Friday, November 5, 2010

Early morning conversations

On a typical weekday morning, Jonah wakes up between 7:45 and 8:00 a.m. That used to be much earlier when he was allowed to get up and turn on the TV. But, we made the rule of no TV before school so now he just rolls over and goes back to sleep. Because he gets about two more hours of sleep a night, he no longer takes naps during the day. By the time 7 p.m. rolls around, he is ready for bed. It literally takes seconds for him to fall asleep after his head hits the pillow.

This morning, I walked back to his room at 6:00 a.m. and when I opened his door, he turned and looked at me and said "I've been laying here waiting on a grown up to lay beside me. You and Daddy are both grown ups so I wanted one of you." I crawled into his bed (one of the many reasons I'm glad his crib converted to a double bed) and snuggled him up really close. As I was rubbing his hair, he said "Mommy, I had a dream about ghosts last night!" This has been a recurring theme since our trip to LA last month.
(Thank you, Jimmy HIbbs!!!!)

Rather than even allowing him to tell me about the ghosts, I said "Jonah, do you know what the Bible says about things you think about? It says that whatever things are TRUE, GOOD and PURE that these are the things we should think about. So, the next time you dream about ghosts, try to think about something good like playing with your friends. Or, think about something true like how much mommy and daddy love you. Okay?"

He said, "I'll try but I'll probably just think about good ghosts instead because that is more fun!"

Alrighty then, moving on! :-)

It is still very dark outside and from what I read before my EARLY bedtime last night, it is supposed to be a cold morning. So, I told Jonah when he got up that he would put on long pants and a long sleeve shirt. I talked to him about the weather change and how happy I was to finally have some cool weather. Then I said, and cooler weather means it is that much closer to Micah getting here and living with us. He asked again when Micah was coming and I told him again that it would be Tuesday if not sooner.

He said "Oh Mommy, when you go to that hospital to have Micah and I'm not with you and Daddy, how long will we be apart?" I go into great detail of where we would be and where he would be and how much fun he would have with Frank, Margie and their family. I told him about all the fun things he would do with them and how they would bring him to the hospital to see Micah and us but that we could hardly wait to see him every day. I explained how hospitals aren't much fun for little boys so that is why he is staying with Frank and Margie. I went on and on and on. He said "Mommy, but for how long?" I said "Oh baby, only for 2-3 days!" He started crying and said "That isn't long enough for all the fun I wanted to have with them. Can I stay a little longer after you come to get me?"

Adjusted much? Yes, I think so! At least that is one less thing for me to worry about as I deliver Micah. It really does my heart good to know he feels so loved and secure with people AND with us. To know that he knows he is loved and wanted where ever we trust people enough to leave him is such a gift.

I could tell he was still sleepy so I told him I was leaving for a while and would be back in to check on him and then wake him up soon. I kissed him, crawled out the bed and as I went to shut his door, his sweet, tender voice said "Mommy?" "Yes, baby?" I said. "I'll just lay here and thing about ghosts and bad guys instead of all that stuff from the Bible that you just told me about, okay?"

Glad to see my little pep talks take root so quickly! :-)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Counting down the hours

My days of being mommy to one precious boy are coming to a close. In just a few short days, my eyes will see this little life that has grown inside of me for the past 39 weeks. Dan and I are so excited to meet Micah and to introduce him to his big brother. Most of all, I'm excited about him being on the outside of me rather than the inside. To say this has been a rough pregnancy would be an understatement. I can hardly wait to have that part of the journey behind me.

Assuming nothing happens sooner, Micah will officially join our family on Tuesday, November 9. I go back to the doctor at 10 on Monday, November 8 to determine if I will be admitted the the hospital that night or early the next morning. It all depends on the progress I have made up until that point. Since I am still throwing up, it seems Micah might be losing some of his weight so we made the decision to induce a few days before his actual due date. He is in no immediate danger but this will just help him retain some of the fat on his little body rather than losing it over the next couple of weeks while waiting to be born.

We would certainly welcome his entrance sooner than that but at least have a date in mind now and have something to plan towards. We will keep you posted!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Spooktacular!

Last Friday, Dan picked Jonah up from school and headed to Sea World for Halloween Spooktacular. I knew they had the event going on during the month of October but kept avoiding it due to it sounding scary. My friend Melody told me it wasn't scary at all but super fun for little ones like Jonah. I guess the name isn't meant to be descriptive.

They had a great afternoon there and got to do lots of fun stuff. From petting the sting ray to watching the dolphins, it was so fun for Jonah.

When we showed him all the things there were to do that day, he immediately said NO when we mentioned face painting. For some odd reason, he has a complete aversion to having his face painted. Over the past year, that has been available to him several times and he always declines. He was the only kid in his class who didn't do it at the Pumpkin Patch. We try to push him to do things outside his comfort zone sometimes because we don't want him to be so afraid to try new things. We weren't going to make him have his face painted but we kept talking it up to him.

They walked up on the face painting station and he walked right to the board, picked out his choice and climbed in that chair like he never questioned it for a moment????

Not only did he have his face painted, he went ALL out! Dan sent me the picture of the finished product and I was amazed. When he left our house, he was determined that he would not have his face touched with an drop of paint. Not only did he paint it, he had his whole face covered.

I was amazed at how much the paint changed his look and actually made him look like a Tiger. I had a hard time seeing Jonah in that tigers face. I couldn't believe they were doing that nice of a paint job for FREE. I told Dan that by text and he said, "Uh, it wasn't free! It was $15 but after we hyped him up for doing it, I could not say NO!" HA! I could not have either. Oh well! It was $15 well spent because he loved the look of it, felt so proud of himself for doing it and could not wait to show me!

I hate missing moments like this with the boys but know that one on one time with each other was so good for both of them. And, I know that as Micah joins our family, there will be more times of man to man defense with the boys and our responsibilities will be divided. I just hope I can convince Dan to continue to take a camera with him when he is alone with one of them. How else can I over document their lives??? ;-)

Maternity Shots

So, I woke up this morning and immediately checked the blog of my friend who happens to be an awesome photographer! While I tend to check her blog every day anyway, (stalker, much? Yeah!) I was checking today for a specific reason. I was waiting to see pictures of my sweet family.

We did a mini-session with her to in order to capture a sweet side to this pregnancy. Because I have been so sick and had such a rough time, I wanted to have something to remind me/us of this beautiful gift God has given our family. I wanted to see pictures of Jonah with my belly because he has been so intrigued by the whole process. And, I wanted to capture some of the last days of us as family of 3.

She totally nailed exactly what I was going for. Please, click HERE to see some of the moments she captured so beautifully for us. Once I get the images on disk, I'll post them all here but for now, enjoy her beautiful work and try not to drool over the extreme cuteness of my 4 year old! I can't quit staring at these images of him!!!

AND, PLEASE leave a comment on her blog. We get a free photo if she gets 25 comments on the post of our family. Be sure to tell her what you like about the pictures. It helps her professionally to know what catches the eye of different people.

Way back WHENsday

November, 2006
This is the day Jonah discovered his name was in the Bible! Look at his mouth! He was so surprised! This picture actually ended up in the local newspaper!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Last Friday, Jonah's school took a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch at FUMC. Mikenzie rode with us so she and Jonah were hanging out with me until her class arrived. I turned to talk to another mom and turned around to see them talking with each other and HOLDING HANDS!!! I said "are y'all holding hands?" and I got these looks. I was so glad to capture this image so quickly because you can see their faces. This wasn't posed...they were CAUGHT!

After Mikenzie's class arrived, I followed Jonah around as he did all the activities with his class. He and Ava stopped to pose for a picture. They were in the same class year and he knows her very well but has recently started calling her Eva. He even prayed for her the other night during Family devotions and called her Eva. I asked him why. He said that she is pretty and when he thinks about her being pretty, he likes to call her Eva. Okay!
Ava, Amber and Kayla stopped for a picture with Jonah but they made sure not to get too close. You know, he is a boy and all! :-)

It is a little crazy to think that this will be my last field trip as the mom of just Jonah. I have always been free to be on all of his trips and help the teachers in any way I could. I'll admit, right after I found out I was expecting another baby, I had a moment of sadness when I realized that would hinder me being "room mom" as Jonah got to elementary school. When I thought he would be our only child, I dreamed of being the mom who teachers could count on for anything. Now, I'll just have to figure out how to help teachers and be involved with a baby brother with me!

It was another fun day with my little boy and his friends. "Jonah's mom" was very tired after this event but it was worth it to be with him and his class.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The BIG Box

We pulled into our driveway last Tuesday and I noticed a HUGE box waiting by the front door. I knew it was coming and was told it was a huge box but nothing prepared me for just how big it was. Denise warned me that the UPS man would hate us. I'm pretty sure he does.
If you saw the pictures of Jonah's room then you saw the swivel soccer chair in the corner. Our sweet NeNe sent that to Jonah from Taylor and was so thrilled. And, she made sure to include a precious baby gift for Micah. She sent him a monogrammed diaper bag and 5 monogrammed bibs. It just made me more anxious for him to get here. Anyway, back to the chair. Jonah loved it but loved the box full of packing peanuts even more. He played forever in those things. We made him come in when it got dark.

And, just because we are "those" people, we couldn't let the moment pass without Max getting a chance to "enjoy" the packing peanuts as well! Be sure to watch the video to see just how much he liked the big box.


On October 20th, we got up early that morning and headed to the surgery center to have the tube in Jonah's right ear removed. It was placed when he was just 9 months old and had begun causing him several issues. Since we experienced the tubes at 9 months old, we weren't afraid this time or even really worried. We felt we knew what to expect and could be positive for Jonah. He was in a great mood and relished all the attention everyone there gave him.

He was super impressed with all the medical stuff and drove the nurses crazy with questions. I'm pretty sure they explained every piece of equipment in that room to him. The more they answered, the more he asked. He made sure to tell every person there that he was there for "sershery!"
They came in to give him some Versed and it was only minutes before his entire disposition changed. He kept saying his breath tasted sour. He looks sad in the picture below but he wasn't. He was confused. He kept trying to figure out why he felt different and why his breath was sour?

Then, he acted drunk. Actually, to be more specific, he acted like and sounded like a drunk old man laying on the street corner. It was more than we could handle at some points. I got a text from Reagan telling me that he and Sara Madalin prayed for Jonah that morning so I told him. That caused him to burst into a LOUD prayer. It was so funny that Dan and I were laughing so hard we were crying. Everyone assumed I was the mom who was so emotional about them taking my baby. They kept assuring me he would be fine. I couldn't catch my breath enough to tell them I was okay but that the tears were from laughter.

We walked out to the waiting room and it took only minutes for them to call us back to let us know Batman was done with surgery and did perfect. We were well aware of how he would respond to anesthesia so we walked into that room fully prepared. Even though we knew how tough the waking up would be, it never is easy to watch your baby be so disoriented and confused. He cried and cried and cried.

We left the center and came home to "recover." We expected him to be back to normal within an hour or so but the Versed must have made the difference this time. After his tubes at 9 months, we went to breakfast then shopping in Jackson and he never skipped a beat. This time was much difference. He was "off" the rest of the morning and continued to act loopy. After lunch, we got him down for a nap and he slept for over 3 hours. When he woke up, he was fine! Unfortunately, that was round 5:30 so we didn't have time to make it to church. Instead, we just snuggled and read books.

Now the wait begins to see if that ear drum will heal on its on or have to have more medical intervention. We are hoping to avoid tubes again but with his history, I'm not sure that is even possible. They won't put tubes in again for 6 months in order to allow that ear drum to heal completely. So, we have at least a six month wait but unfortunately, that falls right in the midst of winter colds and the time of year that kids get the most ear infections. So, we wait...

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

**my laptop battery is dying so I don't have time to reread this or spell check it. Forgive me for the many possible errors as I typed so fast. I'll check it tomorrow**

When it came time to pick out Jonah's Halloween costume this year, I knew if I didn't "gently" suggest other alternatives, then he would be Superman or Spiderman. I'm not against either of those but I know that the day is coming that I won't have a choice because he will be determined to wear one of those. So, I took full advantage of the fact that he still cares what I think. I found a couple of cute costumes in a catalog and showed them to him. He immediately chose the Everlast Boxer. Granted, I don't think he has ever seen one moment of a boxing match but he was all about it. I also ordered a pack of bruise tattoos! They totally made the costume.

We had a Fall Festival at the church from 5-7. Jonah was so excited about his costume. We kept telling him to look mean. It was so hard for him to keep a mean face when he is such a smiler. So, of course I took a few pictures of him with his typical Jonah grin.
He loved all the games at the Festival!! He could play games as long as anyone will let him.

He wanted to play more games but all we had to do was show him the bounce houses in the gym and he was fine moving in there. He jumped and jumped and jumped!

We left the church in time to get home for Trick or Treating. We don't like leaving our house dark on Halloween because we want to be a light in our neighborhood. We want to smile and hand out candy and be real with the people who come to our house. But, it is sometimes difficult when you have a child to take around too. So, we planned to both take him to a few houses right beside us then I would be at home handing out candy while Dan took him the rest of the way.

The night did not start well! As soon as we got on the sidewalk and started towards Jaxon's house, Jonah tripped and fell and skidded on the sidewalk. It was not pretty. He screamed. Then he screamed more. He tends to be a bit dramatic when he hurts himself and then he got really freaked when our neighbors got so upset about how bad his face looked. They didn't realize he had bruise tattoos on his face. Dan took him inside to clean him up, spray him with Bactine and put band aids on. Little did we know that would be the least of his problems tonight.

We hit the 4-5 houses right around us then I planted myself in a chair with our candy and off they went. At one point, I heard a child screaming and crying and thought it sounded like Jonah but knew it probably wasn't. Then, out of corner of my eye, I saw Dan coming towards me holding Jonah while he cried. Dan was shaking his head and looked a wee bit frustrated. He said "To say this was a bad night would be an understatement!!!" I asked what happened but he kept walking towards the house while Jonah screamed. I saw the tears on his face and knew something had happened but I thought he was just being whiny and Dan made him come home.

I sat in the chair and continued to give candy to the masses of kids that came through. They stayed inside so long that I assumed Dan had fed, bathed and put Jonah to bed for the night. Then, I heard the door open and out walked Jonah. He was still dressed in his costume but had band aids all over his body and his eyes were still full of tears. I asked what happened and all he could say was he was hurt so bad!

Dan comes out to tell me about the last two houses they visited. He said they were leaving a house when he spotted our neighbor running full speed past them. He thought something must be wrong so he was watching him when Jonah started screaming like something bit him. All he could get out was "that light hurt me, that light hurt me!" Dan looked at his hand to see it blistered. Yeah, he touched a flood light that was super hot and it immediately blistered his little hand. Dan told him they needed to come home but that upset him even more. He begged Dan to keep going so he could "get more candy" so they did.

As they got to the next house, some people were walking back from the front door as they walked up so Dan and Jonah moved to the side. When the did, Jonah got caught in a thorn bush that had come loose and it embedded in his legs and scratched him up. It got caught in his costume so when Dan picked him up, it just moved with him and kept on scratching and scraping him. He was all scraped up and bleeding so they had no choice but to come home. Not only was he in pain, he was sad about having to quit trick or treating.

He seemed okay after he was bandaged and back home because he was able to help hand out candy. He loved that. If someone passed our house without stopping, he would say "Hey, we've got candy up here!" It was really cute.
See this face? It is a great example of how bad his night was.

We came inside, ran his bath water and started peeling off band aids so we could clean the wounds. That wasn't pretty. By this time, he was past his bedtime, hurting, whiny and convinced that this was the worst day of his life. After he was clean and in bed, Dan started putting Neosporin on the different cuts. When Dan got to his leg, he said "Daddy, I don't need any Neosporin there, I need Legosporin!" HAHAHAHA! Dan convinced him it was for legs too. Then, when Dan put it on his fingers, he said "Is that fingersporin too?" Dan told him it was but Jonah quickly outwitted him by saying "I don't see a F on there so how can it be Fingersporin?" (Do we really want him to learn to read???)

That last exchange about the Neosporin was the highlight of the night for us. It really was a hilarious end to a pretty awful evening for our little guy! But, tomorrow is a new day and I'm pretty sure Jonah gets to go to Walmart to pick out any kind of candy he wants. It seems Dan promised him that on the trek back home when he was so upset.


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