Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tummy Time and Brother Time

I pulled out Micah's play mat earlier this week. It was time to start a little tummy time with him on something more entertaining than just a blanket. He did very will with it and is really lifting his head high.

But, sometimes he gets mad and wants to be done. Like, right then!
But, his big brother usually comes to the rescue. Jonah can't stand to hear him cry and will do most anything to make him stop. Even if it means leaving his fun game to come lay beside his baby brother just to talk to him.


Bubbly Jonah

I was just on Youtube and ran across this video Dan made of Jonah. It made me smile and for those of you who remember these days with him, I'm sure you'll smile too! Such sweet memories!

Micah's favorite place

I'm not a TV watcher but I L.O.V.E. The Biggest Loser. It is my absolute favorite show and the only thing I DVR. I usually wait until I have a couple of episodes at a time to watch because I don't like waiting to see what happens next. The other night, I went to our bedroom to catch up on the episodes I have missed since Micah's birth. He was wide awake when I went in there but that didn't last long. He can go from wide awake to sound asleep in just seconds when I place him on my chest. Dan walked in and then walked back out to grab the camera. I'm glad because I get to see how his sweet face looks when he is so comfy!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Our first family outing

Last Saturday, we ventured out for the first time to do something fun as a family of four. Man, it sure takes longer to get out the door when there is a baby added into the mix. And, I quickly discovered that you move to man to man defense when you have two. Basically, Dan is on Jonah duty and I'm on Micah duty. It has been an odd transition because we are both so used to being hands on with Jonah. I think he is really enjoying all of the daddy time.

Our city has the most amazing downtown area. It is such an active downtown that has so many festivals and events. When we woke up and realized how fabulous the weather was that day, we knew we wanted to be outside doing something fun. AND, since it was an art festival and I knew they had a section for kids to do art, I knew it was a must do for that day. Jonah loves art projects of any kind. And hey, I'm all for someone else having the mess to clean up rather than me! :-)
We weren't there long before Dan spotted the corn dog stand. If you know him at all, you know he loves a corn dog! Especially the kind that comes from fairs and festivals.

We ran into Cathi, Jen and Margie after Dan got his corn dog. Cathi and I were dressed like twins so we had to have a picture.

When we got to the kids section, we ran into our neighbors. Jonah was thrilled to see them because he loves Aaron. Aaron and Jonah are in the same class at school, go to church together and are neighbors. It is a good thing they actually like each other!

Micah slept through most of the event so the significance of our first family outing was totally lost on him. Jonah always asks why he looks mad when he is in his car seat. I'm beginning to wonder the same thing. Each picture I see of him in there does make him look mad. I guess those squishy cheeks just get so squished up that it makes him look mad.

Over the course of the day, we ran into lots of friends from church. It was all of their first time to meet Micah. I loved getting to introduce him to people.
While Dan and Jonah listened to some music on one of the street corners, I found a bench to sit and feed my sweet baby boy. I still have some of the little bottles from the hospital and they are perfect for feedings while we are out and about. Jonah found us soon after we sat down. He was happy to be back with his brother again.
And this is how he spent much of the day. We kept the stroller canopies closed as much as possible when we were around groups of people. Jonah kept sticking his head in there to make sure he was still there.

It was a fun day for us to be with both boys in the middle of a town that we love so much!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

What a great day! Our family had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration. Our day started off with early morning smiles, giggles and coos from these two sweeties. I have fully embraced my role as a "boy momma" and my heart could just about explode when these two are in my arms.

We had plans to spend the day at Frank and Margie's house but before we left, I wanted a few pictures of my boys in their Turkey attire. Jonah seemed a little to eager to have his picture taken. I think he has realized that it is easier to just smile and get it over with. I'm okay with that! :-)

We got to Margie's and the invasion of baby snatchers began. There were lots of people ready to get their hands on our newest family member. Betty Ann was the first and she made sure to remind me just how close we live to each other in case I need someone to rock a baby.
Frank was in the kitchen carving one of the two turkeys. He has that down to a fine art. And, I might add that the turkey was one of the best I have ever eaten. SUPER moist!
Frank and Margie were super smart and rented a bounce house for the day. There were 8 kids there and that kept them out of the kitchen and out of the way. Jonah had a blast. He played for HOURS in that thing. I even got in a jumped with him for a while.
This picture makes me laugh because of the memory associated with it. See all those people in the green chairs? Well, we have never met one of them before today. See Jonah standing inside the bounce house? Yeah, he was yelling "tell me a trick to do and I'll do it for you and you can just sit right there and watch me be awesome!" Extrovert much?
The spread was amazing! Dan & I have commented over and over about how good the food was today. Fabulous doesn't begin to describe it. As a matter of fact, just typing this post makes me want to go heat up my plate of leftovers. YUMMY!

Margie bought a pack and play for her house and Micah tested it out today. It got two thumbs up from him. He was very content in there and just laid there and watched everything around him.

I left him there so he could fall asleep and we could eat our lunch but then decided to go back and get him so he could enjoy being outside with us. There were 24 people there and most ate inside but the weather was so beautiful that our family and a few others ventured outside to eat. If you know me at all, you know that is huge. I normally HATE eating outside but I can't describe just how beautiful the day was. I didn't want Micah to miss his first Thanksgiving meal with us. Granted, he didn't get to eat but he enjoyed hanging out with us.
Frank and Margie (or Nana & Pap as Jonah has started calling them) joined us at our table.

I got Micah's carrier out of the car so he could sit there while we ate but that didn't last long. There were too many people wanting to hold him. He was more than fine with that. I handed him to Jen and at first he thought I still had him because he wanted to eat! Look at that mouth wide open. Hee hee! It didn't take long for him to be OUT!

Jonah's big buddy for the day was Jonah. Yep, you read that right! There were two Jonah's there. That has never happened before. Jonah's name is original enough that you don't always find another Jonah in a group. He found this one and latched on. Jonah has twin brother's our Jonah's age so he was used to being around a 4 year old. He was so good and sweet to our Jonah. They had a fun time together.
I don't remember exactly what happened here but apparently I thought it was really funny. Gotta love Dan having the camera. If I know best, I'm sure he is the reason I'm laughing so hard!

Several weeks ago, we were riding down the road and Jonah said "Mommy, would it be okay if Mr. Frank was my pretend grandpa? He is such a great grandfather and I wish he was mine!" Well, Frank heard that and was A-OK with being claimed as Jonah's grandfather. Jonah picked a name for him and now calls him Pap. It is so sweet. I'm glad he has a grandfather role in his life that he sees on a weekly basis. All kids should grow up around their grandparents but when they can't, I'm so glad that some people are willing to step in and fulfill that need in their lives.
Cathi got a couple of hours of baby practice with Micah. She has about 28 weeks until her little one arrives. The ultrasound tech was 90% sure it was a boy earlier this week so I have a feeling our boys will have another boy playmate to enjoy over the years!
We are so grateful to this sweet family for making us part of theirs. We not only enjoyed this day but every day we get to spend with all of them. Being away from home and family is hard on holidays but you barely even notice it when you have days like today. We felt right at home and have just one more thing to be thankful for on this special day!


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