Saturday, June 5, 2010

How to be FERN

Jonah gets a little frustrated with Max when he doesn't do what is asked of him. So, the other day, Dan said "Jonah, you have to be firm with Max." Jonah looked at him very confused and asked what that meant. So, Dan said "MAX! GET DOWN!" And, Max got down. Jonah looked at Dan and said "Oh, being FERN means raising your eyebrows!!!"

Friday, June 4, 2010

A night at the theater

Last night, we headed to Downtown DeLand to see a fabulous performance of Beauty and the Beast. It was directed by our good friend Craig Uppercue and we knew we did not want to miss it!! It was our first chance to see inside The Athens Theater and we were so stinkin' impressed! I don't have any pictures of the performance because there were some significant rules from DISNEY that didn't allow any still or video shots so you'll have to settle for this one of a cute little boy at dinner before the show.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

He loves his dog!!

Jonah has two best friends...Lammy and Max. Max has two best friends...Me and Dan. If it were up to him, he could go the rest of his life without seeing Jonah. Well, except for the numerous times each day that Jonah wants to give him a treat. He always likes Jonah then. Just recently, Jonah has developed a deep love for his dog. For so long it was just a chummy kind of relationship but now he adores him. He goes over several times a day (or hour) and rubs his back and lays his head near his and just talks to him. Unfortunately, Max still holds all of the ear pulls and tail grabs from Jonah's toddler days against him. But, for me, it has been so incredibly sweet to watch Jonah learn to love and care about Max. It gives me great hope for this new little baby that is going to join our family in November!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pink or Blue

We are not those parents that have enough patience to wait until birth to find out the sex of the baby. This momma is a planner!!! We find out next week whether the baby will be a girl or a boy so we wanted to give our blog readers a chance to cast their vote. So, tell us...BOY OR GIRL?? Look on the left side at the top to cast your vote.

And, just so you know, after we find out, there will be a video announcement on the blog from the big brother! So, stay tuned next week for the big reveal!!

Way back WHENsday

From May, 2008

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 1 of summer vacation

I am still a little surprised that I get to stay home with Jonah now. It hasn't seemed real because he has been in school since we moved here. But, starting today, I have ALL summer at home with him and can hardly wait. I have so many fun things planned and lots of activities around the house. The agenda today included making blueberry pancakes, learning to make beds and swimming.

We had dinner with some church members last night and one of them remembered Jonah's love of fresh blueberries from another dinner a few weeks ago. So, when we arrived, she showed him a thing of fresh blueberries she bought just for him. We decided then we would use those to make pancakes this morning. He never forgets a thing so when he woke up, he came straight to me and said "let's make our pancakes now!" So, we did!

I tried to involve him as much as possible. He started by taking all of the stems (or sticks as he called them) off the blueberries. After that, he mixed the pancake batter and then washed the berries. He loved every minute.

After I poured the batter onto the griddle, I let him drop the blueberries on each pancake. I constantly warned him about the hot surface and to stay far from the sausage because it would pop him. As I was taking the pancakes off the griddle, he leaned in to smell the sausage and got popped with the grease. He screamed and screamed and screamed. I grabbed a dishcloth and wet it for him. He just screamed louder. I had to turn the griddle off and just move to the living room with him to get him to calm down. He was so distraught!!

After breakfast, he helped put dishes in the dishwasher and then cleaned the counters. It is definitely one of those things that require much more work on my part to let him help but it is so worth it. I love spending time with him and teaching him new things.

Daytona Children's Museum

Back in May, when our friends were here from MS, Jonah missed his school field trip to the Daytona Children's Museum because we all went to the shuttle launch instead. So, the next week, we decided to get up that Saturday and take him. It was practically empty when we got there. We walked in and made our first stop at the Pizza Kitchen. Jonah put his apron on and I helped him prepare his first pizza.

I found it rather odd that he put so many toppings on his pizza that he won't let near his lips. He loaded it down with green peppers, banana peppers and olives. He would rather starve than eat any of those things. And, as far as the green peppers go, I'm with him on that. None of us are fans of bell peppers. Ugh!
After he rolled his pizza, (yes, most people do that before sauce and toppings) he placed it in the oven and then went to the register to ring up the order. Please note the price of his pizza. You might want to refrain from ordering any pizza from him in the future. That is some pricey pizza!

I helped him get the pizza out then put it in the box. He used the pizza cutter to cut it and then we moved on to the next exhibit.

While Jonah rode the Harley over and over and over, Dan figured out how DNA worked and is now ready for his own spot on CSI.

We ventured into the preschool play area and quickly spotted a very familiar slide/play area. It is just like the one in the nursery at FBC, Vidalia that Jonah spent three years playing on and under. I made him pause for a picture.

We did all sorts of fun things but the pizza trumped it all. He wanted to go back in there to make more pizza before we left. He stuck with plain ole pepperoni that time.

Before heading out, we stopped to look at the trains. Jonah wanted to ride but they were stationary. I'm thinking we are gonna need to do the AMTRAK ride to Sanford soon. He would LOVE that.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Looking back at Jonah's 1st Memorial Day

Just came across this...

Click HERE to see Jonah's first Memorial Day. Such a sweetie!

Round One of Soccer...DONE!

Well folks, this soccer season is in the books! OVER! And, to be honest...I'm a little bit glad! That isn't because it wasn't fun but more about how sick I've been during this season. I haven't gotten to "love" watching because of the time I missed and then when I was there, I was just not 100%. Jonah really did enjoy it and I believe if you ask him, he will tell you the best part was his blue water thermos. NeNe did a rockin' job when she hooked him up with his soccer gear, especially the thermos.
There is an important aspect that you must understand when looking at the next four pictures. Now, you can look and try to spot Jonah out on the field but you would do best to look to your far left in every picture to see Jonah. You will also catch a glimpse of Jonah's daddy with him. That's what you call TROUBLE! Jonah was standing out there refusing to play or participate so Dan jogged out to have a little chat with him. Unfortunately, the chat took longer than Daddy expected because a certain little boy was DONE with soccer about 45 minutes before the clock said he should have been.

He finally ran back out to join his friends and finish the night. The season ended the same way each night ended. The parents all formed a tunnel for the kiddos to run through.

Dan took a few videos of different drills throughout the night. He happened to catch Jonah "running"' through this particular one. Notice the title of the video once you click on it. We couldn't help but giggle!


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