Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Nursery Trip

Dan and Jonah took a trip to a local nursery this morning to buy some plants for pots to go around the pool. Jonah was excited about going "to that nursery" with his daddy. He was on mission to find plants "that like lots of sun." They left super excited. A little while later, the door opens and Jonah comes straight to my bed to report on his daddy. He said "Mommy, I disobeyed Daddy some times at the nursery and I was very wild and he spanked me and it hurt. He made me sit down on the concrete and I cried." I was trying to figure out what did but he interrupted me and said "Mommy, don't be mad at daddy, he did the right thing. I did the wrong thing, okay?"

I'm thinking punishing this kid over the years might not be so hard after all.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My little poser

Last year, a Children's shop in Natchez was closing so I got a few steals for the upcoming years for my little guy. One of the things I bought was a 2 pack of Bailey Boys boxer shorts. Jonah spotted them in his drawer a few weeks ago and asked about them. I explained what they were and he decided he wanted to wear them. He was a little concerned there was no picture of Spiderman or Buzz Lightyear on them. He immediately ran to his daddy to show him. Then, he wanted me to take his picture. Tell me this little kid doesn't know how to work the camera?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Way back WHENsday

Thought I'd do something a little different for Way Back WHENsday this week. Rather than pictures, I uploaded a video from April, 2008. It is hard for me to even remember Jonah at this age. He was about 4 months from turning 2. Watching videos like this make me so grateful I have so many pictures, videos and this blog. There were moments I thought I would never forget that have now been replaced by other moments I think I won't ever forget. This little boy had no idea just how happy he would make his mommy!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 16 Ultrasound

Last Friday morning, Dan & I had our first opportunity to see this little baby. I had a 9:30 Ultrasound scheduled then had an appointment to see Dr. White. We were both excited to see and hear the heartbeat of this tiny little baby. Our office records Ultrasounds on DVD so we got a copy. I will admit, most of you will want to skip this video because as Jonah says "That is a big globby glob, not our baby!" But, I know my mom wants to see it and this was the easiest way to show her.

All was well with this little baby but due to my age and Jonah's 2 vessel cord, I have to have two Level 2 Ultrasounds over the next 8 weeks. Which, by the way, I would like to say just how old I feel since I've been pregnant. The doctor's office keeps referring to my age as if I'm 83. Apparently, 35 is the magic number for all things related to high risk pregnancy. So, I'll grab my walker and head on down to those next two appointments and will be sure to keep you posted.

Until then, enjoy this little video. Turn your speakers up to hear the heartbeat!

Monday, April 19, 2010

ECDC hat parade and egg hunt

We received an invitation to attend the ECDC Annual Hat Parade on March 26. I assumed it was something for the girls until Jonah informed me that he made his own hat and they even "measured it to make sure it fit my big head!" I woke up very sick that morning and took as many meds as possible in order to be upright for this event.

We got to his classroom and saw all of the hats on the table waiting for the big parade. Jonah immediately spotted Ms. Nancy and made a b-line to give her an Easter gift. He loves his teachers and we feel so blessed that Jonah has been influenced by them this year. We love opportunities to do something special for them.

We made our way to the chapel and found our spot. They told us the kids would march in, across the front and then around the chapel several times. When Jonah walked in, he looked so sad. I quickly realized he was sad because he had not seen us. We stood up and waved and when he spotted us, the grin took up his whole face.

Each time he passed us, he flashed us that precious smile and waved like a parade pro.

I snapped a couple of shots of his hat so you could see it from the top. They got to pick the color of their hat and all the things that went on it.

After the hat parade, we were invited to participate in the egg hunt with our kids. They also made their egg hunt buckets. Jonah was quite pleased to point out all the details of what he made.

New Friends...Well, actually, old friends!

Back in 2003, Dan and I began the process to adopt 2 children from Russia. We felt very strongly that God was leading us to this and followed him every step of the way. We jumped in with both feet and began the journey with hearts full of excitement, anticipation and joy. Along the way, we met several families on the same journey. They were scattered all over the US but quickly became friends to us. A bond was created during that time that I can't quite explain. While most of us had never met, we knew each other better than some real life friends. We cried together, rejoiced together, prayed for each other and celebrated the referrals and gotcha days of many little Russian kiddos.

Then, in May of 2005, God closed the door on our journey. It was heart wrenching for us. It was the realization that we "might never have kids" and the end of journey that we had worked so hard for. At that time, our church had set up a special "Russian Adoption" fund that people were contributing to for our family. Because that money was earmarked for Russian adoption, we wanted the remainder to be used for that. There were so many families raising funds to travel that we didn't know where to start. Then, one day, on the discussion group, a precious lady told about their referral of a beautiful little boy and how they were having to raise money ASAP so they could travel to get him.

I showed Dan her message and in that moment, we both knew our remaining money needed to go to them. I emailed her privately to ask if she would be offended if we sent it to her. Over the last year, I had come to know so much about her. She was such a precious lady with an exploding faith. I had read her words with admiration. I watched her faith grow by leaps and bounds. Up until that point, I didn't know why God had taken us on that whirlwind of a journey to just shut the door but I knew that her family factored in somehow.

They went to Russia to get their sweet boy, Jack. Then, a couple of years later, they went to Poland to get Grace. I followed their journeys. I prayed for them. We emailed back and forth on a regular basis. We are friends on Facebook. We follow and comment on each others private and public blogs. We are friends...we have just never met!

Well, it just so happens that last year when we first heard from the church in DeLand, I called her first. She is a Floridian and my Mapquest calculations told me we would be only 1.5 hours apart. We screamed like giddy little girls. While we had never before met, we were such good friends. We cried together over the sickness and death of our mutual friend Karin. We rejoiced over potty training successes. We oogle over each others kids like some kind of strange stalker. Seriously, I love this lady! And, we finally got a chance to meet!!!!!!

Dan did a wedding in her home town of Ponte Vedra, FL a few weeks back. So, we got to hang out Friday night and all day Saturday. Walking into her home was like walking in to the place I had been hundreds of times. Only God can orchestrate a friendship like this. And, just in case you find it odd that all of these words were about Katie and there isn't one single picture of her in this post, then you can chalk that up to my preggo brain. I made sure to get pics of the kiddos playing together but not one of the two of us. Never fear, I see many play dates in our future!!

Jack and Jonah playing in Jack's room

Jack & Jonah being silly at dinner

Grace, modeling her dress up clothes for us
Jack and Jonah playing in the dirt


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