Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Birthday to Mathias!

Last Sunday after church, we headed to a birthday party for Jonah's buddy, Mathias. He went to his birthday party last year too! He really likes Mathias so he was super excited to go celebrate his birthday. He was even more excited when he realized the party was at a local martial arts facility. As you can see, Micah was pretty happy to go too!

They did all so sorts of exercises with them. We have been toying with the idea of enrolling Jonah in some sort of karate class. I think it would be good for his self esteem and discipline. He enjoyed it so much that we may speed up the search to find something for him.

As a mom, I was so impressed with the way they handled gifts. They had all the kids sit down to watch and let the birthday boy be the center of attention without having to fend everyone off from his gifts! Then, another lady sits back there and writes everything down for you. All you have to do is take pictures and enjoy the day.
And, just for your viewing pleasure, here is Jonah with his "MEAN" face!

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LeAndMatt said...

As you have probably seen on our blog, Patrick is enrolled in TaeKwonDo here in Jackson (it is affiliated with the International TaeKwonDo association) and is Brazilian TaeKwonDo. He LOVES it! It is amazing the things he learns besides TKD - respect, focus, discipline, it is GREAT! Plus it allows him to get out some of his aggression in a safe I always say - there is not one ounce of estrogen in my boy - he is all testosterone!

Good luck in finding somewhere for the next Karate Kid!


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