Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bowl Game pictures from Melanie's Camera

We could hardly believe our good fortune when we discovered Mississippi State would be playing in the Gator Bowl less than two hours from our house. My sweet husband loves his bulldogs but his job tends to keep him from games. Even in Vidalia, he didn't attend many because getting in at 3 a.m. doesn't make for a very prepared preacher on Sunday morning. Starkville was almost 5 hours from our house so he only went to a few games in the 7+ years we lived there. We did go to most every LSU/MSU matchup when they met in Baton Rouge since it was so close. But, those were pretty much miserable because the slaughtered us not to mention LSU fans are not always all that nice! (sorry to those of you who read this but if you have been to Tiger stadium, then you know it is true!)

Anyway, our friend Rob (the one who has attended 129 consecutive MSU games) ordered our tickets with theirs since he is a season ticket holder. Actually, he ordered a ticket for Dan and his brother Doug. Just a week or so before the game, Rob's wife called to see if I'd be interested in going too since they had two extra tickets. We both have newborns so finding a sitter was the first step and since that worked out, we were able to go too.

Melanie is an Ole Miss fan and married into the MSU madness. While she will attend games with her hubby and even cheer for State, she will not wear any shade of maroon or even touch a cowbell. :-) As you know from a previous blog post, I grew up an Ole Miss fan but having no specific ties to the University of MS, I joined allegiances with Dan so I have no issues wearing maroon. (I do still love the Rebels though, so that makes me an oddity of a MSU fan!)
Our seats were AMAZING! We were on the front row of our section. No one was in front of us and that made for a very comfortable game.

Maroon and White definitely outnumbered the Blue and Maize. Bulldogs and cowbells were everywhere!

You can see the many open seats on the Michigan side. After the outcome of the game, I'm sure they were glad to have stayed home!!

We were glad Doug drove down from South Carolina for the game. He had about a 7-8 hour drive but the win certainly made it worth it. He came back to our house after the game so we got to enjoy a little time with him.

These pictures are all from Melanie's camera. Stay tuned for mine. Although, they look much the same! :-)

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