Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another critter

I have seen the most odd things in our yard since we moved to Florida 6 weeks ago. But, nothing quite tops the squirrel stuck to our screen! This totally freaked me out!! I walked out of the kitchen and spotted this through the blinds. Scared me silly! As I got closer, I could see him breathing but his claws were deeply embedded in the screen. My mom wielded a broom and a dust pan to help free him. Eeeks!

2 more big boy rides

We planned all week to do yard work and prune all of our trees and bushes today. As I woke up this morning, I started thinking about how we know nothing about pruning. Our resident horticulturist (Clare) still lives in Vidalia and we are clueless about how to do things like that with him. So, I checked the weather to see if Disney would be a possibility. I went to ask Jonah if he wanted to go. He said no because he wanted to play a game on the computer. I reminded him he was big enough to ride roller coasters and he quickly changed his mind.

We got there and quickly realized why we should avoid the place for the next six weeks...SPRING BREAK SEASON! Ugh! It was CRAZY! We made an executive decision to get a fast pass for one ride and then wait in line for another one and then leave. We told Jonah that plan and he was okay. Although, he would have loved to stay and ride all day. He loves to ride. The scarier the better for him.
It wasn't until we got there that I realized I couldn't ride with him. It made me very sad. I love experiencing "firsts" with him. But, Dan was so awesome and took the camera to take pictures of him getting on the big boy rides and even took a couple of videos on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
I met them at the exit of Splash Mountain after I watched them come down the big drop. Jonah was soaked. We took his windbreaker to help with the water on his shirt. We should have thought of something for his pants. Check out those wet jeans.
Look at my two cute wet heads! Love those boys!

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Jonah got to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad for the first time today. He met the height requirement on Dan's birthday back in February but we have not been to The Magic Kingdom since then. The kid loves roller coasters!! He screams this fake sounding scream just because he thinks you are supposed to scream on them. Makes us laugh! I was sad to miss his first time on the roller coaster but since Baby Glenn is on the way, I have to be a little careful with bumpy rides like that. But, being the super awesome hubby that he is, Dan recorded some of the ride for me. He really is amazing! :-)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Outer Space

Just the other day, I was trying to get Jonah to hurry up and said "3-2-1 BLAST OFF!!!!"

He took off then stopped and looked at me with those "what are you thinking" eyes and said "Mommy, you can not say that!! This is not Outer Space!"

Daddy/Son FUN!

This video will be boring to all but a few people. I get requests from friends all the time to post more videos so they can see/hear Jonah in action. This is one of those videos. And, just so you know, Max was ok! You'll understand that after seeing the end!!

More Iphone Pics

These pictures were taken back in June when Jonah had is first experience with a fire ant. We know have Epi Pens for him because his second experience was even worse than this one. We got to the Natchez AHC and were super happy to see Steve there. While he was checking Jonah's foot, Jonah kept rubbing his ears. Not only was his foot in terrible shape, he had a double ear infection. Poor guy!

It is very rare (less than 4 times) that Jonah falls asleep anywhere besides his bed or car seat. So, when I saw him in his beanbag sound asleep, I had to take this picture.
And, of course, there are always some pictures that just remind me of how silly this little boy is.

And, here is the picture I took one whole year after Jonah's 2nd birthday party. I was cleaning out a closet in preparation for our move and discovered a bag with all of the thank you notes from Jonah's 2nd birthday. I. WAS. MORTIFIED!!!! Looking at this picture makes me smile now because the first note you see is to Taddy (or Tommy as he is actually known!) We are still in such shock over losing Tommy in January. This picture just reminds me how much he loved my little boy. He was there when he was born. He was at all 3 birthday parties. He was one of the first names Jonah could say. (except he called him Mommy because he couldn't say his T yet.)
HA! The night of crawfish picture! This was the most random night in Vidalia. There was a crawfish under our carport. Dan got close to him to take his picture. Click HERE to see the picture he took and to read all the funny comments the picture got on Facebook.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Teaching the baby

Jonah: Mommy, when that baby comes out of your tummy, am I going to teach it a lot of things?

Me: You are going to be a great big brother. You will teach our baby so many things.

Jonah: What will I teach it?

Me: Well, you will teach him to read and to write and...

Jonah: (pouty lip) But I don't know how to do any of that!

Way back WHENsday

These pictures were taken in March of 2007. Jonah was 7.5 months old. You can see the post that includes all of these pictures by clicking here or the post about doing these pictures by clicking here.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Story

WOW! What a whirlwind we have had here the last few days!!! To say we are shocked is an understatement. We were done having kids. We were set on life as it we knew it. We had no plans to have another baby. God thought different! I assure you, after all we went through to have Jonah, we consider this news a huge blessing. Are we shocked and surprised? Yes! Do we know how blessed we are? YES! I'll admit, in the first few minutes of seeing the 2 pink lines, my happiness immediately turned to sadness for so many friends/family who have longed/begged/cried/prayed for a baby. So, I paused to ask God to give them the desire of their heart while I thanked him for the chance to be mommy again. Many of those sweet friends/family read this blog. Just don't give up hope! I'll keep praying and hoping with you!!

I had no reason to believe or suspect that I would be pregnant. Although, it is a little ironic to me that it took us 3.5 years to get pregnant with Jonah and here we are 3.5 years later and pregnant with baby #2. I was incredibly exhausted last week. I could barely hold my eyes open. We normally go to bed at midnight each night but I found myself in bed before 10 a couple of different times. Then, on Thursday, I had my big Tupperware Open House. I worked ALL DAY long cleaning house then greeting people and taking orders. When I woke up Friday morning, I could barely move. I was so tired.

Dan worked Friday so I spent the day trying to decide how I got so lazy after not working for 6 months. I've worked a full-time job since I was 15 years old so I just assumed the 6 months at home since we moved here made me so useless that I couldn't work a long day without getting exhausted! (So glad that wasn't the actual case!!) I picked Jonah up from school and had to fight to keep my eyes open on the way. I turned on to Taylor Road headed home then decided to cut through Long Leaf Plantation and head to
CVS to buy a test.

I came home and immediately took the test. It only took seconds for the first line to show then the second one came. OH
JEEPERS!!! I looked at the clock to see it was 1:14 p.m. Dan wasn't due home for another couple of hours. SO, I had to call someone. SO, I did! They freaked out with me. I realized that even thought I was so completely shocked, I still wanted to tell Dan in somewhat of a creative way. (Watch Video below)

Yep, I let Jonah tell him! Jonah had no idea what the test was but he couldn't wait to say SURPRISE! Dan, as you saw, was completely surprised. As you can see, Jonah wants a brother and wants him name to be Sammy. (By the way, not gonna happen!!) Later that night, he decided he would rather name the baby Jesus. (Once again, not gonna happen!) From those first two suggestions from Jonah, we have decided not to let him be involved in the naming process. :-)

I've never been one to wait on telling people about pregnancy. I understand the thought behind "what if something happens?" but I only see that as on opportunity to have more people praying for me if something DID happen. My only priority was to make sure the grandparents all knew before the news was public. We would have probably waited just week or so but since my mom and grandmother were coming to our house the next day, we really wanted to tell them in person. I had seen this super cute shirt at Carters before I left LA. I called one of the outlet malls to see if they had it. Since they did, they held it for me. I swung by to get it before heading to meet my family at Sweet Tomatoes.
After they got the news and recovered from their shock, we headed home to take some pictures of Jonah in his shirt to send to the other grandparents. You can go here to see the picture they got and the video of Jonah's announcement. Dan's mom immediately called and then Dan's grandmother. Later that night, Dan's dad and Linda called. Once they all heard the news, we were very happy to share with others.
We still kept things a little quiet because Dan wanted to tell the church this morning. It was a very fun announcement at the end of each service. He had one of these pictures flash up on the screen. It took a few seconds for things to register. People saw the cute face then realized the words on his shirt. There were lots of cheers and applause. (and even a few tears!)
I've spent the afternoon answering calls, texts and facebook messages. I still have many phone calls and emails to return but let me say here just how grateful we are for your many words of kindness. While we are shocked and surprised, we are overjoyed. We trust the providence of God and know that His ways and will are much higher than ours. We are asking Him already to help us be good parents. Before Jonah, we knew nothing about parenting. Now, we only know how to parent one child. And, sometimes, I'm not so sure we know how to do that! We are totally dependent on His leadership when it comes to raising Godly kids.
The last 3.5 years with Jonah have been so happy. He is such an easy, wonderful, joyful and precious little boy. I don't doubt that I can love more than one child. People do it every day. But, I get a little sad thinking of Jonah. I feel like he has been the center of our world for his whole little life and we are about to disrupt that world. My friend Aja is pregnant with her 2nd and I've been reading her blog and just crying with her over her feelings for her little guy. I totally get her feelings now. All of you moms out there know that our feelings are totally unfounded because you have a house full of kiddos. But for now, we have to wait to experience that for ourselves. The little boy sleeping in the back of my house will be fine. And, somewhere along the way, this mommy's heart will expand with love for the new little life growing inside of me...all the while knowing "The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with JOY!"

Jonah's Surprise


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