Saturday, September 11, 2010

Vinyl Wall Art

I've spent a lot of time on looking for something a little different to use on the walls in the boy's rooms. I've already ordered a canvas from my friend Kathy to match their bedding. And, my friend Amanda is painting the hospital door hanger for Micah which will also be in his room. Since I'm going to have the painted canvases bringing color in, I wanted something solid for their rooms also. These came in last week and the wonderful Mike Orr came over tonight and put them on the walls for us. Little did I know, he could have made these too!

Micah's name is over his changing table. I love the way it turned out. It looks great with the green walls in there.

Jonah's sports themed room has been so fun to (slowly) decorate. There are so many options out there. I'm taking the decor a little slow in both rooms because I want it to be things I really love...not just like. So, the completed pictures of both rooms will be up sometime in the next several weeks.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Micah's first baby shower

Last Thursday, our family was completely humbled and blessed by the sweet ladies in our Singles and Widow's Ministry at Stetson Baptist. They contacted me back in May about the possibility of doing a shower for baby Micah at their first September meeting. They normally meet once a month to have a hot dog lunch and watch a movie. The email said "instead of watching a movie, they wanted to watch me open baby gifts." So very sweet!

They made sure to invite Jonah and Dan. Ms. Louise told me ahead of time that Jonah would have a few gifts to open. I didn't know how he would react to being doted on my that many people at once. I had nothing to worry about. He walked in to see Ms. Dottie and felt completely comfortable from that point forward. Those two kind of like each other! :-)
The sweet lady who spearheaded this event is Ms. Louise Murphy. She has such a heart for ministry and is such a servant in our church. She loves those widows and singles and pours her life into them. We, like so many others, are blessed for knowing her. She read a super sweet book called "The Invisible String" to all of us then gave the book to Jonah. As soon as she started reading, Jonah moved to the very front to sit under her while she read.

Ms. Hazel Morris prayed the sweetest prayer over me and baby Micah. I'm sorry there is no picture of her praying but I guess everyone else prayed as she did. Then, Ms. Gloria Barker read several verses of scripture about babies and parenting. I was already teary eyed from just the prayer time and scripture.
Jonah totally racked up on the gifts. See all of those gifts around him? Yeah, they are ALL his!
He moved to the rocker to have a picture taken with all of Micah's gifts. Little Micah racked up on the gifts also. He just doesn't know it yet! :-)
Before we opened gifts, everyone had root beer floats. Somehow, Dan ended up with the biggest one there. Imagine that?

Some of the ladies got together and sang a few nursery rhymes for us. It was quite entertaining!

One of the first gifts I opened was a beautiful homemade quilt. Jonah got up from his gifts to oooh and ahhh over it. He was quite the ham. He entertained us for most of the shower!

(The pictures are a little out of order because they are from different cameras. Iphoto was giving me problems reorganizing them so I'm just going with the order they are in Iphoto.)
The ladies all lined up for one of those yummy hot dogs with all the fixings. This is a staple of every gathering they have and people love them. I can see why! Oh, I almost forgot one cute story from the day. When we arrived, I noticed all the ladies wearing name tags. I thanked several of them and told them that even though we have been here a year now, we still don't know all the names and we were so appreciative of them being thoughtful enough to wear those name tags. She looked at me without missing a beat and said "Oh honey, these aren't for you. We are old and can barely remember our own names. These are for us!!!!"
Midway through opening gifts, we stopped so they could present Dan with a special gift. They gave him a "Daddy's Diaper Kit" complete with an apron, nose plugs, ear plugs, face mask, etc. It was such a cute idea and everyone loved hearing what each item was for. And Dan, being Dan, totally played it up. He is such a good sport.

To say we were blessed is an understatement. This is what Micah's room looked like when we brought everything in from the car. I (being the "must get things done" person that I am) spent several hours that night, going thorough all the bags and boxes and organizing everything.
When all was said and done, this is how it looked. You can see his high chair, bouncy seat and diapers all in the corner. Everything else is sorted too. Jonah's stash is on the left. Can you see how many things he got? He totally racked up!
Yep, this is all for Jonah! He got a few duplicates that we will exchange and then most everything else we are rationing to entertain him during the days when Micah is born and those early newborn days.
Micah got SO many useful things. From diapers to wipes to bath supplies to safety items. He is already one blessed little baby.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day at Hollywood Studios

We woke up this morning with plans to get out of the house and do something fun with Jonah. Our passes to Daytona Lagoon are close to expiring since it closes at the end of September. That would have been our first choice but Jonah's ear problems over the past few weeks kept us from doing anything water related. Although, the weather would have been perfect for the water today. It was quite WARM in Central Florida on this Labor Day Holiday.

We asked Jonah if he wanted to go to Disney World and he quickly told us no because he wanted to do something special instead. Ummm, excuse me little boy! Do you know how special you are because you can go to Disney most any time?? I remember during our move, we talked about getting Disney passes for the first year and Dan said "my only hope is that he doesn't lose the MAGIC that is Disney!" It appears that has happened!! Honestly, once we are in the car headed that direction, he gets so excited. I think he just dreads the drive.

We got to Hollywood Studios and headed for the Beauty & The Beast stage show. We had about a 20 minute wait once we got to our seats. Jonah wanted to make (happy, sad, surprised, scared, etc.) faces for me so I could take his picture. So, I did!

The show started and he was immediately entranced. About ten minutes into the show, he looked at me and said "Mom, this show is GREAT!" It was pretty funny...especially to every one around us because the poor kid has NO volume control on his voice. He talks at the same volume as whatever is going on around him.
We headed towards the Little Mermaid show (which we never saw today) and passed Handy Manny. Jonah wanted to go see him so we got in line. There were only three people in front of us. They all had autograph books. This is the first time Jonah has ever noticed the autograph books. I used to try to get him to get one so he could use it but he didn't want to. That makes life a little easier at the parks so I was completely fine with that. But, today he noticed them and when we were next in line, he said "Mommy, I want his autograph too!" The Disney CM there gave him a map and a marker so he could get one.

Be sure to notice the huge grin on my boy's face. He was quite enamoured with ole Handy Manny. So sweet to see. I'm not sure at what age kids realize those characters aren't real but he isn't there yet and I love it.

We did a few things today that we haven't done with Jonah at Hollywood Studios. One of those was The Backlot Tour. It scared him a little but he loved it overall.

Not only did we ride different rides and see different shows today, we also saw different characters. It was as if it were our first trip to Hollywood Studios. Loved it!

It was a super fun day to be with my favorite guys. Our passes expire at the end of this year but we are only ten weeks away from Micah joining our family. So, we are taking all the opportunities we can to do some fun things like this with Jonah before I'm home bound with a newborn. I had such a sick day yesterday that I only went to church and lunch then spent the day in my chair or bed. Dan and Jonah stuck around the house since I felt so bad and the weather was so yucky. The original plan today was for just them to go but when I woke up feeling good, I gladly joined them. Looking back at these fun pictures, I'm so glad I did. Sweet memories!


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