Monday, January 17, 2011

Micah's first Sunday at church

Yesterday was Micah's first Sunday at church. We knew the morning would be a crazy rush, so we got every thing ironed and laid out before we went to bed. Sundays are particularly hard around here because Dan leaves so early. When it was just me and Jonah, things were easy. But, adding Micah into the mix means I'm going to have to really plan ahead in order to get all of us out of the door on time. If yesterday is any indication of how it will go, it should be a breeze. Micah woke up at 5:30 for a bottle then went back to sleep. That was perfect timing because he wouldn't want to eat again until around 9. That meant I could wake him, dress him and get to church before his next feeding.

Jonah was up, dressed and fed so he went in to help me wake Micah. He loves his little brother and is so sweet with him. Micah grins at him and follows his voice when he is in the room. He woke up in a great mood. When I flipped him over to button the back of his outfit, Jonah got his bear and kept pressing the button so Micah could hear Jonah talking to him. He smiled every time Jonah pressed the button.

I attempted to take a few pictures of the boys together before church but Micah decided to quit smiling about that time. So, we took just a few then headed out the door.

I tried again when we got to the sanctuary to say hi to Dan. But, a certain 2 month old was very sleepy! I do love a picture with a yawning baby!
We walked down the hallway towards the choir room so I could take a picture of Dan with his boys. Susie walked by as I was doing it and offered to take one of our entire family.

I took Jonah to his SS class then took Micah to the nursery. He was quite the smiley boy even though it was time for him to eat. Ms. Betty was there and more than ready to get her hands on my sweet baby boy.

I left my camera in the diaper bag and was happy to find a few pictures from Micah's first Sunday stay in the nursery.

I was very happy to rush over and get my sweet boy after the service. Dan and Reggie were sitting on the front walk talking about the services when I walked back in. Dan grabbed his baby boy and got some sweet kisses.

After some snuggle time with Dan, I headed home with the boys. Dan had a meeting right after church so he couldn't come with us. Micah was in a FABULOUS mood so I took that opportunity to take a few pictures of my boys after church. Jonah stood next to me and did silly things to get Micah to smile at him. It worked!

I convinced him to stop "helping" me so he could be in the pictures too. I'm so glad because I got a few of the two of them together that I love!

4 years is a big age difference for these two guys. I know the time will come that Jonah is annoyed by Micah so I cherish these sweet moments. It is so sweet to see them together. People often ask me how Jonah is handling the addition of Micah to our family. I can honestly tell you that he has been amazing. There was only one hint of jealousy all this time and it came during a game of Star Wars Legos on the Wii. Dan had to stop playing to get Micah and Jonah said "Daddy, just ignore him and keep playing with me." When Dan stopped playing, he pouted for a little bit but moved on. That was it. That is the only sign of unhappiness or jealousy since Micah arrived.

After the photo session and lunch, Micah (and his mom) was exhausted!! I put him down at 1:36 p.m. and he slept until almost 6:00 p.m. I was fortunate enough to join him in a nap! It was glorious!


Cathi said...

These photos are all so, so precious! It's amazing how much Micah has grown since Christmas - I need to babysit or just come hang out one afternoon. I love to see Jonah & Micah together - such sweeties that make even sweeter photos!

Amanda said...

So you just had to rub in the 4 1/2 hour nap, huh???? :) did you read my facebook about not getting a nap yesterday because a little someone just wouldn't give in???? Maybe next time for me .... Love the pictures of the boys!!!


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