Friday, April 9, 2010


If you know much about Dan, you know he is a BIG soccer fan. He plays soccer. He referees soccer. He watches soccer on TV. He LOVES soccer. The moment we found out Jonah was a boy, Dan started talking about teaching him to play soccer. He even soccer balls as gifts from various people long before he arrived. His GiGi gave him a soccer net for Christmas when he was 1.5 years old. He can't help but love soccer. Tonight, he got his first shot at it.

We knew we were going to sign him up for soccer this season and assumed it would start in January of this year. Pops & NeNe decided to outfit him for the soccer season as his Christmas gift. But, when we found out the season didn't start until April, we decided to put that unopened gift away and give it to him when the season started. So, this morning he opened a box full of soccer gear. (Separate post on that is coming)
We practiced for a while at home before heading to the soccer fields. Jonah had his first soccer meltdown right in the middle of our backyard. He grabbed the ball and Dan reminded him that he couldn't touch the ball. The tears started flowing. Little did we know, that would only be the beginning of the tears tonight.

We got to the Stetson fields and Jonah took off to start kicking his ball. Then, he quickly remembered his thermos of water. Of all the things Pops and NeNe sent in that box, the thermos for water was his most favorite! My little goober! Who knew a jug of water could excite a three year old like that?

The told us that they would have balls for the kids but if any of them had a #3 ball, then they needed to bring it. Of course his NeNe thought of that so Jonah had one. What we didn't think about was that a 3 year old does not understand other people touching "his" ball. They put them all in a pile and had the kids run out and and get a ball with their feet and then dribble it back. Jonah went with the full intention of getting "HIS" ball. Unfortunately, someone beat him to it. And the tears started!

Dan finally went out there and explained to him that he had to share his ball but it didn't make sense to him. So, Dan just took his ball and told him to play with one of theirs. That worked great. No meltdowns after that.

How great is this shot? LOVE my ZOOM lens on the SLR. Dan did great on this one.

This is definitely a soccer experience that is more about skills and technical stuff rather than games. But, I think it will be good for him to have a strong foundation in soccer. He loved the experience and said "When we get home, can we play more soccer in my back yard because I LOVE IT?" It is so fun to see your little one enjoy something that his daddy has spent many years of his life enjoying.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Way back WHENsday

Pictures from April, 2008

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

St. Patricks Day

I know there are many people out there will full memory cards. I am not one of those people. I upload pictures everyday from my camera to my computer. Then, I upload those to an online sharing site for initial backup and then we have a Time Capsule that backs up our computers every few hours. So, typically, I upload pictures then (attempt to) edit and blog those pictures. I decided Sunday night to upload some pictures from that day and realized I had pictures on that memory card dating back to March 15th. It was in that moment I realized just how sick I have been!! Two of the pictures I found were of Jonah and Mikenzie after church on St. Patrick's Day. Pretty cute, huh?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Flowering Cross

I just overheard this between Dan & Jonah. Cracked me up!

Jonah: Daddy, can we play a game?

Dan: What game do you want to play?

Jonah: How about the matching Backyardigan's game?

Dan: Ok

Jonah: Can we make checks?

Dan: Checks?

Jonah: On paper, you know. I want to make checks too.

Dan: Why are we making checks?

Jonah: Because I want to make checks on the paper. You know, checks look almost like L's.

Dan: I know what checks are but what does that have to do with the matching game?

Jonah: I'm just making conversation Daddy!

Happy Easter


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