Saturday, July 10, 2010

A quick, but fun trip!

One of my favorite people in the world lives in Birmingham, AL. We read each others blogs, keep up with each other on Facebook, talk on the phone and text each other but we hardly ever see each other. So, I was beyond THRILLED when I realized I would get to see her sweet family last week. They were going to be in Florida for a wedding in Melbourne last weekend. She called to see how far we were from there and I somehow convinced her to drive the rest of the way to see me. They got here Friday night right around bedtime. The kids played (stared at each other) for a little while then everyone headed to bed. We were exhausted from a week of VBS and they were exhausted from the drive to Florida and wedding festivities.

The next morning, they got up early and headed out for a photo shoot with Melody Dowdy. Their pictures are pretty amazing. You can see them by clicking HERE. Jonah could hardly wait for "the girls" to get back to our house. He was itching to play with them.
When they finally got back, they all quickly decided they would rather swim than anything else. So, swim they did! They played and played and did their best to try to impress each other all the while yelling "watch me!" It was fun for life to come full circle and see our kids play together. Kathy and I were Suite-mates at Mississippi College our Freshman year. A beautiful friendship was formed that has lasted almost 20 years! (20 years???? GASP! We are NOT that old!)

We were not the last stop on their journey so they needed to hit the road mid afternoon. Jonah was so sad to see them leave but I did manage to take a picture of him with Kathy. She is an amazing artist and we are fortunate to have several of her paintings in our home. You can read a post I did in 2008 about her work by clicking HERE. She did the paintings in Jonah's bathroom and one of them is Jonah's name. I got it off the wall to show her that I needed another one to add Micah to the bathroom.

I love days like this when my past intersects with my present. God has blessed my life so much with sweet friends like Kathy. Now, we have our own little ones and pictures like the one above remind me just how faithful God has been in our lives.

Be sure to go to Kathy's blog to check out here work. I can personally vouch for her integrity, precious spirit and amazing ability. She has done work for many of my friends and family. You won't be disappointed!! Click HERE to see more.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Tickle The Duck

When I was pregnant with Jonah, Dan found a book at Target called Tickle the Duck. We stood in that aisle and envisioned what it would be like to read this book to a little boy. We giggled and dreamed. Our hearts could barely contain the excitement. Soon after he was born, we bought the book. Over the years, Dan has read the book many times to Jonah. Just the other night, I heard the squeals and giggles coming from Jonah's room. I knew what Dan was reading so I grabbed the camera and headed down the hall. I wanted to capture some of the story so you could experience the silliness of a daddy who makes reading so fun for his little boy!

Fishing with Papaw

When Greg & Cindy started planning their trip to visit us, we were quickly told, "Greg just wants to play with Jonah and take him fishing!" He wasn't kidding either. From the time he got here, he was in full play mode with Jonah. They had sword fights, water gun wars, chases through the house, rough housing, swims in the pool and lots of little boy fun.

The think Greg looked most forward to was fishing with Jonah. When we lived in Vidalia, he made several trips to the lake with Greg and Cindy. They even gave him a fishing pole for his 3rd birthday. Unfortunately, at that time, they did not know we would be moving soon after Jonah's birthday. So, that super cool Spiderman pole never got used...until they visited!

We headed out to Frank and Margie's house for some time on the lake. It was so hot out there. Let me repeat, SO HOT! Whew! We stayed out for a while then Margie asked if we wanted to come in. Jonah couldn't drop his pole fast enough. He gladly took her up on her offer of a Popsicle then found the toy stash. It was such a fun day with sweet memories of two guys who love each other so much!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A bedtime conversation

We read the story of Daniel and the lions den tonight. That opened up tons of questions from Jonah about Daniel and why God chose to shut the mouths of the lions. Talking about Daniel led us to talk about things that make God happy. Here is a small part of that conversation.

Me: What other things make God happy?
J: When we share or when we say yes mam.
Me: Yep, what else?
J: Well, God likes for us to be sweet to our friends and to always say thank you. And, if you push someone down by mistake for you to say you are sorry.
Me: That's right, and...
J: (interrupting me) Mommy, I'm not done. There are lots of other things that God likes and I'm going to tell you more.
Me: Okay, well hurry because it is way past your bedtime and we need to finish so you can go to sleep.
J: Well, God DOESN'T like it when we rush little boys who like to talk about Jesus. (sidenote: Sorry, no guilt here buddy! You need sleep)
Me: Jonah, it is time to go to sleep. Tell me one more think that God likes or doesn't like.
J: He does not like it when you kick a manatee but he does like it if you tell the manatee it was an accident!!

So, there you have it folks! If you ever kick a manatee, tell it you are sorry and God will like that!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Mean Pirate

After church tonight, we dressed Jonah in his pirate costume for some pictures to use for his birthday party. I told him to make a mean and scary pirate face. This is what I got. Bet you are scared!

Way back WHENsday

July, 2008

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Orlando Science Center & Chuck E. Cheese

Now that Independence Day has passed us, I thought that might be a good time to update you on our Memorial Day weekend. Hey, I'm nothing if not prompt! :-) In my defense, these pictures ended up in different folder and I did not realize they had not been blogged. So, without further adieu, Happy Memorial Day!

After church on that Sunday, we headed to Orlando to the Orlando Science Center. We wanted to do something fun with Jonah and decided on that since Dan needed to make a hospital visit over there. We had heard great things about this place and knew Jonah would love it. The very first display we spotted was full of alligators and turtles. He would have been content to hang there all day.

We say everything from snakes to sea shells to fish. Jonah asked if we were at the zoo. We explained to him that the museum has lots of fun things to see and so but you have to keep moving. We ended up in the underground tunnels of a city. Then we moved on the place where he got to create something fun with paint he made.

We touched every part of the museum. He loved it. The great thing about a museum for children is everything is made to be hands on. It allowed him to roam freely while doing age appropriate things. He loved it!

We left there and headed to Chuck E. Cheese. Last year on Jonah's birthday, I took him there and between his birthday tokens and the coupons I had, we ended up with more tokens than we could ever use in a day. We have kept them in my car since then. We have driven past the place several times just to check the parking lot. If it was crowded then we avoided it. We did the same thing that day and the parking lot was almost empty. SUCCESS!

Jonah's new favorite thing to do is make silly faces. Almost every time I take his picture he says, "want me to make a silly face too?" So, we always do!

It was a perfect day with our family. We got to be together and do something fun. This was one of the first few days I had been out of bed so I was especially appreciative of the time with my favorite boys!


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