Saturday, July 17, 2010

A morning of paint

Dan left the house fairly early this morning for the Men's Breakfast at church followed by a funeral at 11:00. Jonah wanted to do something "fun and not boring" so I pulled out his paint and a new canvas I bought him. My sister-in-law has three girls and gave me the idea of buying a canvas for him to paint then just painting over it each time he paints. The good thing is that we can hang it on his wall in between paintings so he can admire his work.

After he painted his canvas for quite a while, I asked him if he wanted to finger paint instead. He was super excited about that. We took a picture of his hands while they were still clean. That caused him to ask me to take a picture of his hands every time they looked different. That is the beauty of a digital camera. I can delete all the excess pictures! :-)

After Jonah successfully got paint all over him and the kitchen, we headed towards his bathroom in hopes of proving the paint really was "washable!" I told him to hold his hands in front of him so he didn't touch anything. Fortunately, he follows instructions very well!

I'm very pleased to report that after a long bath with lots of scrubbing, my little boy is once again only one color. It was a fun morning with lots of mess and an incredibly sweet artist!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Giggles & Quacks

Early morning giggles!

Geting ready for Baby Micah

When we were surprised with the news of another baby joining our family, I never imagined we would have a shower. This is our second baby so we fully expected to do this on our own. Then, offers from so many sweet friends at church started pouring in. I reminded them all that this was our second baby and then they quickly reminded me that this is the first baby born while at Stetson.

Our widows ministry does a monthly gathering to have lunch and watch a movie. They sent me an email back in May saying that in September, they would rather "watch" me open baby gifts. The coordinator of that group, Ms. Louise, stopped me at dinner a few weeks ago and said "now that you know it is a boy, could you please register. These ladies are itching to shop!" It will be fun to share this first shower with such a sweet group of ladies!

Since I had forgotten to order the conversion kit (for down the road when we convert Micah's bed) when I ordered the furniture, I had to go back to Babies R Us to do that last week. I decided to take Jonah with me so he could "help" me. WOWZERS! I did not have enough energy for that! :-) The kid loved the scanner gun and wanted to scan everything in site. I had to contain him to the shopping cart and hand him things to scan.

I didn't finish because I needed to have my bedding with me so I could match colors for sheets, changing pad covers, etc. I'll go back soon but I'll either go alone or take reinforcement to help with "Mr. Scanhappy!"

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why doesn't Dan blog?

I've been asked before why Dan doesn't contribute to this blog or even blog very often himself. Well, I think this video will answer that question for you. I just uploaded pictures and videos from my camera and found this. I knew I didn't take it so I was curious what it was. As you can see, this is simply riveting video footage.

Way back WHENsday

Since Jonah's birthday is 13 days away and his party is quickly approaching, all I have is birthday on the brain! So, today, I decided to visit his last 3 birthday parties. Enjoy this little stroll down memory lane with me. 4 is quickly approaching and we are gearing up for a Pirate party.

1st Birthday

2nd Birthday

3rd Birthday

Monday, July 12, 2010

The VBS program

As you saw in the last video I posted, Jonah didn't quite excel at the whole VBS performance thing. He did not want to go and made that quite obvious during the program. I keep reminding myself that he is only 3 years old and he had an incredibly long week We had a serious discussion afterwards about his behavior. Hopefully, this will improve as he matures.

As you can see, he struck his signature pose/smile when he realized the camera was pointed at him. Goodness, that boy makes me giggle! We finished the night in the gym with an ice cream fellowship. He asked if he got ice cream because he did so good??!??!!?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Broadway career is OUT!

A moment from our VBS program a couple of weeks ago. As you can tell, Jonah really got into it.

P.S. He is in the light blue shirt!


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