Monday, January 3, 2011

More Christmas pictures

I'm kind of working backwards with pictures from Christmas but I have so much to post that I chose the set of pictures that required the least amount of blogging to go along with them. So, this is what you get for now.

The night of Christmas, I was very sad because I had no good pictures of the boys together or Micah alone on his first Christmas. The actual day of Christmas was very tough for him. He was incredibly fussy all day long. I missed the opportunity of getting a picture of him next to his gifts or even us opening his gifts with him. He was most content being held so that is what we did.

On the 26th, I decided to dress the boys in their Christmas pajamas and try to recreate the moment. I'll tell you up front that what I pictured in my head did not come to fruition. I (unfortunately waited until almost bedtime to do this!) We started with Jonah opening one of Micah's gifts since it remained under the tree.

Then I attempted a few photos of Micah by himself. He wasn't happy in any position I put him in but he did settle enough on the pillow under the tree so that I could snap a couple of pictures. You'll notice him looking to his right in all of these. That is because his big brother was talking to him and keeping him calm.

But, after a while, even that didn't work. My little guy was ready to be done with this madness. We settled him down then took a break from pictures for a little bit. When he was happy again, we attempted some of the boys together.

Somewhere in the midst of taking pictures, Jonah discovered he still had a package to open. It was three games for his Leapster. I love that he enjoys educational games. These were two reading games and a math game.

Jonah seems to smile all the time so I guess I forgot that he didn't come into the world that way. I realized that Micah's facial expressions and unhappiness are just part of this age and stage of his life. So, I documented those also. He certainly isn't a perfect baby so there isn't a need to try to make it seem that way in pictures. I only wish I had come to that conclusion on Christmas day rather than being sad about missing all the happy pictures!

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