Thursday, February 17, 2011

Consignment Sale

I. AM. EXHAUSTED! See all of this stuff in my car? Go ahead, look at the next two pictures.

Yeah, that has consumed me for the last few weeks. Today begins the big JBF Consignment Sale down in Maitland! This will be my third time to volunteer and consign at this sale and I'm hopeful for great results. I love the idea of consignment sales because you can sell your things in one location at a price that you set and you can also buy things for much lower than retail.

Now that I'm home with my boys, I've had to learn to be more frugal. One of the ways I do this is by consigning their clothes, toys, bedding, etc and purchasing the next sizes at the same sale. Last August, I made just at $500 on the things I took and only spent about $150 on the things I bought. But, that $150 included three big items, a jogging stroller, a Peg Perego high chair and a Moses Basket and Stand. This time, I'm selling that basket and stand because Micah has outgrown it. So, after it sells, I basically used it for free all this time. Love it!

This is the greatest way I know to buy the next season of clothes for the boys without breaking the budget. In order to put clothes in this sale, they have to be free of rips, tears, holes or stains. So, quality isn't a concern. That is actually the job that I do each year. I am an inspector for 6 hours today. I will check every piece of clothing (well, me and about 15 other people who do the same thing) for quality before the people are allowed to place it on the floor to be sold.

I choose to volunteer because it raises my commission from 65% to 70% and I get the $10 consignor fee waived. So, it is worth me working the six hour shift that one time. AND, because I work today and see much of what comes through the doors, I know exactly what I want when the doors open to shop at 7:00 p.m. tonight. And, the best part is that only about 25-30 people get to shop tonight. So, we basically have the run of things before any of it is picked over.

Can't wait to see all the good deals I come home with tonight. If you are in the area, you should definitely check the schedule out and come over if you can. Maitland Convention Center! It moved from the church it was at last year because it outgrew it. Can't wait to see how big it will be this year!


Baylee's Mommy said...

I too LOVE consignment sales. I have yet to work one due to school/work. However, I still manage to come out with at least $100.00 or so and I do them twice a year. Not too shabby :)

Denise Darnell Davis said...

oh how I wish I was close to that sale! We have the Munchkin Market in Monroe twice a year but it is always packed!

Mitch & Brandy Ramos said...

LOVE JBF!!! Can't wait for our sale in a couple of week. I am consigning and volunteering at this one!


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