Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Tonight, I spent a CRAZY evening with some of the sweet widows from our church. At one point, I yawned and realized I was half the age of every other lady in the room and I was the ONLY one yawning! That is apparently what happens to you when you are somewhat sleep deprived!

Well, at 7:31 p.m., I got a text from Dan that said "I have no problem lauding your mothering abilities. Two kids is impossible for non-multitaskers!"

I giggled and responded with "Awww...Love it!"

Then, I got a text with the following pictures. Under the pictures, he wrote "THIS IS FUN!"

These sweet boys missed their mommy and needed her at bedtime. So, I told the ladies I need to leave to get home to help with my boys. As I was saying goodbye, I got another text from Dan that said "SERIOUSLY...COMING HOME?"

It sure is nice to feel needed and loved! I adore being mommy to these two precious gifts and I am especially enjoying being what they need me to be for them. I missed so much of Jonah's early life because of my job so I'm ever so grateful to God for the opportunity to be home with Micah and to Dan for the sacrifices he makes to allow me to do that. Even on nights like tonight when I get called home to relieve an exhausted daddy!

***In Dan's defense, he has been in bed sick the last two days. This was much less about his ability with them and more about him not feeling well! He usually doesn't skip a beat where they are concerned!***

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