Sunday, January 9, 2011

Micah's Monthly Update- Month Two

When Jonah was born, I always looked forward to the next milestone. I could hardly wait for him to get his first tooth, crawl, walk, start preschool, play sports, etc. This time is totally different. I don't want him to do any of those things any time soon. I am cherishing these days with a newborn and am actually sad about milestones rather than giddy about them. I guess I know he is our last baby and I want to savor every moment with him.

Today was our last Sunday home together. Micah gets his shots Tuesday so he will be ready for nursery next Sunday. I'm so happy to have survived these 8 weeks at home with him. I'm a fairly social person and I love church so missing the last 8 weeks was tough. I loved the time home with him but will be ready to go to church as a family. As an added bonus, he hasn't even had his first sniffle or sign of sickness. So, keeping him away from church crowds the last 2 months really did help.

  • Bath time
  • Having his hair washed
  • Mommy Singing (I'm sure that won't last!)
  • Laying on our bed while the sun shines through the window
  • Playmat

  • Being Wet- Is is too early to potty train him? We go through more diapers than any one else I know. He can't stand to be wet.
  • Going to bed at night- He naps fine during the day and sleeps good (6-7 hours the first stretch and 2-3 hours the second) once he is asleep but we have about a 1-2 hour battle of getting him down at night. He can be sound asleep but wakes up as soon as he hits the mattress.
  • Getting buckled into car seat

  • First Christmas
  • First Trip to Disney
  • Smiled at Daddy 12/12/10
  • Smiled at Mommy 12/16/10
  • Heard Dan preach at the Christmas Eve Service
  • Attended First Birthday Party (Jaxon's 4th)

P.S. Check out the rolls on those legs and arms! Wowzers! The boy likes his groceries!


Carrie said...

He's precious! I agree that it's different with your second. I don't rush any milestones, that's for sure!

Mitch & Brandy Ramos said...

I love his chubby legs. They look just like Bella's!


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