Saturday, July 31, 2010

The camera

Jonah was so easy to shop for this year. He is interested in so many things and it was hard to nail down just a couple for us to give him. I put most of them on his wish list and his friends/family came through for him and got him TONS of gifts/games/movies/art projects that he loves. We have had so much fun playing with him and his new toys. I love birthday time!

One of the gifts we gave him was a digital camera. I had a hard time making this decision because a couple of years ago when he showed such great interest in taking pictures, I bought him the Fisher Price Kid Tough Camera. We used it a couple of days then sent it back to Amazon. I know it is made for little kids to drop and all, but the picture quality was so incredibly low that you couldn't use the pictures for anything. I wanted to be able to post some of his pictures and print them for him.

Since then, I have looked at every new kids camera that is out there. The same was true over and over again. They were made for durability over functionality. Since Jonah has been very careful with camera, we decided to buy him an inexpensive regular camera. The ones made for kids are all around $50. I found a Polaroid Digital camera on sale for $20 that takes 5 mp photos and has video.

We decided to give it to him the day before his party so he could learn to use it. He LOVED it!

He is taking 60+ pictures a day. Most are unusable but he is learning. I'll do a post soon to show you some of his work.

Paging Dr. Glenn

On July 22, I decided that Jonah should open his final Christmas gift from 2009. After Christmas ended last year, he had three gifts that still remained unopened. On Christmas Day, we opened a gift and then played with it with him until he was bored of it. Therefore, it took several hours just to get through two gifts. So, the day ended with unopened gifts and we started all over again the next morning. By the time we took down decorations, he still had gifts left so I just put them away to open on random days. This was one of those days.
He was super happy to find a doctor coat and doctor kit in that big Santa bag. I kid you not, we spent 3-4 hours playing doctor that afternoon. He did surgeries, checked my teeth, took my temperature, checked my knees, listened to my heart and never rushed off to the next patient. It was the most thorough and least accurate medical exam I've ever had. Poor Max even got poked and prodded.

When my hours long appointment was over, he wrote me a prescription and gave me my bill. It was just 99 cents. I didn't even file it on my insurance. I just paid cash and went on my merry way! ;-)

About the time we were finishing up with our session, I heard Dan's car pull into the driveway. I ran outside and told him to wait there. Jonah got ready for him and ran to meet him at the door. You can see some of his office visit in the video below.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Busch Gardens

Our family got the opportunity to spend the day with some of the students in the SBC Student Ministry last Tuesday. They had a trip planned to Busch Gardens and needed more chaperones so Dan & I went. My day was basically spent with Jonah minus the opportunity to each lunch and dinner with the students and then hang out with them on occasion during the day. Having a 3 year old with you makes it a little tough to be completely hands on.
My aunt and uncle live just minutes from Busch Gardens and have passes so she came over to see us. Well, actually, she came to see Jonah and I just happened to be there. She brought Mia with her and they got to play together for a little over an hour or so. I handed her a map while Sissy rode a roller coaster with Jonah. She picked that map up and read it just like Jonah does. It was so cute!

After they played together on the splash pad for a while, we headed over to the theater to see the Sesame Street show. Melody, Gentry Rose, Keaton and Emily met us there. The kids were entranced by the show. Jonah is past his Elmo stage but he totally got into the show.

Since I am pregnant, I can't ride any rides. I handed Dan my camera so he could take some pictures of a ride he rode with Jonah and the Dowdy's.

After their ride, I met up with them again. We went to see the gorillas. This one HUGE gorilla was right by the glass. The kids loved him. It was very interesting to be so close to him and see the way he acted.

After dinner, Dan took off with the students and Leassia Turner came with us to the kiddie section. She took one for the team and went up high with Jonah and Gentry Rose. I think they wore her out. But, she was so sweet to play with them and give them some much needed "kid" time.

It was a great day with a small group of our awesome Student Ministry. We are blessed to serve in a church with such strong leadership and such great students!
We got to the bus and changed Jonah into his Incredible Hulk pajamas in the off chance he might fall asleep. Yep, he did!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

He loves us...and our feet!

I love the early stages of dating. You know, the ones where you find out the details of someone's life and they tell you things they love and things they hate. In one of my first conversations with Dan, he exclaimed with disgust that he HATED feet. He went into great detail as to why he hated feed and how grossed out he is by them. Because of that, it was MONTHS before I ever let him see my feet.

We started dating in January so it wasn't hard to hide them. Once flip flop weather came, I finally had to let him see my feet. I was a little nervous but he quickly put me at ease by saying I had "nice feet!' Whew...we didn't have to break up after all! :-)

While most feet still gross him out, he loves mine and Jonah's. He even puts lotion on them anytime I ask and sometimes when I don't. Jonah has picked up on this act of service by my sweet husband and now asks for lotion on his feet too. HE LOVES IT! It is the cutest thing. He sits there saying "that feels good, daddy" or "oooh, I like this!"


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