Saturday, February 19, 2011

First swim of 2011

Yesterday, Dan and Jonah spent some time getting the pool ready for the 2011 swim season. Jonah loves to help Dan "with the chemicals and stuff!" They went to the pool store together then came home and got right to work. And, just as usual, Jonah got bored with all the work after just a little while so he grabbed his Spiderman fishing pole that Papaw & NeNe gave him for his 3rd birthday and started casting.

I stood at the kitchen sink washing bottles while watching Jonah "fish." I walked around the counter to tell Dan to watch him closely but realized that Dan was watching him and didn't need me to tell him that. About the time I got back to the sink, I heard a splash and heard Dan say "OH NO!" I looked up to see Dan (fully clothed) jump into the pool. Yep...Jonah fell in!

He ended the swim season last year swimming like a fish. We taught him over and over to always, always, always swim to the side if he ever falls in or gets scared while in the water. What we neglected to tell him was that if he falls in fully clothed and holding something that he should let go of what he is holding and not worry about his clothes or shoes. Poor guy couldn't save himself because he refused to let go of his fishing pole or the sucker he had.

Even though it was never really a crisis, it was still quite scary. Jonah was wearing a cap and Dan said all he could see was that hat bobbing up and down. It also made us realize just how quickly things can go wrong even when you are right there and watching his every move.

Jonah could not quit crying after Dan rescued him. He kept apologizing for getting his clothes wet and talking about how cold the water was. Then he would say "I'm sorry Daddy! I was scared!" I'm hoping a little dose of healthy fear will be good for him where the pool is concerned.

Dan (obviously) didn't take anything out of his pockets so his wallet and contents were all soaked along with his Iphone. Oh well! That little boy is way more important than any of those things!

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Barb said...

So glad Jonah's okay. What a blessing to have such a great daddy!
BTW, they say if you bury an iphone for 24 hours you might be able to rescue it after water damage. Worth a try, right?


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