Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Iphone Pics

Several months ago, I uploaded all of the pics from my Iphone into Iphoto so I could start blog about some of them. I am so very glad I did that because when I upgraded my OS on my Iphone, it deleted every picture. I was so bummed but so grateful I had most of them backed up on my computer. So, it appears I left off last time somewhere on our move to Florida because the first picture I have this time is of the moving truck arriving at our new home in Florida. That was quite the welcomed site for this family who was ready to be settled!

Our first week here found us at Frank & Margie's house for dinner and a little fishing for Jonah.

We were barely in the house and the boys had to try out the hot tub and pool. Arriving in Deland in mid September still gave us over a month to enjoy the pool last year.
This next picture still makes me laugh. I've always been encouraged to not use a hammer and nails when Dan isn't here to supervise. I eyeball every thing and never use a level or tape measure. Then end result is what you see below!
We have taken full advantage of our Disney passes this first year as Florida residents. We aren't planning to renew them for 2011 so pictures like these are so fun to look at and remember all the fun times we had there this year.

We were in Lowe's one night and Jonah spotted the Farmer's Almanac. He asked what it was and we told him it was what MeMaw used to help him at the farm. He wanted to buy it then so he could call Memaw and tell him what to do.
The next picture is one that no one except Dan has ever seen. Last October, we went to Atlanta for the Catalyst conference. Dan had to be there for around 7 a.m. on the first day of Labs. I didn't have to be there until after lunch. Since he had the car, I took a cab. The driver was quite hostile and went a direction that seemed completely opposite of where we should have gone. I discreetly snapped this photo and emailed it to Dan in case I came up missing. That way they would have a lead on the man who kidnapped me. (I was totally serious, btw!)
While we were at Catalyst, Tracee took this picture of Jonah at Publix and texted it to me. I saved it in my photos because I loved it so much.

What can I say? We love our laptops!
Halloween, 2009

On the boat with the Barker family. What a fun night that was. We even got to see several bald eagles. Dan and Bob were all about getting good photos of those eagles.

One day in Sams, Jonah spotted the Grinch DVD and said "Did B give this to Sams?" So, we had to take a picture for her!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A trick

"Before I put my shorts on, I'm gonna do a little trick called standing in this red drawer with no pants on, okay? Oh, and you might want to get your camera and take my picture for this trick, okay?"

So, I did!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Poor guy!

My sweet boy is having tons of trouble with his ears. We have an appointment with his new pediatrician next Tuesday but I'm afraid we may be making another visit to an emergency clinic before then. He is just struggling so much. Up until a few weeks ago, he never showed any signs of hurting. We just knew there were problems because of fever/drainage etc. Now he cries with his ears and tells us exactly what the problem is.

Just tonight, he went to bed with no complaints of his ear. At 9:45 we heard him crying. I went into his room and through tears, he said "Oh mommy, my ear just hurts so bad!" I called Dan so he could do the drops while I rubbed his back. He screamed as the drops went in and just kept crying. I asked if he wanted to go rock and he quickly said yes. I went into Micah's room to sit in his new chair and Dan picked Jonah up to carry him in there for me. Jonah started crying again and said "I just need my mommy!" Dan assured him he was carrying him to me as he placed him in my arms.

We rocked and rocked and he just cried. I couldn't help but cry with him a little. He finally settled down and I took him back to his bed. He started crying and I just rubbed his back and hair until he went back to sleep. After some time, I got up from his bed and he immediately woke up and said "where are you going, mommy?" I told him I had some things to do and would be back later to check on him. He started crying and in the most pitiful voice ever said "Well, sometimes little boys who don't feel good just want their mommies to lay beside them to help them feel better."

Guess where you will find me tonight?

Way back WHENsday

August, 2006
August, 2007
August, 2008
August, 2009

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Looking back

HE WAS SO COUNTRY!!! Click here to check out these videos from May of 2009 that I just ran across. Wow!

So sweet

We did a little work in Micah's room tonight. We are trying to involve Jonah as much as possible but sometimes his "help" is a little more than we bargained for. As I was sorting baby clothes to wash, Dan sat down in the chair and Jonah crawled into his lap with a stuffed bear out of the closet. Jonah asked how Dan rocked him as a baby so Dan showed him then gave him the bear and taught him how to rock and pat. So very sweet. I can only imagine what a good big brother he will be.

A new dentist

Most of you know that I started working in Dentistry when I was fifteen. I had the privilege of working for some of the best Dentists out there. Because of that, I have a hard time going to a new place. When we lived in Vidalia, we still drove the 2 hours back to Jackson for dental care just because that was the office I spent over 10 years working at. The people there are like family to me.

I have been dreading seeing anyone new here because of the chore of finding a reputable office. I could tell you horror stories of unethical Dentists out there. So, moving to a new place and having no professional recommendation was tough. Based on the recommendation of several people, we finally settled on a new Dentist and took Jonah in to try him out. Hey, I'm no dummy! I knew nothing they did on him would be invasive and I could watch everything because I would go back with him. Perfect plan if you ask me! :-)

I made the mistake of scheduling his appointment after his first day of school. Who does that? As if I hadn't messed his day up already by sending him to school, I then picked him up and headed straight to a doctor. Nice! But, he surprised me and was EXCELLENT! He answered every question with a sir and mam. He did exactly as they asked him to do.

Whenever a dentist wants to use the explorer to check the teeth, he usually says something like "Open wide so I can count your teeth." Jonah has had 4 other dental visits so he is very used to the drill. When Dr. Kelley said that, Jonah said "I have 20!" They both looked at me. I said "We're dental nerds at our house, we count teeth for fun!" (Note to self: Find new hobby!) :-)

His visit was great. He was very well behaved and had no cavities. It is crazy to think that when we go back in six months, I'll have an infant carrier with me. WOWZERS!

Monday, August 23, 2010


As I unbuckled Jonah's car seat this afternoon, he looked at me with very sad eyes and said "I don't want to be a broken family anymore!" WHAT? I asked him what he was talking about and how he knew about broken families. He just looked down and said "I don't want to be a broken family because I want to be a whole family." I told him we were a whole family and then asked if he even knew what a broken family was? He said "Sure I do. It is when the daddy is somewhere opposite of the mommy and the Jonah." I reminded him that his daddy lived in the house with us and we were not a broken family. He quickly said "We are a broken family every day when Daddy is at work and we are home and I don't like that. I like it when we are a whole family!" Me too, buddy, me too!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

First Day of VPK

Last Monday, August 16, Jonah had his first day of VPK. He was super excited about getting up that morning, grabbing his lunchbox and backpack and heading out the door. Unfortunately, his new backpack that I ordered online had not come in yet so we used a Stephen Joseph backpack I bought in Natchez before we moved. He was very happy to sport his new Spiderman Lunch box that Uncle Jeff & Aunt Cathi gave him for his birthday.

Dan & I both took him to school on the first day. Typically, Dan will take him every morning on his way to work then I pick him up most every day. Neither of us wanted to miss his first morning so we were more than happy to both go. When we got there and hung his backpack in its spot, I couldn't help but laugh. The L.L. Bean backpack on the left and right of his are exactly like the one I ordered for him except his is green. I guess that was a popular choice for parents of 4 year olds.

After we forced him to give us goodbye hugs and kisses, he took off into the classroom and never looked back. He could hardly wait to get in there and start his day. That sure makes things easier on the mommy and daddy!!!


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