Saturday, August 21, 2010

Getting ready for Micah

One of the great deals I found at the JBF Consignment sale last week was a Baby Boy Moses Basket and Stand. I've always thought Moses Baskets were super cute but not all that practical. I never knew they made stands for them. Considering we don't have a bassinet and plan for Micah to be in our room for the first few weeks, this thing caught my eye. When I saw the price for it, I was sold. The best part is that I can turn around and sell it at the February JBF sale for what I paid for it. I like deals like that. You'll notice a video at the end of this post that shows Jonah putting the two Lammys into the bassinet and rocking them. It is so sweet to see how helpful he plans to be and how gentle he is when he talks about Micah.

Saturday night, Frank & Margie came over to deliver our baby furniture. We thought we would just unbox it all later but Frank graciously came prepared to work. He and Dan took those things out of boxes and got serious about getting the room ready. The two bigger pieces were completely put together except for putting the feet on the bottom. The hard part was getting them out of the boxes and all of the packaging materials off of them.

While they were hard at work, Jonah and Margie played on "Jonah's" Ipad. It makes all of us laugh because Margie got that as a gift for Mother's Day and her birthday but soon after she received it, she let Jonah play with it. From that time forward, he has called it his Ipad. I think he firmly believes it is his but just lets Margie hold on to it for him.

The crib was the most detailed because it had to be put together but Dan said it was so much easier than Jonah's crib. It took him, Darryl and Taylor an entire afternoon to put it together back in 2006. This easy crib was a welcome change for him.
Micah's room is now arranged, changing pad placed on the table, curtains hung and completely cleaned out. Our new rocker will arrive Tuesday and I'm on the hunt for a crib mattress. As soon as the rocker and mattress are in place, I'll post pictures.

Little Bookworm

Before Jonah was born, we started buying him books. By the time he arrived, he had a library that rivaled some adults. (in quantity) My friend Amanda has given him books for every occasion (and non occasion) over the past four years. Many friends and family have given him books here and there and even his sweet Vidalia friends sent him a package full of books earlier this year with a DVD of them all reading the stories to him. Dan and I are both readers and we hoped to pass this love onto Jonah. I think we have been successful!

I walked into his room last Saturday morning and could not see him but I heard him talking. I walked around to the other side of his room and was sitting on the floor with big and little Lammy reading books to them. I sat down next to him and just smiled as I listened to him read to his best friends. It didn't last too long because once I arrived, he quickly handed the books over to me and asked me to read instead.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Preschool Open House

Last Thursday night, we headed to Jonah's preschool to meet his new teachers and see his new classroom. Every time I mentioned going, he cried and said "I already had my last day of school." Somewhere along the way, we never told him he would start school again. We only focused on school ending. Oops!

He was super shy when we walked in but that changed quickly when he saw all of the neat things in his classroom. He moved from center to center touching everything in sight.

When it was time for us to leave, he cried. He begged us not to leave. He wanted to stay to "learn some fun things!" That made us feel much better about him starting school this week.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sometimes it is tough to be a parent

Parenting would be awesome if it were only about buying cute clothes, doing fun activities, watching them learn new things or just sitting and snuggling. But, the time inevitably comes that you have to make decisions for your child that you just don't know what to do. Sometimes those come early on where daycare is concerned because mom needs to work. The big debate out there right now is about vaccinations. The more you read, the more concerned you become. Everyone has an opinion and most people are very passionate about their side. The big issue in our life right now is what to do about Kindergarten for Jonah next year. (Yes, we are worrying over something that isn't happening for another year!!)

This blog is obviously a very public forum and I'm choosing to write here because I value the opinion of my readers. I know there are several teachers, educators, nurses and doctors who read. I'm hoping for insight from many of you but also from parents who have walked this road.

Jonah is a late July birthday. So, he is eligible to begin Kindergarten next August. If he does, he will be in a class with kids who were born as early as September 1 of the year before his birth. That is as much as almost 11 months difference. He has been in half day preschool classes since he was just over a year old. The differences were very obvious in those classes but the option was always ours to hold him back when we noticed a huge difference. His teachers always discouraged us because he is ahead academically. Socially is a different story!

I remember walking into his toddler class at Jefferson Street to see several kids almost a head and a half taller than Jonah. Just the size difference alone dictated him to be the more passive child. He always backed away from the bigger kids and let them go first or have whatever toy he was playing with. They weren't bullies, they were just bigger. Sometimes he would hand them his snack for no reason. His teachers that year told me he was very passive around kids who were bigger.

The next year, when I mentioned holding him back to his teachers, they begged me not to do it. He was one of the first two in the class to know every color, shape letter and number and was spelling his name already. They gave me the feeling that he would become bored if he repeated and would end up being a behavior problem. I was leaning more towards letting him always be the youngest but Dan still stood pretty firm in him being held back so he would be the oldest instead.

Dan's reasoning always went back to the standpoint of him being a boy. He said it would give him an extra year of strength for athletic purposes. It would also mean he was the first of his friends getting a drivers license versus the last. He approached it all from the standpoint of him being a boy and those being big things to boys.

At the end of his 3 year old preschool year, his teachers told us they saw no problem whatsoever with him compared to the other kids in the class even though he was the youngest. They were consistently impressed with him academically and felt that outweighed any social issues he had. As far as I was concerned, I wanted him go ahead and do VPK this year then Kindergarten next fall. All the while, Dan was saying he wanted to wait.

As you know, he started VPK this week and is once again one of the two youngest in his class. The differences have been blaring to me this week. First of all, the height difference is very noticeable. Verbally, Jonah is equal to or ahead of most of the kids. Academically, he spelling all of his name where some of them haven't mastered their first name. He is writing letters and numbers that many of them can't do yet. But, just today, he got a yellow light for talking rather than listening when he should. His teacher said he just can't control his mouth. If he has something to say, he says it.

Behavior has never been an issue for Jonah. I've never picked him up from anything and been told he was a problem. Usually, it is just the opposite. But, back during VBS, I was told consistently that he would not participate in any of the games/song/activities. When asking him why, he always said he was scared. I knew he wasn't being rebellious but that he really was intimidated.

Earlier this week, Dan sent me an article from USA TODAY. Click here to read it. The basic premise is that the younger kids in the class get diagnosed with ADHD when really their issue is immaturity and not hyperactivity. That makes me wonder about Jonah's yellow light. Was he misbehaving or is he just that much less mature than the other kids in his class?

I do not want to be nor do I ever plan to be THAT mom who always makes excuses for why her child is in trouble. I want to find solutions for his behavior and not mask them. But, at the same time, I have to be his advocate and do what is best for him. Ultimately, he must learn to behave whatever setting he is in. But, I have to be responsible for choosing the setting that is best for him.

So, give me feedback. Give me your opinion. I told Dan this afternoon that there is a fine line between disciplining Jonah over his yellow light and recognizing he may be in trouble because we are expecting him to act a way that his maturity level hasn't reached yet? It is tough. Ideas?

More golf pictures

I posted the golf pictures from Jonah's annual birthday photo session already but I thought you might like to see some of the others from that day. Let me say on the front end that it was NOT intentional that Dan and Jonah match. I dressed Jonah and we were waiting for Dan to walk in from work so we could go. We were short on time since the course was due to close for the evening. So, when Dan walked in wearing khaki pants and an orange golf shirt, I promised him no one would notice. Except, they did! So, yes, they match. No, we did not plan it. :-)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My poor dog

If I ever die, my poor dog will grieve himself to death. Dan tells me he waits for me from the time I leave the house until I return. Just last night, I was at a party and Dan sent me this picture via text. He said Max spent 2.5 hours in this exact position staring at the door.

Way back WHENsday

August, 2006

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rotten ears

It seems Jonah got Dan's ears! There are many traits and attributes that I hope and pray Jonah takes from his dad but those rotten ears were never part of that grouping. Dan has had ear issues since he was a baby. Jonah had his first set of tubes at 9 months old. Since then, he has continued to have problem after problem.
Fortunately, he has never really complained about it. We only know there is an issue because of the yuckiness oozing out. (Which, actually means the tubes are doing their job draining.) So, a couple of weeks ago, when Jonah kept saying his ear hurt and actually complaining and even crying, we knew there was an issue. I called his regular pediatrician only to be told they could not see him. This has happened on more than one occasion since we moved here. I could understand if we were chronic sick people or drove them crazy but we literally only call if he is sick and don't cause any problems when we go. So, after visiting emergency clinics with my little guy for issues like these, I decided it was time for a pediatrician change.
Most of you know that we loved, adored, appreciated, (insert any wonderful adjective here) our pediatrician in Natchez, "Docka Russ." She really is the best doctor I've ever experienced. (for an adult or a child) So, it was a big adjustment for us leaving her. I tried not to let that jade my experiences here. I just never felt like Jonah was getting the best care at the new office so it was time for a change. I have friends who use that office and LOVE it. It just tells me that it wasn't the place for us. So, when his ears were bothering him so much, we made the switch to a different pediatric group.
And, we loved it! As a matter of fact, Jonah's 4 year well check will be there in a couple of weeks. I was super impressed with the the time they took to explain things to us. Jonah was super impressed that the doctor to time to check Lammy's ears and heart before he checked his. Lammy, by the way, got a clean bill of health. I liked how they spoke to Jonah and included him in the conversations. It was just an overall good experience for us and I feel more at peace about his health care than I have in the past year.

Monday, August 16, 2010

All 4 first days of school

Since today was Jonah's first day of VPK, I (obviously) took a few pictures. I decided to take a little stroll down memory lane and post the pictures from his other first days of school. These pictures seem to all have a common theme. None of them are good! He is obviously focused elsewhere when I'm trying to capture a sweet picture of him each year.

I like to always take pictures in the same spot for comparison purposes. So, the first two are on the steps in front of the church where his preschool was the first two years. The last two are leading into the preschool wing at his current preschool.

2007- Toddler Preschool Class
2008- 2 year old program
2009- 3 year old program
2010- VPK 4 year old program


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