Monday, January 10, 2011


I remember starting college and missing my high school friends so much. It didn't take long to quickly discover those high school friends were not the ones who would remain life long friends. It would be college friends who would walk through the deepest trenches of life with me. It would be college friends who stood next to me on my wedding day. It would be college friends who cried with me through Infertility and rejoiced with me at a positive pregnancy test. One of those college friends is Kathy. Or, Krack as I most often refer to her. (I'm Krick by the way!)

Krack and I were suite mates during our freshman year of college at MC. Her dad was Dean of Education at MC and she lived a mile or so from campus. So really, other than God knowing I needed to know her, there was no reason for her to live in the dorm. But she did and we hit it off immediately. We have been friends ever since. You have heard me reference her on this blog many times. She is the fabulous artist who has painted several things for me. You can check her work out HERE.

She was here with her family in July and spent some time with us. Then, the week before Christmas, her entire family came back for Disney. They rented a house near Disney so we went down to visit all of them. I love her family. Her mom and dad treated me as one of their own during my college days. They truly are such special people in my life. So, I was super happy to see them and for them to meet Micah.

Jonah was mostly happy because they house they rented had a game room. He quickly became a fan of air hockey.

All of the kids were swimming in the pool but we didn't think to bring Jonah's suit or ear plug for his right ear that is still healing. So, Mark offered to take him fishing. Mark is Kathy's brother in law and is another friend of both mine and Dan's. Dan knew him from days before we even met.

While they fished (and actually caught something), Micah hung out on the floor in the living room just taking it all in. He started smiling a couple of days before this so he showed of his new found skill several times that day. It was sweet to see.
Kathy's mom wanted a picture of three four year olds. Jonah, Meredith and Cassidy were all born within a few months of each other. She told them to hold up the number 4 so she would know how old the are. Kathy decided to be four too!

I love pictures like the next one. I love to see one of my best friends with my boys. I hate that we live so far apart because raising these kiddos together would be so much fun.

I'll end with a picture that won't make sense to anyone but the four people in the picture. So, to you three O'dells, it was fun driving this vacation house with you! hee hee!

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kathy said...

Krick! I had never seen this post until now. That day you told me to go look, I did, but I couldn't find it (no idea why), so just now i was surfing over your past few weeks and saw this. It touched my heart and cracked me up (no one would believe I am a mommy of two by the way I am holding your precious son...looks like I've never done it before...held a baby). You are precious. I love you so much!! and after looking at all your pictures of the most adorable boys ever, I am about to propose to Mike that we have another baby. You are blessed. We both are, indeed!


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