Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Final Birthday Hoorah

Jonah's last 4th birthday celebration was at Flagler Beach the Thursday after he turned 4. The Wood family has adopted him as their own and he certainly relishes that. He will be with them when Micah is born and I'm beginning to wonder if he will even want to live with us after the fabulous time he will have. They love him and he certainly loves them and that makes this mommy's heart so happy. When you live away from every bit of your family, it is nice to have people who seem like family even though there is no blood relation.

They rented a condo at Flagler for two weeks and invited us to spend some time with them there. Jonah and I loaded up early that Thursday morning and headed there for a little time in the sun with all the girls. I told Jonah he would be the only boy there all day until all the guys came in later that night. He had zero problem with that. I think he kind of likes be the attention of several women! :-)

Later that night, after we had a yummy salmon dinner, we got to enjoy watching Jonah be surprised with an exciting scavenger hunt, super fun gift and birthday cupcakes. He had no idea there was a surprise so the excitement level was super high. Cathi read a clue to him so he could find his first gift. She had two clues written on each sheet. I took pictures so you could read them too. So creative!

Each place he went let him to a new supply for his fun and exciting gift. He ran into the garage and spotted what has now become one of his most favorite EASEL!

This little boy is so blessed to have people in his life who love him and do special things for him. He never lacks for love or attention.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

More birthday

I hope you aren't too bored with details from Jonah's 4th birthday yet because this one is FULL of pictures and there are still two posts coming. I'll finish those soon. The day before Jonah's birthday, we sat down to open all the cards that came in the mail. He loves cards and oohs and ahhs over them. It is so cute to see. He had a little pile to work through but enjoyed every minute of it.

We told him he could open the rest of his presents as soon as he got out of bed on his birthday. He woke up extra early and came running into our room. I won't tell you which one, but one of his two parents got up and went into the living room with him to open gifts. :-)

This picture cracks me up! Zoo-Zoo sent him a Bug Vacuum. He saw it in ToysRUS a few weeks ago and wanted it them. He is amazed that something he saw in the store is now in his house.

He really had a fabulous morning and got such great gifts. I can honestly tell you he did not get one gift this year that he did not love. Everyone was so thoughtful to ask what he was interested in or knew him well enough to just know. He has played and played with his new toys. I could not begin to tell you what his favorite is because it changes every day. He is so blessed to have people who love him and celebrate special holidays with him.

After opening gifts and playing for a while, we headed into the kitchen to make his special birthday breakfast. And, as usual, he wanted to "help" me!

He had his breakfast on our special family plate. He has had every birthday breakfast on this plate. I love traditions like that.

After breakfast, he wanted Dan to help him put on his Superman costume from GiGi. She catered to his extreme love of Superman and gave him and Max both costumes. He was thrilled. It was so sweet to see him wearing his costume. having his dad fly him around the house and humming the song.

Dan left for work and Jonah and I spent the morning playing with his toys and resting up for his big afternoon of fun. Dan came home from work around 1 and we headed out for a birthday lunch at our new favorite hamburger place, 5 Guys then off to the Magic Kingdom.

Our first stop at the Magic Kingdom was to get his birthday button. He was pleased to wear his button but wasn't so fond of everyone telling him happy birthday. We had lots of talks about saying "Thank You" when someone says tells you happy birthday. He finally began to do this but was never overly thrilled about it. He seemed very put off but we forced it. By the end of the day he would smile and say thank you.

As we neared the barber shop, I jokingly said "Jonah, don't you want to get a haircut on your birthday?" He immediately said "YES!" We had no plans to get a haircut but he seemed excited about it so we went with it.
We tried to convince him to do the gel/paint in his hair but he is way too set in his ways for something like that. Everyone in the shop worked to convince him and he finally agreed. It was less about the paint but more about trying to help him break out of his rut and try something new.
As you can see in the picture below, he was overjoyed with his decision to do this. :-)

Since it was his birthday (and he agreed to try something new with his hair), we let him pick out a surprise from one of the gift shops. He chose another pirate telescope. In all of our trips to Disney, he has spent less than $15 on "prizes" because he always chooses and cheap sword or telescope. Fine by me! :-)
We headed around to Fantasy Land for dinner and looked down to discover he was OUT! Poor guy! That early morning had done him in. We went inside the air conditioned restaurant and leaded his stroller back just to let him sleep. He got over an hour nap. That was great because we had hoped to stay through fireworks and that would mean a LATE night!

Since this was a special occasion, we decided to try something new for our family. We did the Fireworks Dessert Party and it was WONDERFUL! We got to have seats and a wonderful view for the fireworks. And, I would be remiss if I didn't tell you about the incredible fruit and desserts we had. YUMMY! The chocolate covered strawberries alone were worth the money! But, when you factor in not being jammed in with thousands of other people fighting for the perfect spot and being cool, it was perfect!

This was our view. was incredible! No pushing, no shoving, no smelly people and plenty of A/C being pumped onto us!! My kind of viewing!!!

Our day was just perfect. I spent lots of time sitting while the boys rode rides and then I'd meet up with them again. I wanted to spend the day with Jonah and wanted to do something fun but knew I couldn't handle Disney as bad as I had been feeling. But, it worked perfectly for us and we all had a great time. We got home after midnight so we had a FULL day of celebrating. It was great!


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