Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Book Fair

Last week, I got a text from Margie asking if I could have Jonah at the book fair at a certain time so they could shop with him. It was Grandparent's Day at the fair and they wanted to shop with their adopted grandson. When I went in the day before and saw all of the grandparents with their grandchildren, it made me sad. I knew my mom would have been there happily shopping with Jonah if she could. And, I knew Dan's mom would have sat on those steps and read book after book to Jonah if she could. So, for Frank and Margie to recognize that void for Jonah and to fill it was so very special.
Jonah looked at tons of books and had Frank test a few of them out for him. You know, just to be sure! We kept explaining to Jonah that this wasn't a library. He wanted to sit and read every book there! (Note to self: Go to Library more often!)
The book fair raised over $7,000 and by the time it was done, I'm pretty sure we had been what seemed like 50 times. I picked Jonah up from school last Thursday and said "Let's go do something fun!" I was thinking the park, ice cream, a nature walk, etc. He promptly said "let's go to the book fair!" So, we went again.
Micah was entertained by Margie while I helped Jonah shop. This time he shopped with Jimmy and Cathy's money. Jimmy somehow convinced him that the handful of pocket change he gave Jonah before leaving was lots of money that I stole from him. So, every time they have talked since Jimmy left, Jimmy has asked Jonah about the "money mommy stole from you!"

Well, mommy turned the tables on Jimmy and Jonah called to say he was going shopping and could he spend that money? (insert evil laugh here!) Ole Jimmy ended up spending $14 that day and Mommy walked out of there spending none. It was a beautiful plan! (just to defend myself, Jimmy has sent me money to use for Jonah at things like this sent he can't be here for them. So, I wasn't really all that evil!)

Dan even came over to see Jonah and look at some books with him. We kept trying to steer Jonah towards some books that had zero to do with Star Wars. He kept going back to the Star Wars section. Finally, he and Dan sat down and started reading other books and he finally settled on one book that wasn't Star Wars. (and one that was!)

I snapped the two pictures below with my phone to send to Jimmy.

Thanks to Frank, Margie, Jimmy and Cathy for investing in Jonah's love of reading! And, just for investing in this little guy!

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