Sunday, January 23, 2011

Time for some Tball

As of last Saturday, Jonah is officially signed up for T-ball. We talked about it for several weeks leading up to the official sign-ups so he is READY. We decided to go ahead and get his glove and some balls so we could work on throwing and catching. We decided while he was at preschool that we would pick him up and go straight to Daytona to let him pick out his glove.

Dan dressed him that morning so I had no idea what he had on. I found it rather ironic that he was wearing a baseball shirt on the day we shopped for baseball things. It totally seems like something I would plan but I didn't. We tried a few batting helmets on but they were (ahem!) too small for his head.

Micah just hung out in his seat and enjoyed the moment. He is such a sweet, easy going baby and typically does pretty well in these settings. He was in such need of a nap that day though. He wasn't all that happy for most of our shopping excursion.
We finally found a helmet to fit Jonah's head in the big boys section. We didn't buy it because we don't know what he actually needs. We only bought a glove and two T-ball balls that day. But, while we are on the subject of what we bought, would you believe they had T-ball gloves for $90.00? Yes, $90.00!!!!! Last time I checked, no one went from T-ball straight into the Big Leagues so why on earth would a 4 or 5 year old need a $90 glove???? $90 for a smocked outfit...maybe so! But a glove??? (kidding! I would never pay $90 for a smocked outfit but I'd come a lot closer doing that than paying that for a glove he will most likely lose!)

We got home and headed straight to the back yard to start practicing. He could hardly wait to get home so he and Dan could throw the ball. It was only about a 15-20 minute drive but we heard about that ball and glove ALL THE WAY HOME!

Jonah was convinced he could catch better if he stood on the hill. So, he did! It must have worked because he actually did very well throwing and catching. He (obviously) has a long way to go but he is learning little by little. And, he seems to really enjoy it. We will see how long that lasts once practice begins in February!

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Baylee's Mommy said...

I can't wait until next year to sign B up for t-ball! Cute pics! Too bad PaPaw isn't near by to work with him. You know he would just be in heaven!


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