Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Squid Dogs

When I got Jonah from school today, I had not planned what lunch would be. Typically, he takes his lunch to school so he can eat with his friends. We were running late this morning so I didn't have time to pack his lunch. We walked in the door and he was starving. I put him at the table with yogurt and mandarin oranges while I looked for something a little more substantial for him to eat. When I saw the package of hot dogs, I knew exactly what to have...SQUID DOGS!

I saw this recipe in the FAMILY FUN magazine over a year ago but had never made it with him. I knew he would love the process.

All you do is cut hot dogs in pieces then push uncooked spaghetti noodles through the weenie. Then you boil them. The end result...squid dogs!!

We added a little spaghetti sauce to the extra noodles and that kid went to town. He loves spaghetti so add hot dogs to that and he is one happy boy!

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