Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fire Safety Day

Yesterday was Fire Safety Day at Jonah's preschool. I knew firetrucks and firemen were going to be at his school so I knew I would hear lots of stories about that after we picked him up. Surprisingly, he did not say much about it. We spent the afternoon and evening at Disney and it was never mentioned.

As we were leaving the park with all 74,897 people after the fireworks, he kept talking about something. As you can imagine, neither of us understood what he was saying because we were walking in the midst of huge crowds and pushing him in his stroller. Under normal circumstances it would have been difficult to understand him. Finally, Dan said "Jonah, we can not hear you. You are going to have to wait until we stop to tell us what you have to tell us. We can't stop walking because we will get run over!!!"

Well, all of the sudden, Jonah just started wailing. He was crying HUGE crocodile tears and saying "I need my mommy! I want mommy to hold me. I need my mommy!" Well, obviously at 36 weeks pregnant, I can't pick up my 40 pound baby boy anymore so Dan grabbed him out of the stroller and tried to console him but all he wanted was me. Finally I got right next to him in Dan's arms and wiped those huge tears away and asked what was wrong.

He said "those firemens said if there is ever a fire at our house that I should never go back in to rescue one of my sleepy time friends and that I should just leave it inside. But, if I forget Lammy, I need someone to get him. I don't want Lammy to catch on fire inside. Mommy, please can you help Lammy?"

All of that was through HUGE tears! Can you imagine? His little mind started thinking about that and his heart was broken imagining Lammy being left behind in a fire. He has mentioned it several times today too. He has never been afraid of fire or mentioned it much but they must have really gotten their point across to Jonah. Thanks a lot, Mr. Firemens! ;-)

Fun in the sun

Friday, October 15, 2010

Just like you??

We got home fairly late in the afternoon yesterday due to several errands we needed to run. When I picked Jonah up from school, he was on the playground. His glasses were in their case and tucked away in his cubby. His doctor said he only needed them for school, TV and computer. We are slowly "pushing" him to wear them as much as possible but not forcing the issue so much right now. We are hoping he will desire to wear them due to the difference he notices. I asked numerous times over the course of the afternoon if he wanted to wear them and the answer was always NO!

We got home and I was unloading the car when he ran to me and said "Mommy, I just remembered you have glasses like me. Do you want to put yours on and I'll put mine on and we can take a picture? Then, I can be just like you!!" So, we went to my room, got my glasses and then got the new camera I just purchased out of the bag and charged the battery so we could take a picture of both of us wearing our glasses!
He didn't keep them on but for a little over an hour but that was success in my book. He asked to wear them and then wore them for a little while. I'll take that on day 2!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What is vacation?

Our friends Reagan, Malinda and Sara Madalin are in town this week for Disney. They came to church last night then to our house. Jonah was asleep when they left so he woke up asking for them. He continued to ask for them all afternoon. As we were walking through Target, in his whiniest voice available said "I just wish Sara Madalin was at my house playing with me. Why isn't she?" I explained to him that she is on vacation. He said "Vacation, where did she go?" I said "DisneyWorld!" He said "Disneyworld is not vacation!!! Mississippi is a real vacation!!"

Ahem...good to know!

Glasses at school

Dan called to let me know that drop off went great at school this morning. We were so concerned about Jonah's first day in glasses at school. His big concern has been what his friends would say about him. Dan said his teachers made a huge deal out of it and made him feel so special. He said Jonah showed them how to open and close his glasses case 5 or 6 times. (The case is a super big deal to him!!)

I asked Dan if he was nervous on the way into the building and Dan said "No, he was much more concerned with the fact that he couldn't feel his heart beeping!"


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We got glasses!

I got a call from Walmart yesterday telling me Jonah's glasses were ready to be picked up. I was not looking forward to the moment he realized he had to actually wear them. So, rather than having lunch at school today, I told him we would pick him up early and go somewhere special for lunch then to pick up his glasses. When I got to his school, he looked at me with a mean face and said "Mommy, I want you to come back another time when picking me up doesn't mean special lunch or glasses! I DON'T WANT TO WEAR GLASSES!"

I talked to him about his glasses then called Dan to let him know we were about to pick him up but to be aware that he was VERY blue. Dan got in the call all hyped up about glasses but Jonah didn't budge. I finally offered to let him pick out any candy he wanted after he got his glasses. All was well in the world then! (Seriously, a $1 box of Mike & Ike's was all it took!!!)

He loved being in the Optical shop because of the mirror. He thought that was coolest thing ever. He looked like the most vain child in the history of children. He would look at himself then just smile and say "look at me!" I'm thinking a 2 sided mirror might be a good gift for him this Christmas.
Fortunately, as we were leaving lunch, Margie pulled in and let me borrow her camera. So, I was able to have a camera with me. Jonah, as usual, wanted to use the camera so he could take a picture of us. Then, he let me take a picture of him in his new glasses.

After adjusting them, the tech had him look at some things on a sheet of paper. He looked at the smallest type at the bottom and picked out one of his sight words and immediately said "That says t-h-e which is THE!!!"
The real test has been getting him to keep them on this afternoon. He wants to take them off but I'm trying to keep them on through church tonight. I want him to wear them just to see if he notices the difference in things far away.

Way back WHENsday

October, 2007
Jonah's 1st trip to the Pumpkin Patch
This is the Fall Card we sent to friends/family.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


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The Firetruck

Sorry for the low quality of these pictures but all I had was my Iphone. I'm very sorry to report that my little Point & Shoot has died. This is not good news for someone who takes as many pictures as me but especially when that someone is this close to delivering a baby! EEKS! At least I have a camera on my phone though!

We had dinner at Texas Roadhouse with Ms. Margie and Jen since Dan was at the church late tonight. When we left, they told us it was Fire Safety Day and they had a firetruck outside for kids to explore. He loved it. I told Jen that if his love of Fire Trucks is this strong next summer, I could totally see a Firetruck Birthday party!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Mobile Blogging?

I'm branching out and trying something new. Dan sent this photo as a text and I'm attempting to upload it to the blog from my phone.

Out with Daddy

Dan took the afternoon off to spend some time with Jonah at Sea World. The past few weeks have been hectic and the next few aren't looking any less busy. So, he decided to put some work on hold and spend some time with his favorite little boy. I called him a little while ago to see how it was going. Dan said they were in the "Pets Ahoy" show and Jonah nuzzled up close to him and said "Daddy, I love you!"

Dan said it melted his heart. Mine too! :-) I think that little boy was needing so special one one one time with his daddy and right now, he is getting just that.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

MS/LA Visit: Day Four

Tuesday morning in Vidalia began with Sue and Jonah doing more projects. He will sit at a table and do any sort of project for hours on end. He even quizzed Sue on his sight words. She got them all.
Jonah went to B's house to play while Sue, Tammy and I had lunch at Mammy's Cupboard. I was seriously craving one of their Reuben sandwiches and Blueberry Lemonade. YUMMY! It hit the spot and was just what I wanted. I ate there so much when I was pregnant with Jonah that Sue said I should name him Reuben!
We picked Jonah up and went to visit a few more friends in Vidalia. Our first stop was at Art & Vera's house. We spent so many days in the pool at their house so I was intrigued to see it during the process of the liner being replaced. Jonah could not understand why we couldn't swim. Umm, maybe the lack of water???

After leaving there, we headed over to visit the McKinney's and Ms. Sally. Jonah was pretty wiped out by the time we got there. It is so tiring getting in and out of the car visiting people all day. I was proud of him though. He was quite the trooper!
I sent a text to Jennifer Russ that morning to see what her day looked like. I knew that Tuesday is the day she is solo at the clinic because Dr. Weary is off. She wanted to do lunch but we already had plans so she told me to stop by anytime. Jonah was BEYOND excited about seeing her. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, he said "This is where I came to see my Docka Russ when she always made me feel better if I was sick!" We rounded the corner and he just ran into her arms. So very precious!

After leaving there, we made a trip to Mamaw and Papaw Chandler's house. We were glad to see Jordan and Addi there too. This momma's heart swelled when Jonah played with sweet Addi. He was over the moon in love with her. He just giggled and begged to hold her more. At one point, he rubbed her feet and in such a sweet voice said "Look at those tiny feet!" Oh, it gave me such hope for how much he will love Micah. He was completely smitten with that baby girl!

Greg and Cindy called that morning to see if we would like to have a fish fry over at the Welch's that night. I love Greg's fish and all of their fixin's so I was IN! They were also nice enough to set up the targets so they could shoot bows for Jonah to retrieve the arrows. That has always been one of his favorite things to do.

Jonah knows that he is supposed to stand behind the shooters until all the arrows have been shot. Then, once the bows are put down, he can run to pull the arrows out. Eli is still a little young to understand that so we told Jonah to hold his hand and tell him when it was time to run. He grabbed his hand and they were just as content as could be. It was so sweet to look at them several times over the night and still see those hands locked.

This picture of us with our boys makes my heart smile. God blessed me so much in Vidalia when he moved Amanda there. We both grew up with two brothers and no sisters so we quickly bonded and became the best of friends. Moving away from her was quite difficult. It was made even more evident as I watched our boys play and love each other.

I tried to get pictures of Jonah with everyone before the night was over. I want him to know and love all the people who invested so much into the first few years of his life. These people prayed for him, celebrated his birth and accepted him as part of their family. I'm so grateful we got to share some time with all of these special Vidalia friends again before Micah arrives. We also took a picture with Gertrude, my big corn plant that sadly had to be left behind. She is obviously thriving under Belinda's care because she looked better than when I left her!

It was another great day with our sweet friends in Vidalia. Jonah loved the attention and I loved seeing him with people that love him so much.


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