Saturday, May 8, 2010

First Trip to Daytona Lagoon

Back in January, a friend told me about a special Daytona Lagoon was offering for the 2010 season. Their daily admission is $27 and Season Passes are $75. But, for a short time, they offered Season Passes for $20 each. We jumped on that deal!!! We figured even if we hated it and only went once that we were still coming out way ahead.

We headed to Daytona today in hopes of having a great time at Daytona Lagoon. was so fun! It isn't big enough to be overwhelming but it was big enough to keep Jonah entertained for the day. There was a moment in the wave pool that I was a good distance away from he and Dan but still had a great view of them. He never quit smiling! I giggled to myself as I watched him have so much fun.

We were so persistent with the sunscreen that he eventually started putting it on himself. I guess we did okay because once we stripped him down for a shower when we got home, you couldn't even tell he had been in the sun.

It really was such a fun day. Dan and I spent the morning talking about our different memories from water parks when we were growing up. We both love them and love that we will be able to share that with Jonah. He played and swam and jumped and slid and floated and giggled. It was a perfect day.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Superman...and the Glenn boys!

***EDIT: It is now 12:29 a.m. and I can't hang anymore. I'm off to dreamland. But, I still hear a sweet little 3 year old voice talking to his daddy in the living room.

***EDIT: It is currently 11:36 p.m. and he is still going. Yep, 3 hours and 36 minutes past his bedtime.

As I type this, there is a very sweet father/son bonding time going on in my living room. Let me set it all up for you. Earlier today, we were on our way to soccer and Jonah asked if he had to go to bed when we got home. Dan told me he had been thinking about letting Jonah stay up as late as he wanted one night, mainly just to see how long he would last. But, there is also that issue of sometimes getting to say "yes" to your child. So many times in parenting, you have to say no but there are times when it doesn't make a difference and you should say yes just to let them know that you care about their feelings and will sometimes do something JUST because they want to do it. So, this suddenly became one of those "yes" nights.

At 10:15, Jonah
got to eat ice cream. (He normally gets frozen Gogurt rather than ice cream so this was a real treat!) Then, he and his dad changed into their Superman PJ's and Jonah is watching his very first grown-up movie...SUPERMAN!

I love these moments. I love that my little boy would rather sit in his daddy's lap than be any other place in this world. I love that Dan is the kind of daddy that realizes sometimes rules are less important than the memory that could be made in the moment. And most of all, I love this sweet life that God has given me with these Glenn boys!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Prayer time tonight

I'm giggling as I type this. I just left Jonah's room after praying with him. I thought you might enjoy what he prayed.

"Dear God, thank you for Mommy, Daddy and Max. Thank you for my bed and my fan and my music. Thank you for my food I ate tonight because my mommy forgot to let me say the blessing."

It went on from there but that was the part that really cracked me up. Note to self: DO NOT FORGET TO THANK GOD FOR OUR FOOD!


Now that Easter is over a month in our rear view mirror, I decided to post about our day. I was so sick leading up to the week of Easter that as of Friday, Jonah had almost nothing for his Easter Basket. He did not even have a picture with the Easter Bunny this year. I was really bothered by that until I was in bed so sick one day and had the thought that if I really believed Easter was about Jesus and his sacrifice and that is all Jonah remembers about this Easter then it was a successful holiday. No, that doesn't mean I don't enjoy all the fun parts of Easter too but on a year like this one when I could barely get out of bed, the most important thing is for him to know what Jesus did for him. We have many more years to have pictures with bunny.

I went to Publix for a little while on Saturday and only made it as far as their Easter goodies. I picked up a few Veggie Tales Candies and a chocolate bunny. I had the new Curious George movie already from a few weeks before. Then, later in the day, Tracy and Mikenzie dropped by with a basket for Jonah and she told me to feel free to take some things out of it for his bunny basket. So, I filled in with some of her things. (Thanks, Tracy!) Then, I remembered a Little People set I put up from last year. Denise and Darryl sent it to him but I forgot to give it to him last year on Easter so he got it this year instead. He loved it the most. (Thanks Pops & NeNe!)

I got him dressed for church in enough time to take a few pics outside. I posted a couple of these on Easter but they are all here for this post. I'm so sad that we don't have even one family picture on Easter. I got sick after the first service and had to get Jonah and head home. We were out of church clothes and I was in bed by the time Dan made it home.

When Dan got home, he quickly realized that I was out of the equation for a fun afternoon so he and Jonah went to a movie. Then, when they got home, they cleaned the pool and decided to take the first swim of the year. The temp was just under 80. NO WAY I was getting in there. As you will see, they were freezing!

Jonah was so intrigued by the water that was coming out from under his shorts. He would get in the spa, then get right back out to watch the water rush down his legs. It really is the little things in life...
Dan quickly realized it was too cold for them to be in the water but Jonah did not want to get out. So, they filled up the bath tub with warm water and sat in there instead. Hey, we are creative if nothing else!!!
While this Easter was nothing like the ones in our past and very unlike any holiday I could imagine, I'm so grateful for the sweet sacrifice of our Savior for us. I'm grateful for this little family that I call mine. Most of all, I'm grateful for His resurrection that allows us to celebrate not only on Easter, but every day!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Way back WHENsday

May, 2008
Prayer time before the morning service at FBCV

Monday, May 3, 2010

More Jonah Stories

About two weeks before Easter, we started reading lots of stories about Easter. His Bible has a great account of the crucifixion and resurrection that a child can understand. There is a picture of a soldier with the explanation of how he used the spear to stab Jesus in the side. Jonah has asked many questions about soldiers, spears, the tomb and the ladies who tried to see Jesus' body the next morning. Even after Easter, he wanted to keep talking about the Easter story, so we did.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I was in the kitchen and Jonah walked in with this white plastic thing. He proudly exclaimed "This is my spear!" As I began to ooh and ahh over his spear, his brow furrowed and he looked very concerned as he said "But, I promise, I didn't kill Jesus!"

Nap times are no longer mandatory around our house. We can tell the days he needs sleep and we force it on those days but the average day, he is just fine with no nap. Yesterday after church, I decided it was going to be a nap day. He wasn't acting sleepy, but I knew what his day held today so I told him he would have to nap. He went down with no problem but never settled down enough to sleep.

I walked in his room once and he was sitting up in bed playing. I told him that his head had to stay on his pillow and if I came back into his room again and he was up, I would be very mad. He said "Okay, mommy!" I shut his door and started down the hall when I heard him say "Mommy, come back, I have a question!" I went back in and he said "Mommy, what is mad?" I smiled and told him it was the same thing as angry. He said "Oh, I know what angry is. Now I know what mad is. Thanks for telling me!"


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