Saturday, June 26, 2010

He makes me smile!

Jonah was having a hard time going to sleep tonight so I went into his room and got in his bed with him. I was rubbing his back and he said "let's talk about stuff, okay?" I asked what he wanted to talk about and he chose firetrucks. My knowledge of firetrucks is very limited so after about a minute and a half, I quickly changed the subject. I asked him what the best part of his day was. He said "seeing Papaw, NeNe, Taylor and Kassi." I reminded him that he didn't see them today but he insisted he did. When I asked him how he saw them, he said "it's easy mommy, I just close my eyes and they are there!" So very sweet!

The subject changed to baby Micah and Jonah asked all sorts of questions about the baby. Somehow Micah's birth came up and I told him that when it was time for Micah to be born that he would go to Mr. Frank and Mrs. Margie's house for all sorts of fun. Then, they will bring him to the hospital to see me, daddy and Micah. He raised his head off the pillow and said "HOSPITAL? WHAT HOSPITAL?" I told him the name of the hospital and he quickly said "Why does Micah get to be borned in a hospital?" I thought he was upset that he wouldn't be there and that we would be away from him. I asked why he didn't want Micah to be born in a hospital. He quickly responded "Jesus had to be born in a stable so Micah should too!"


Toy Story 3

Over two years ago, Dan & were sitting in our living room in Vidalia, LA both with our laptops out and one of us spotted a headline that said Toy Story 3 was in production. We were giddy! We loved Toy Story but at that time, our little guy was obsessed with it. He adored Woody and Buzz. From that moment forward, we kept searching online for the release date. So, once we knew June 18th was the date, we planned towards it. We dared not mention it to Jonah because we didn't want to hear the unending questions about when he could finally go see it.
As a matter of fact, we left the house that morning without even telling him. I had an OB appointment to check on Micah and my doctor spilled the beans to him when he saw his shirt. He (rightly) assumed we were headed to the theater. Jonah still didn't quite grasp where were headed or why. He was just happy to be out with his mommy and daddy for the day.

But, then, as we sat down at Johnny Rockets for lunch, the alter ego of my sweet child came out. Nothing we did pleased him. He was just in a plain rotten mood! Dan even took him out to have a "talk" with him. It never got better. Look at the disposition of this "sweet" boy.

Dan showed him how silly he looked. That didn't matter. He was just in a plain rotten mood. We gave him one last chance to perk up before the movie or we were heading home. Fortunately, he knows that we don't often threaten him in vain and his attitude changed.
He turned to smiles and giggles and we all enjoyed the day with Woody and Buzz. We love those movies and this one did not disappoint. This momma and daddy cried...a lot! One day, it will be our boy going off to college and we will be the ones saying goodbye. It seemed all to real while watching the movie. All of the sudden, we were the ones in the rotten mood!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Beach fun with Mommy

One of the perks of being home with Jonah this summer is the freedom to head to the beach any time! So, a couple of weeks ago, we loaded up and did just that. As you can see, we were in a pretty deserted spot. Thanks to our friends here, we have learned where to go to be with the locals versus tourists. That makes beach days much more fun!

Birthday World

Dan sometimes has weeks where he barely sees Jonah. Between funerals and meetings and other responsibilities, there are very few moments left in some days for them to hang out. On those weeks, Dan makes sure to spend as much of his day off doing what Jonah wants so they can have that time together. We always look for new things to do with him since we live in a new place. I ordered the Orlando Entertainment book a few weeks ago when they put it on special for $5. We needed to go to the Apple Store in Altamonte Springs anyway so we looked for something that direction. I found a coupon for a place called Birthday World. So, off we went!

I asked Jonah to smile for a picture under the sign before we went it. After he (sort of) obliged, he asked if he could make his scary face for another picture. As you can see, I don't think he will cause too much fright with that "scary" face!
This place was an air conditioned building with inflatables, black light golf, amusement park rides and video games. Our coupon allowed him to play as long as he wanted and included 50 tokens for $10. Parents are free! Let me just tell you, that was $10 well spent. We were there for almost 4 hours and he played his little heart out. There was only one other kid in the entire place. This was back on June 4, so school was still in. It was very nice to be in there almost alone.

Dan and Jonah played a rousing game of Hungry, Hungry Hippo. Jonah's score is on the left and Dan on the right. Jonah was killing Dan. I asked Dan if he was letting Jonah win. He looked at me and said "I WISH!" Apparently, Jonah is gifted at that game.

It was a fun day to spend together as a family. Well, together if you don't count the hour I spent next door getting a pedicure. :-)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

And so it begins...

We are still over a month away from Jonah's 4th birthday but the gifts have started. He got his first gift in the mail last week from Josh, Manna & Eli. Then, when the Randall's and Taylor arrived from Vidalia Sunday, they were barely in the door when the presents began. As you can see, Jonah had no problem stopping to open them.

He even got to open a present from MeMaw and B for baby Micah. He did show interest in that for a few minutes but he was more than ready to move on to his own gifts.

His birthdays the past 3 years have all been shared with our "family" in Vidalia so I was glad some of them got to be part of his 4th birthday...even if it was a few weeks early.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Where have I been?

While this picture may not explain where we have been, it will show you that our little boy is having some extraordinary fun this week. We have friends in town from Louisiana and we are covering as much of Central Florida with them as possible! So, stay tuned for more pictures and more stories!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dear Dan,

For many years, you longed to be a father. I knew you would be a good daddy but I had no idea just how good! Your patience amazes me. Your depth inspires me. Your walk with Christ challenges me. If our little boys grow up to be half the man you are, our world will be blessed. I love you!


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