Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye, 2010

In just a little while, the clock will strike midnight and the calendar will change to a new year and new decade. I think all the way back to ringing in the year 2000 in downtown Fort Worth. We were somewhat skeptical of Y2K but went anyway. We were young, in love and had such a bright future ahead of us. We had been married less than a year.

I sit in my bed right now watching a Tivoed episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. My dog is asleep beside me. Dan is in the living room working on his sermon for Sunday. Both boys are asleep in their beds. We are now middle aged, still in love and I'm even more hopeful for the future ahead of us. I've never loved Dan more than I do at this moment and I've never been more content.
We will celebrate 12 years of marriage next May.

I probably won't see the clock strike midnight. We, along with our friends from MS who are here, are heading to Jacksonville tomorrow to see the MS State Bulldogs take on some team in Michigan in the Gator Bowl. Tonight, I'm choosing sleep over seeing the ball drop. But, I could not end this year with one last blog post.

This year has been full of special memories and wonderful surprises. This time last year, we were set as a family of three plus one dog. Now, on the other side of my closet wall is a precious little seven week old baby who melts my heart. I adore him and I'm so grateful that God chose to surprise us with little Micah. I look at him and wonder what kind of personality he will have and what God will do through him.

Jonah has amazed us with his educational advancements. He is reading already and retaining so much of what he learns. He has stepped into his role as big brother with great love and pride. I watch him interact with his little brother and my heart just swells. He loves all things Superhero and Star Wars. But, mostly he loves his mommy and daddy. I am so proud of the little boy he is. I can not wait to see how God is going to use his tender heart and love for people.

I never imagined myself as a boy momma! I always just knew I would have a girl. We didn't and these two sweet boys are sometimes more than my heart can take. I look at them and recognize the great gift they are and they incredible responsibility God has given us to raise them. This past year has taught me so much about the role a parent has in the life of their child. Not just in the early years but all of their life. I ask God to help us walk in a way that builds boys so they don't have to be repaired as men. That might be the reason I received four books this year on raising boys. I desperately want to do it right so they march into adulthood with confidence and a strong dependence on God.

2010 was great! 2011 will be better. I do not know what our future holds. But, I'm very confident that the God who does hold our future also holds me. And, because I have set the Lord before me and he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken! (Psalm 16:8)

Happy New Year!

The last of the Christmas pictures

Sweet Carolers

A couple of weeks ago on Wednesday night, I was at home with Micah when I heard a knock at the door. I opened it to find the sweetest group of 8th grade girls from our church, their small group leader and driver. They immediately started singing to us. It was so very sweet!

They were out caroling to shut-ins from our church but their assigned lady was not home and lived in our neighborhood so they came here instead. Such a sweet blessing during this Christmas season.

My little handyman

When we bought our house, we failed to notice that the living room and master bedroom had zero overhead lighting. Although we have lots of natural light during day time hours, we can not get enough light in those rooms at night. We have lamps every where but it just doesn't provide the light we need. So, we bought a light kit for our bedroom in hopes of adding light in there. Dan pulled it out last week and as soon as Jonah saw Dan's tools, he ran to his room and grabbed his.

Thanks to his help, we now have a working light in our bedroom. We can actually see to iron, get dressed, clean, etc. I love it!

Hate to be interuppted!

There is a whole post coming about this night but I just watched this video for the first time and can't quit laughing! It is only 10 seconds long but worth sharing. Let me set it up for you. We were in Celebration, FL on December 22 for their Christmas celebration. There was ice skating, shopping, snow falling every hour, train rides, santa visits, etc. There was also a nice manger scene. As Jonah and I walked up to the scene, no one else was there and he started singing a song from his Christmas program. I asked him to sing it again while standing next to the Nativity scene so I could video it. He was happy to do that...until someone else walked up! This makes me giggle!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Seriously? A duck gown??

Up close and personal with his sleepy time friends

My new favorite website!

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I <3 Emealz

Christmas Afternoon, 2010

We got to Frank & Margie's house a little after noon on Christmas Day. Jonah went straight into the kitchen to say hello to them. I'm sure a little part of him was looking for a snack. But, he found them and gave them both Christmas hugs.

It was time for Micah to eat so I handed him off to Aunt Jen. She happily fed him and kept him entertained. She is getting good practice in for her nephew that is due in June.
Jonah had no idea they had presents there for him. He sat down and started opening the fun gifts they all got him. He gasped and squealed as he opened different things. It was so fun to see his reaction and to watch him be so genuinely grateful.

One of his gifts was a remote controlled jet ski. He loved driving and riding on Jen's blue jet ski so she found a toy one for him. We all headed out to the lake to try it out

Micah was incredibly fussy all day on Christmas. Apparently, he didn't get the memo about Christmas being a day of joy. He was so unhappy most of the day that he just got passed from person to person. I didn't even get any pictures of him in his cute Christmas clothes or bib. (GASP!)

We had a wonderful day with Frank, Margie and their family. They love our boys so much and it makes our hearts so happy to see them with all of them. The spent the day loving on our little guys which sure made being away from family so much easier.

We got home and Jonah walked right in the door and picked up where he left off. He went right back to the exact toy he was playing with when we left. Except, he added his new dragon pirate ship into the mix. As Frank so often says "It must be so fun to be four!"

Christmas Eve Service at SBC

One of the things I enjoy most about the Christmas season is the Christmas Eve service at Stetson. It is such a sweet time of worship on a night with such great expectation. The sanctuary is packed and people are joyous.

We got there over an hour early because Dan had some things to do. That was fine with Jonah because he ran into his friend from school, church and our neighborhood, Gracie Jan.
I took Micah out of his carrier and laid him on the front pew so I could get all of our things out and organized before the service began. I still haven't gotten use to having a diaper bag and lots of baby things to take every where I go. I tend to forget something each time so I wanted to be sure everything was right at hand as to not interrupt the service. Micah hit the pew and was out in seconds. Literally, he went from wide awake to a yawn to a dead sleep!

Jonah made sure that the was okay each time he passed him. And, if anyone got within three feet of us, he said "Hey, have you seen my brother? His name is Micah!" Lots of people got to meet him for the first time.

Jonah picked up Dan's Bible at one point and started flipping through it. There was still about 30 minutes to spare before the service began so I was happy he found something to entertain himself. He read for a just a minute when Chris, the man behind us said "look at where he is reading!"

Yep, the book of Micah. He opened it right to that book as if he knew what he was looking for. I, of course, had to snap a picture of that!

After his Bible reading, Hannah came up to say hello and to see baby Micah. She is pretty smitten with him. Her mom is our nursery coordinator so feel pretty confident she will get to know Micah very well over the next few years.

He slept through all of that and even through Jonah seeing Jaxon, our neighbor. He was giddy to see Jaxon and Jaxon was pretty giddy to see him.

There was a point in the service when all the kids came forward and Dan read a children's book to them about the real meaning of Christmas. Jonah thought he was hot stuff since he got to go up there with his daddy to wait on all the kids.
As we were singing, I sat down with Micah and looked up and saw this sweet moment of Dan and Jonah singing together. Apparently, Micah thought it was sweet too because he just stared at them.

After the service, we took a few family photos so we could have a special remembrance of this night and Micah's first Christmas. It truly was a wonderful night of worshipping the newborn King!


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