Saturday, October 30, 2010

November Babies

Back in March, when we were surprised with the news of a baby, I was quickly surprised to discover about 12 other friends/family members who were also expecting. Once we announced our news, I started getting messages and emails from people who were also pregnant but hadn't shared their news yet. As the weeks passed, the word was out and I was suddenly on this journey to motherhood with lots of people I love and care about.

Then, as time passed, a couple of friends miscarried and one got a terminal diagnosis for her baby girl. My heart ached for them. I still think of them and pray for them as their due dates approach and they watch other babies born around the time they should be delivering their own. I don't understand God's purposes or plans but I do trust His goodness and believe that He DOES work all things together for His good. (Romans 8:28) Even when it doesn't make sense!

The first of the November babies was born Thursday. Yes, I know it is October but Brandy's baby came on October 28 and she is home now adjusting to life as a family of 4. I'm not sure who will be next. I'm hopeful it is me but I don't want to be selfish. Actually, I take that back. I do want to be selfish! HA! I want this baby to get here soon!!! :-)

Things are in place and ready for him. His room is ready. His clothes are washed. Our plans for Jonah and Max are in place. My mom has a plane ticket to visit in early December. Dan's mom has a plane ticket to visit in January. I have a few meals in the freezer. I have a four year old who can hardly wait to meet his brother. The only thing I don't have is a guarantee of when Micah will arrive. And, if you know me well, patience isn't my strong point!

According to my due date, I have two weeks to wait. And, I trust God just enough to know that He will bring Micah to us when Micah is ready. But, just in case He is waiting on me to get things in order, I'm there! I even caught up completely on the blog tonight and set 8 posts to auto-post over the next several days just in case I'm busy. You know, in the hospital and all! :-)

Micah's Room

Minus a few last minute things still needed (baskets, clothes hamper, etc) it is safe to say Micah's room is complete. Although, looking at these pictures, show me some things I need to change. For instance, I need to move the chest about 6 inches to the right so there isn't so much brown curtain on brown chest when you look. A little green from the wall will help break up the brown. Anyway, like I said, seeing these pictures helps me see things I haven't noticed. Actually, after posting Jonah's room pictures, I moved several things because it looked so crowded in the pics.

It kind of blends in with the wall, but Micah's Diaper bag from Pops and NeNe is sitting in front of the window. It appears I did it to match his room but that was never the intention. I just liked the brown and green.

I needed some shelf space for pictures, etc. so I was happy to see these shelves at Target. Currently, there are framed pictures from Jonah's birth in the frames because we used the same frames for his room. I've got a small basket under there with some of Micah's toys. Those have become Jonah's favorite toys lately. It is funny to see just how much 0-3 month toys entertain a 4 year old.
His closet is organized and ready for him. The upper left is all blankets Micah has received. None of those are from Jonah's baby days. I'm pretty sure we will never have to search for a blanket. Several are hand made and so precious. Our pile of diapers are on the upper right. I've used gift cards to purchase more but know those are only a dent of what we will need. Before Jonah, I would have thought those would last us a couple of years. HA!

Seeing the car seat and stroller reminded me today that we should probably have that installed already. I think Jonah's was in the car a month or so before he was due. I'm really hopeful Dan will do that in the next day or so just so I can scratch one more thing off of my list. That list seems to be growing by the day and I don't seem to be scratching much off of it. Eeks!
I'm still in love with the vinyl wall art I purchased from Etsy. I love that each time we change his diaper, we will be reminded of that special verse. While we have claimed that verse for Micah, we know that is true for every good thing God has given us. We live such blessed lives and do not take that for granted. And, speaking of the changing table, many people don't really use them but we do. To the best of my recollection, until Jonah was old enough to go to his room to grab a diaper and some wipes for us, we never changed him on the floor. We always walked to his room to use his changing table. So, it is a must have for us.
I was a little unsure when we bought the red recliner/rocker for his room but like it more and more each time I go in there. I especially like how comfortable it is. It matches the red in his bedding perfectly even though it has an orange tint in these pictures. On each side of the chair, you can see two baskets. There is a basket full of board books ready to be read to him and then another basket full of bibs and burp cloths.
I'm still looking for a rug for the center of the room but haven't found what I want yet. The painting over his bed was done by my friend Kathy and I think it looks great. Ideally, it would be much lower to towards the crib but we went ahead and hung it where it wouldn't have to be moved as Micah grew. We put Jonah in the crib on his knees and told him to reach as high as he could. We then put the bottom of the painting right above where his fingers were.
We still need to put his mobile up and put a few things together but overall, it is done. Now, he just needs to hurry up and get here so he can be the final touch.


Last weekend, we had the privilege of spending time with our old friends from Vidalia. Gary Nunn, who was the pastor in Vidalia when Dan was called there at Worship Leader, came to Florida to spend time the men at Stetson Baptist Church. Gary's son, Tyler came with him and was part of the two-man team that led the Ironman retreat. Gary is currently the Director of Discipleship Ministries at Northbrook Baptist Church in Cullman, AL. Tyler is a Senior at the University of Alabama.

We LOVED, LOVED, LOVED our time on staff with this family so we were super excited about spending time with them. Jonah fell in love with them. Let me repeat that. Jonah fell in love with them. They have been gone for a week and he mentions them numerous times a day. He talks about going to Alabama to see them. It really is super sweet. Women usually go out of their way to befriend children but men tend to get caught up with other things. Gary and Tyler acted as if their entire goal in life was to be entertain my little boy. It was the sweetest thing to watch them love him.

When they were loading their suitcases in the car to head to the airport, he started crying. He said "I don't want them to leave because they are fun people!" He meant it. It was so sweet to watch them get to know each other and become friends. I love it when people invest in the life of my little guy. Especially when those people are such special friends to our family and live lives of such faith and integrity!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jonah's New Room

For the most part, Jonah's new room is complete! I still need a few more sports frames and accessories for his dresser and I'll continue to frame some of his art work but for now, we are done!

This is the view from the door looking in his room. The custom painting over his bed was done to match his bedding. My BFF from college did it. She is pretty fabulous. All you have to do is send her a picture of your bedding and she can customize any painting to match. If you are interested, you can find her blog HERE or her Facebook page HERE.

The new soccer chair in the corner was gifted to Jonah by his friend Taylor Mraz. She is a soccer start in Clinton, MS and had this chair in her room but was super sweet and shipped it to Jonah for his new room. You'll see a blog post soon about the fun of getting that box in the mail Monday. The picture over his armoire is one of my favorite candid shots EVER of my little guy. The fabulous Melody Dowdy snapped it on the playground one day and I had it made into a canvas print.
The four frames to the right are done with 2 pieces of his artwork and 2 pictures of him with two of his favorite characters, Spiderman and The Grinch. I have more of these frames from IKEA and plan to fill them with more of his artwork and hang them on a different wall. My super sweet decorator friend, Betty Teramo was here when we first started trying to place things and she kept reminding me to lower everything I hang. This is after all, a child's room and things need to be closer to his eye level than mine. Thus the reason these four frames and the bulletin board are hung so low.
I still love the vinyl wall art depicting football, golf, basketball and soccer that I got from The dresser under that needs to have the things there replaced with sports things but I haven't found exactly what I'm looking for yet. If you look to the left of the dresser, you see what we like to call "THE MIRACLE WORKER" around our house. That is a magnetic responsibility chart made by Melissa and Doug. We found ours at OSH KOSH but I linked to one on I kid you not when I tell you that thing does miracles in our house. We chose the bars that most represent what we need Jonah to do at this stage of life and if he does them, at the end of the day, he gets the magnetic smiley face. At the end of the week, if all the spots have smiley faces, he gets a small prize.

Most weeks, he forgets the prize and is completely satisfied with just knowing he got all the spots filled. He gets smiley faces for staying on the green light at school, getting dressed by himself, no whining, saying please and thank you, pick up your toys, brush your teeth, take care of Max. Sometimes I will ask him to do something and he will start to whine then he remembers his chart and his entire demeanor changes. He strives for those smiley faces. We keep saying we don't know how long that motivation will work for him but for now it does, and we are grateful.
His closet is completely organized and he has kept it that way for months. Each of the drawers in the rolling carts are organized by the type of toys they are. (Legos, Dinosaurs, Disney Characters, balls, musical instruments, puzzles, etc.) His games are on the right top of his closet and the red/blue bins on the left are full of art supplies.
When you walk out of his room, you see Micah's room to your left and the hall bathroom to the right. The small door opening you see is the laundry room and the door you can't see, which is to the right is the guest room.

Family Lunch

At this very moment, my cousin Brandy is about to deliver her second baby by C-Section. She is in a hospital just two hours from me which is very odd because I've always lived 12+ hours from her. Now that we live in Florida, we are very close to that part of family. I can't be there today because my doctor won't let me go further than 1 hour away from my hospital. So, I have to wait a little bit longer to meet Bella. By that time, Micah will be here and we will both have new babies to introduce to each other.

Since Brandy had to have an emergency section with Mia, her first baby, this baby was a scheduled section. That sure made it easy to plan. My grandmother from Jackson flew in on Monday to be here for the birth. My cousin TJ, Brandy's brother, flew in from Nashville. There was no way my doctor would let me go all the way to Tampa to see them so my aunt came up with the idea for me to meet them in Orlando when she and TJ came to pick up Granny from the airport.

I got Jonah from school a little early and we headed west to meet them. I have not seen TJ in almost 3 years. He graduated from Pharmacy School at UF then moved near Kansas City. He recently completed his MBA and took a job in Nashville. He and I have always been super close because we are obviously the smart ones in the family. Wait, him...not me so much! :-) So I was excited to see him and let Jonah spend some time with him.

It was a quick trip to Orlando and back but well worth the time to visit with my family. As I typed the last sentence, I got a text from Brandy's hubby with a picture of Miss Bella Grace Ramos. She was born at 7:57 a.m. and weighs 5 pounds, 13 ounces. Congrats Brandy and Mitch and big sister Mia. Can't wait to meet Miss Bella!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Way back WHENsday

October, 2007

October, 2008

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A BORING time at the park

A couple of Saturdays ago, Dan went to Gainesville to see his beloved Bulldogs take on the Florida Gators. I knew that Jonah would be a little bored for the afternoon because I was feeling so yucky so he and I headed to the park. We stopped by two local parks but both were filled with teenagers so I didn't think that was the best idea. The only problem was that I had already told him he was going to a playground so I had to figure something out quickly. I decided to go to the church instead and use one of the playgrounds there. I grabbed lunch for him from Wendys and off we went.

We were the only ones there and I was feeling so awful. I basically sat and watched him play. He kept asking me to slide or chase him. I couldn't do either. I only pushed him on the swing for a little bit. After 30 or so minutes, he said "Can we go home? This is the most boringest time I have ever had!"
NICE! Mom of the year here! I keep saying I can't wait for Micah to get here so I can be OVER all of the sickness but I have a feeling, this little smiling 4 year old will be the most excited! He wants his mommy back and trust me...she can't wait to be back!!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hand-eye coordination

Jonah: I'm a little busy right now.

Me: Doing what?

Jonah: Working on my hand-eye coordination.


Jonah: Yep, just working on that for a little while.

Me: What is that? What is hand-eye coordination?

Jonah: I'm not sure. That is why I'm working on it. I'll let you know in a few minutes.


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