Friday, February 11, 2011

The 100th Day of School

***I'm only three weeks late posting this! Better late than never, huh?***

Dan's mom just so happened to be here for Jonah's 100th day of school celebration. The night before the big day, we had to count out 100 of any item for Jonah to take to his class. That way, they could see what 100 of different things looked like. I decided to do Dum-Dum suckers then he could leave all the suckers there for his class.

Jonah did a great job of counting his suckers. He needed a little assistance to get to 100 but after some prompting, he did fine. He enjoyed the process and especially enjoyed eating one when he was done.
I got up the next morning and took him to school so I could take some pictures of him on that day. He proudly carried his bag of suckers into his school.

My friend Tracy was the and picked up our balloons for us. Each kid had to take 6 balloons so there would be 100 balloons in each classroom. She gladly offered to get ours and leave them in Jonah's classroom. She saved my sanity that morning! Thanks, Tracy!

She sent me a text after dropping them in his room to say that another mom took suckers also. But, that mom totally one upped me and made her suckers in the shape of a 100! Ugh! I bet she only has one child at home. HA! Oh well, we proudly carried our ziplock bag full of suckers into that classroom.

Dan picked him up from school and he could hardly wait to get home to show us all the did at school that day. And, he was super thrilled that he got to bring his balloons home.

Micah enjoyed being outside with us. Since he was born in November, he hasn't gotten a ton of outside time. So, when we take him out, he seems so impressed.
Jonah gladly showed his GiGi what he made at school that day. He made sure to point out that he put 100 stickers on the 100 that had his picture inside of it.

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