Saturday, December 11, 2010

Build A Bear

We spent the afternoon at Altamonte Mall with both boys making bears at Build-A-Bear workshop. They received a package in the mail this week from Cliff and Beppa in Vidalia. That package included gift cards to Build-A-Bear with a note for Jonah to help Micah make his. We expected a huge crowd to be there but it wasn't really bad. Jonah picked both bears. He got the same bear for them but different colors. The picture below makes me laugh because it looks like Micah is deciding whether or not to approve of Jonah's choice.

If you have been around Jonah much lately, then you know he OBSESSED with all things Star Wars. When we looked online to find the nearest Build-A-Bear, he spotted the Star Wars clothes and immediately decided he wanted to do Star Wars bear. So, after he picked the bear he was going to build, he went straight for the Star Wars clothes. He chose Darth Vader.
And, just to make his day even better, they had the Star Wars theme song that you could purchase to go inside of the bear. If you look two pictures below, you will see the face he made when he heard that. I'm not kidding, the kid loves Star Wars!

We got one of the special recorders to go inside of Micah's bear. We let Jonah make the recording and it is so very sweet. He said "Hey, Micah! It's your big brother Jonah. I love you!" I have a feeling Micah will grow to love that as time passes. He is too little to squeeze the paw now but I can imagine being a treasured possession of his as he grows. I keep squeezing it because it is so sweet!

Dan helped Jonah wash both bears and get them ready to be adopted by our family. Micah slept through all of that.

Micah's bear is as big as he is. It makes me laugh to see this. It also makes me a little sad to think about how small that bear will seem next to him in the not so distant future. He is growing so fast.
Here is Jonah with his new Darth Vader Bear. Dan tried to get him to name it Darth Jonah but Jonah was adamant this he wanted to name his bear Darth Vader. So, Darth Vader it is!

We headed to the food court for a snack. We shared a cinnamon roll. Jonah ate most of it. He LOVED it.

It was a fun day with our family. I love making memories with the three boys I love most!!


I just went into Jonah's bathroom to help him brush his teeth. His hand towel was soaking wet. I asked how it got wet and he said "Well, I was angry when Daddy told me I had to put my stool away so I came in here and wet my towel just because I was mad!"

So far, this kid is blatantly honest and sometimes it is all I can do to not laugh in his face when he tells the truth.

Off to see Santa

We took the boys to see Santa at The Mall at Millenia last Thursday. I didn't dress them in their clothes for the picture until we made the final turn in the line to meet him. Our wait was 70 minutes and we were so impressed with how well Jonah did. That is a LONG time to wait for a 4 year old but he never whined or misbehaved one time. We kept telling him how proud we were and he finally told us not to say that anymore.

After we met Santa, we headed back home and took a few pictures in front of our Christmas tree. Dan was changing Micah's diaper while Jonah and I sat in front of the tree and talked. And, we also took a few pictures of just him. And, as usual, he wanted to take a few pictures himself. So, he chose me as his subject.

Dan brought Micah in and put him in Jonah's arms. The photo sessions with them usually don't last very long because Micah cries because of the way Jonah holds him. Then, Jonah gets nervous and wants him out of his lap. Then, Max usually starts howling. It's a lovely experience!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Dear Santa,

Jonah has been talking about writing "a ladder" to Santa so we sat down to do that one night this week. He kept trying to spell the words himself so I finally just wrote the words above each line then he would write them with his green crayon. Then, in true "I can do it myself" fashion, he got upset because he didn't "want mommy's messed up black writing on Santa's ladder!"

Micah was out for the night at this point so we let him sleep near us in his moses basket while swaddled in his miracle blanket. It won't be too long before he has Jonah writing his letter to Santa for him.

New coat

When I was at Old Navy last week, I got a coat, hat and gloves for Jonah for under $15. He spotted them in the kitchen Thursday afternoon and wanted to try them all on. When I told him how cute he looked, he said "maybe we should take a picture!" So, we did! Only, don't let the apparel convince you of the temperature. It was in the 60's although he looks like he is dressed for the slopes! Oh, and the posing...yep, all HIM!

The Christmas Tree

The week before Thanksgiving, Dan got the tree out of the attic and put it up. I was at Wal-Mart and walked in the door to find the tree up and waiting to be decorated. I was so surprised and very grateful to have that done. The only problem was that neither of us had much desire to actually decorate it. It seemed the only time we had time to stop and do it was when Jonah was already in bed. We didn't want him to miss out on the fun so it just sat empty for a couple of weeks.

My mom loves all things Christmas so when she offered to help do it during her visit, I gladly accepted that offer. I left it for she and Jonah to do Saturday morning. All I did was get on the step stool and hang the ribbon on top. She and Jonah did everything else. I'm thinking I'll let Dan's mom help Jonah take it down when she comes in January! ;-)

The most special ornament we have doesn't look like much of anything else to other people but it holds such memories for us. Click HERE to read about the ornament then scroll down to see Jonah holding it below.


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