Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I was looking in the draft folder of this blog and found MANY posts I started but never finished. Right there in the midst of them was this one. The date says 11/13/07 @ 9:00 p.m. I don't know why I never finished the post but I had to post it today since it includes pictures of a sweet Vidalia friend who died suddenly in January of last year. Jonah may never remember him but I'm so glad to have pictures to show him. (By the way, apparently this was when the blog was still written from Jonah's perspective!)

I overheard a little conversation you might be interested in. It went something like this...

Mom: Dan, do you realize that for the first time since we have had Max, we have run out of dog food?

Dad: We're out? Completely? Are you sure there isn't another bag behind the rubbermaid container?

Mom: Yes, I'm positive. We are completely out. Could you get some at PetSmart when you go to Alexandria.

Dad: Wow...poor Max!

Well, we went outside to play this afternoon. Daddy had not made it in from Alexandria yet. Max ran straight outside and began to eat grass.

Isn't that sad? That poor little dog used to be the center of the universe around here and now he has to eat grass. Oh well, life's tough!

Anyway, on to stories about me!!! They are more fun anyway! :-)

While we were outside, look who drove up on his motorcycle! MOMMY! His actual name is Tommy but I call him Mommy because I can't really say my T's very well!
He even put me on and let me pretend to drive. He says when I get older that he will take me anywhere I want to go. Yeah, he likes me!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this sweet memory! Gone but not forgotten -miss him so much!


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