Saturday, September 18, 2010

Like Father, Like Son

Yesterday afternoon, Jonah came up to me and said "Mommy, can I please put some lotion on your feet?" Well son, if you must! Um, YEP! Rock on!!!

I guess he has watched his daddy do this so much over the last four years that he just thinks it is the natural thing to do. Hey, I'm all for it. I'm grateful for all the things he has learned from his daddy, but this one may top the list!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

A sweet memory!

I bought a new fall frame at Hobby Lobby yesterday. I wanted to use a picture from October of 2008 from the Pumpkin Patch. As I was looking through those images, I came across this one. It made my heart smile. What sweet friends these two were!!

Umm, WHAT?

Jonah just looked at me and asked "What are fetching features? Do I have them?"

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Daddy's Trumpet

When Dan got home from home from work today, I asked him if he would go into the attic to get all of Jonah's 0-6 month clothes out so I could begin washing and sorting them. While he was up there, he brought down all of my Fall decor so I could decorate for the season. As I was taking things out of the Rubbermaid container for Fall, I was amazed to realize those are the decorations that will still be up when Micah comes home. We are now in the same season that our new baby will be born. Back in March, when I found out Micah was on the way, November seemed so long away. Now, it seems like I barely have enough time to do the things that need to be done before he arrives.

While he was in the attic, he also came across his trumpet case. If you have been around Jonah much lately, you know he is a little obsessed with all things musical. When the orchestra plays at church, he sits on the edge of the pew. He names the instruments and makes sure we know that "Mister Reggie is the conductor." So, for some time now, Dan has been talking to Jonah about when he used to be in the band and how he played the trumpet. Jonah is super impressed by that so he knew this was a good time to get the trumpet out.

Dan's mom bought him this trumpet in the ninth grade and he played it through high school and in the Famous Maroon Band at Mississippi State University. It was last used for performance during his sophomore year at MSU (1993) and probably taken out of the case the last time when he was on staff at Liberty Baptist Church (1996-98). So, as you can see, this trumpet got lots of use in its busiest days and has basically been ignored for the last 12-15 years.

Dan brought it down from the attic and immediately started playing the Superman theme song. He didn't miss a note. I was quite impressed. But, the little boy who lives with us was AMAZED! Not only could his daddy play the trumpet, he could play his favorite song!!! They sat down on the floor and Jonah immediately spotted his daddy's bag of band medals. He had no idea what they were but he wanted one on his shirt.

Dan showed Jonah how to hold his lips and how to blow into the trumpet before Jonah got his first turn. He thought it was silly to hold his lips like that but did it anyway.

It was fun to see something like this passed from one generation to the next. Who knows if Jonah will ever play an instrument but if he decides he wants to play trumpet, I have a feeling we know where he will find one!

The video below was taken while they were checking out the trumpet. Jonah decided to press some of the valves while Dan played so don't let that hurt your ears!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Way back WHENsday

These were all taken 3 years ago during September of 2007. I had a hard time narrowing the number down so I just posted them all. I loved looking back at this stage of his life and remembering so many sweet moments from this time. And to think, we are about to do it all again! Wow!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Elementary School Memories

There are some very specific memories that stand out to me from my days in Elementary School. More specifically, my days at Baskin Elementary School in Baskin, LA. I attended that school until 4th grade when my family left LA to move to Jackson, MS.

3rd Grade- There was a specific rule about no gum or candy. If you were caught with either, you had to stand in the corner in front of the entire class and you were at the end of the line for the entire day. We came in from recess one day and the girl who sat next to me had a ring pop on her finger. She had the nerve to tell me that MY boyfriend (well, in my dreams) had asked her to marry him and he gave her that engagement ring. Well, I wasn't stupid! I knew that wasn't a real ring, it was a ring pop...CANDY! I called the teachers name (Mrs. McFarland, but we all called her Old McFartland behind her back) to politely tell her that my friend was telling a lie and was really eating candy. My teacher thanked me so much for bringing that to her attention. She called me to the front of the class for what I assumed to be public recognition for honesty and justice but instead turned out to be a public humiliation for being a tattle-tail! Needless to say, I ended up in the corner and my ex-friend went right on eating her ring pop and planning her wedding to My boyfriend.

2nd Grade- I turned in a math homework sheet with ZERO of the questions answered. My teacher marked every single answer with a red x. She then put a big fat zero on my paper. Before I got home that day, I filled in all of the answers then showed it to my mom. She was appalled that my teacher did not pay better attention to my work and marked every answer wrong when they were clearly right. She totally validated my feelings of how the teacher must have hated me. If only I had known she would march right into the school the next day to discuss this little matter with her. Needless to say, my mom never took my side over the teacher's side again. And, if the teacher did hate me, I think she understood why.

1st Grade- The perm! I had to have a perm. Looking back, I'm pretty sure my mom talked me into it. I've always had bad hair. A perm could only help...right? WRONGO! I got a 90 year old lady perm. I walked into my first grade class and all the kids looked at me and almost fell out of their desks laughing. Other than their grandmothers, they had never seen anyone with hair rolled that tight who came out in public. It was a bad year.

Kindergarten- Such a painful memory of the day I walked into my class after crying all the way to school all the while begging my mom not to make me go in. I had just left the eye doctor where I picked up my brand new glasses. I was the only kid in my class who wore glasses. My mom told my teacher ahead of time that I would come late wearing glasses. My teacher talked to the class (warned and threatened them) about being nice to me and not making me feel out of place. I walked in and they clapped for me. They asked me questions about what it was like to wear glasses. They drew cute pictures for me. Then, at recess, they called me four eyes. They said only stupid people wore glasses. They told me I was ugly. (They should have waited a year until they saw me with that perm and those glasses!!!) They took every shot they could. I started faking sick so I could stay home. The little girl who loved school suddenly hated it. The teachers all told me I was cute. Ugh! Who wanted an old teacher to say you were cute when you knew all your friends hated your new look?? Needless to say, I eventually felt somewhat normal wearing glasses and it was just another part of who I was. But, tonight, my mommy heart is revisiting all of those painful memories because my own little four year old has cried his eyes out this afternoon begging me not to make him wear glasses.

His doctor diagnosed him with pretty significant vision issues this afternoon. Glasses aren't an option. He must wear them. I quietly wiped my tears as I told him how cool he would look. He immediately said "but my friends will laugh at me!" The 31+ years head start in life that I have on him knows that will be true but I have to somehow convince him that doesn't matter.

We looked at glasses two different places and he cried and kept asking to "stop trying more on" so we quit for the night. We'll try again tomorrow. Maybe a full night of sleep for both of us will set the tone for a better day tomorrow. And, maybe, just maybe I will figure out a way to make this a happy experience for him so he doesn't have to blog about it 25 years later!!

Jonah's 4 year well check

We took Jonah to his 4 year well check a couple of weeks ago. I've intentionally waited to post about this due to some of the findings from his visit. I'll catch you up on the visit from two weeks ago and then bring you current through today. After he was measured and weighed, they took his blood pressure. It was then that I noticed his shorts were on backwards. Yeah, look below and you will see the little p0lo horse on the back rather than the front. I gasped and said "DAN, his pants are on BACKWARD!!" We both giggled. Typically, I would have dressed Jonah but I was VERY sick (thanks again Baby Micah!) the two hours leading up to Jonah's appointment so I had to call Dan to come home 30 minutes early to get Jonah out of the tub and dressed. He came in a hurry and then dressed Jonah in a hurry. Ooops!
While we were at the nurse's station getting measured and checked, they did a hearing test on Jonah. He passed with his left ear but failed with his right ear. He couldn't hear a thing out of that ear. We later discovered it was due to the gunk in his ear from the issue with the tube. After seeing the ENT the next week, we fully believe his hearing will be restored in that ear as soon as we can get that tube out of there and that ear drum can begin to heal. We are still a week away from that appointment.

Jonah has met or exceeded all of the milestones that he should have by this age. He was able to answer all of the questions and do all of the tasks requested by the doctor and nurse practitioner.

They did an additional vision screening on him since he is now four years old. He was completely uncooperative when being asked questions about what he was seeing. I was standing next to him and knew that he knew exactly what a barn was or what a flower was but he kept saying he didn't know what it was. Finally, Dan got down and gave him "the talk." He told him to straighten up and start acting like a big boy and to answer the questions they asked him. He never did. We chalked it up to exhaustion after a full day at preschool.

The doctor asked if we wanted a test done that was not covered by insurance but would take a picture of his eyes and would accomplish the same thing as the test they tried to do with him. We consented and signed the form stating we were told it was not covered by insurance. We were then moved to a room where they showed Jonah some binocular looking things and told him the lights would go off and for him to stare at the red light.

I was sitting where I could see the picture of eyes on the computer screen. As soon as the first picture snapped, she said "Um, he wasn't kidding...he can't see!" Big bright red letters flashed across the screen and it said "REFER!" She said she would try once more to see if she got the same reading. It immediately showed "REFER" again. I could feel my eyes filling with tears! We had both just gotten on to Jonah and really been tough on him about not doing what was asked of him when he was doing exactly what was asked, he just couldn't see what they were asking him to describe.

They moved us to a different room to wait for the doctor and I started thinking of some of the things Jonah's teacher had said to me over the last week about his behavior. They were all things that had to with him being in trouble because he essentially couldn't see or hear. My mommy heart was breaking. I was trying not to have a total breakdown because he was right there and we were still waiting for the doctor. I kept telling Dan that I couldn't believe we had not caught either of these things.

The doctor came in and referred us to a Pediatric Opthalmolagist in Maitland and the ENT in Orange City. She told me to make the appointments for both ASAP. Today was the first time they could see him for his eyes. I'll write more about that later. I have a few things that need to be done before I can get into that.

P.S. Jonah weighs 39.2 pounds and is 40 1/4 inches tall.


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