Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Afternoon, 2010

We got to Frank & Margie's house a little after noon on Christmas Day. Jonah went straight into the kitchen to say hello to them. I'm sure a little part of him was looking for a snack. But, he found them and gave them both Christmas hugs.

It was time for Micah to eat so I handed him off to Aunt Jen. She happily fed him and kept him entertained. She is getting good practice in for her nephew that is due in June.
Jonah had no idea they had presents there for him. He sat down and started opening the fun gifts they all got him. He gasped and squealed as he opened different things. It was so fun to see his reaction and to watch him be so genuinely grateful.

One of his gifts was a remote controlled jet ski. He loved driving and riding on Jen's blue jet ski so she found a toy one for him. We all headed out to the lake to try it out

Micah was incredibly fussy all day on Christmas. Apparently, he didn't get the memo about Christmas being a day of joy. He was so unhappy most of the day that he just got passed from person to person. I didn't even get any pictures of him in his cute Christmas clothes or bib. (GASP!)

We had a wonderful day with Frank, Margie and their family. They love our boys so much and it makes our hearts so happy to see them with all of them. The spent the day loving on our little guys which sure made being away from family so much easier.

We got home and Jonah walked right in the door and picked up where he left off. He went right back to the exact toy he was playing with when we left. Except, he added his new dragon pirate ship into the mix. As Frank so often says "It must be so fun to be four!"

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