Saturday, November 20, 2010

An early walker?

Jonah: Mommy, are you going to the football game with us?
Me: No baby, I have to stay home with Micah.
Jonah: Can't you just leave him here and go with us?
Me: No, you know I can't leave him here.
Jonah: Is that because he can't walk yet? Because, I think I can help him learn to walk!

I LOVE his hair!

Just a few random pictures

Friday, November 19, 2010

They do windows!

Our first Saturday at home with both boys

Dan and I were sleeping so well Saturday morning when Jonah bounded into our room at 8:00 a.m. to let us know he was awake. It seemed so early because our bodies have not adjusted to those middle of the night feeds yet. Micah was sound asleep in his Moses Basket so I didn't want Jonah's early morning excitement to wake him. Jonah asked if we could make pancakes for breakfast so I quickly hurried him out of the room so he would not wake Dan or Micah. We moved to the kitchen and began the task of making blueberry pancakes.

I knew Dan was tired so I went to grab the Moses basket so when Micah woke up, I would get him rather than his cries waking Dan. Fortunately, he got to sleep another couple of hours while I entertained both boys. Once he was up and dressed, he helped me do several things around the house. I was in serious Energizer Bunny mode and got so many things done. I took all the Maternity clothes from my closet and then rearranged and reorganized the closet. I told Dan that most people nest before the baby but I was too sick so I was going to nest after the baby.

Jonah wanted "a grown-up" to play with him so he went to his room and grabbed his pirate toys and characters. He and Dan played on our bedroom floor for at least a couple of hours. Later in the day, Jen and Cathi both got that privilege. He relished the one on one attention!
This is what Micah did most of the day! Wait, who am I kidding? This is what Micah does most every day!

Around 9 that night, Dan reminded me again that he needed a picture to show at church the next morning. The original plan was to use one of his pictures from his newborn session that was supposed to be the day before. But, we had to reschedule that because of his hospital/dr. visit that day. I grabbed Jonah's bean bag and covered it with a white crib sheet then set out to capture one image that would work for the screen at church.

I liked the black and white one because it hid the bruising that was still there. But, Dan liked the color one so he won out. This is the shot he used to introduce Micah to his new church family at Stetson Baptist Church.
Have I mentioned how much I love his lips? Seriously, I can't get enough of them! Love, love, love those lips!

These pictures make him seem so chubby and filled out. In reality, he seems so little. Everyone who holds him comments on how tiny he is. He looks much more sumo wrestler like in these pictures. Either way, skinny or sumo, I'm totally smitten with him.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jonah's first video with Micah

Jonah was holding Micah the other night so I grabbed my camera. I switched it to video mode (which I haven't perfected as you will see when it goes blurry!) and was able to capture the giggles of my favorite 4 year old as he held his baby brother. And, then as he got tired of holding his baby brother.

Refresher course

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

An ALL DAY outing

The morning after we got home from the hospital, we all loaded up and headed out for the first time as a family of four. It was so odd looking in that back seat to see two boys. Our first stop was at Jonah's school to drop him off. We avoided taking Micah in since there were so many little kids which would equal so many germs. We asked Jonah if he wanted Mommy or Daddy to take him inside and he quickly chose me. He was all about his mommy those first few days. When I got to his classroom, he started crying because he didn't want me to leave him. It made me so sad but I knew his routine was the most important thing. So, I kissed him and left. I peeked back in and he was fine. Poor guy...his whole world is upside down right now.
We left Jonah's school and headed to the hospital to have blood drawn to check his Jaundice level. That poor baby's feet had so many holes from all the sticks he had done for blood tests in the hospital. It took her a little time to find a place that hadn't already been used.
We ended up being at the hospital for almost two hours because we needed to wait on the results so we could take those to the doctor with us. We finally got them and then had just a little time before we needed to get Jonah. We went to Dan's office to feed and change Micah then headed out to get Jonah. We had a visit to the doctor scheduled so he could talk to us about the Jaundice. Jonah watched his baby brother so closely to make sure he was okay. It was so sweet. Although, he was torn between watching Micah and playing games on Dan's phone.

While we were there, Dr A. asked to make sure we had all had our flu shots. Dan is the only one who could answer yes. He explained the importance of them considering we have a new baby in the house who can't have the shot. We asked if Jonah could get his that day. You see how thrilled he was with that decision!!!
He ended up getting the Flumist through his nose instead. That didn't make him much happier but hey, anything is better than a shot, right?

After all was said and done, we were gone from home for 7 hours and I was BEAT when we got home. Although, the months before Micah was born would have kept me from doing all that needed to be done because of how sick I was so I was super grateful to be able to hang with my boys all day and do what needed to be done for both of them.


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