have.

Because of several events I'm involved in, I will continue to check email (via my phone) at least once each day during my technology fast. There are decisions that need to be made and information that must be passed along to other people involved. But, I won't use it for anything other than things that must be taken care of immediately.

If you are a Stetson member, I'd love to hear what you are Fasting from. From the looks of Facebook tonight, many of you are also giving up technology for the next 3 days. So, you may not even see this until after the fast is over. Even so, I'd still like to know. I'm so intrigued by the different ideas I've heard today of what people are fasting from. I can hardly wait to see what God is going to do in and through our church because of this!

Greater things are yet to come...

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Aja said...

Why am I up reading blogs with the TV on at 11:23pm? Oh yeah, because come midnight I'm fasting from technology too! I'm carrying my cell phone with me for safety purposes, but no texting, TV, or Internet for me. I'm also trying to not talk on my cell either. Dave is fasting from Coke. Lord help us! See you Sun!


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