Saturday, January 9, 2010


There is a gym in Lake Helen that has a preschool class on Monday nights. We decided to try a session since your first class is free. Jonah was super excited about going but fell asleep on the way there. We were not sure how this was going to work out since we had to wake him up.

Doesn't this look like the face of a happy gymnast?
Jonah was a good ways away from us so the quality of these pictures isn't that great. But, you get the idea.

The class was 55 minutes long. Jonah didn't get into it really until about half way through. Each time the teacher would ask him to do something, he would say "I'm too tired!" Um, can we say lazy bones? When it was time to leave, he did not want to go. He begged to stay but it was time for the next class. While he had a fabulous time, I think we are probably not gonna do this weekly. Soccer starts in the next few weeks and I just don't want to get overextended with activities. We will see how he does with soccer and if that isn't a hit, we can always come back to gymnastics. While I don't think gymnastics is necessarily his sport, I think the exercise and interaction with other kids was really good for him.

This Boy

"I have a monument in this world, it is my son."
Maya Angelou

The Cat in the Hat

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Books to Bed

A couple of years ago at Mistletoe Marketplace, I came across a booth with the cutest set of boxed pajamas. The brand was BOOKS TO BED. The boxes had a set of pajamas the corresponded with a popular children's book. At the time, we read Jonah "Guess How Much I Love You" numerous times a day. I was so happy to see they offered that one in his size. I quickly grabbed one only to discover they were almost $50. I promptly put it right back on the shelf. Super cute idea? Yep! Way to expensive for pajamas? Yep!

Well, some time last year, Jennifer Russ called to tell me Growing Pains was closing so I headed over there to check out the sales. There was one rack of 75% off and I found one of the Books to Bed Sets. I got it for $10!! Savvy shopper? Yep! I had to buy a larger size than what Jonah wore at the time because it was the only size she had left. He is finally big enough to wear them so we had a fun little story time in our room Tuesday night. He was kind of impressed that his dinosaur pajamas matched his dinosaur book.

After we finished story time, he ran into the living room to give his daddy a hug and kiss. Typically bedtime is daddy's domain but since he was happily doing laundry, I convinced Jonah to let me do the bedtime routine. :-)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The stocking was STILL hung...

Jonah's stocking is in the same place it was on Christmas morning. He hasn't touched it. We have pointed it out to him but he has yet to show any interest. He would be really excited if he knew all the fun things that were in there. We don't mention it now. It is kind of a little test just to see what month we tear into the Christmas stocking. Stay tuned...this could go on for a while.

A good memory

I picked Jonah up from preschool today and asked him what he wanted to do this afternoon. He said he wanted to go to Burgers King (yes, he puts an S there) to play on their big playground. I had the following conversation with him.

Me: We can go to Burger King and play but when we get home, you still have to take a nap.

Jonah: I don't want to take a nap.

Me: I've very sorry that you don't want to take a nap but you are going to take a nap. Okay?

Jonah: But, i don't want to take a nap.

Me: Jonah, you are going to take a nap whether we go to Burger King or not. Do you understand me?

Jonah: Yes Mam.

So, we went to Burger King and he played to his heart's content in their huge indoor play area. It was time to leave so started walking towards the car. As we got to the car, I told him as soon as we got home that he had to take a nap.

He immediately started crying. I said "Jonah, you listen to mommy! We talked about this before we got here. I told you that you had to take a nap after Burger King. Do you remember that?"

He said "Yes, (crying even harder now) I remember but I don't want to take a nap. I told him I was sorry but I remember telling him he had to take a nap. The tears stopped, he looked at me and very plainly said,
"But, I remember telling you that I didn't want to nap!"

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas from a distance

I keep hearing stories about the deficit at the United States Postal Service. It seems they are losing money by the day and are not sure how to recover. I am currently expecting a thank you note from them because I feel sure Jonah saved their bottom line this year. I came home one day to find several boxes at our front door. I added the postage together (yep, I'm a geek) for just the mail delivered that day to discover over $76 spent mailing things to this kiddo. There were several days that looked just like this. It was insane. Our mail lady asked me if I had a home business. HA!

I only let him open gifts when he was on the phone or on SKYPE with whoever gave it to him. There were a couple of exceptions to that rule because it got so close to Christmas and it was harder to catch people at home. It was more fun to watch him to talk to friends and family and explain what they gave him. I think he thought it was a surprise to them too!

These are just a few pictures of him with gifts, opening gifts, playing with gifts, thanking people for gifts and being excited about gifts. This little boy is so loved and we are so grateful. Not necessarily for the gift but for the way you care about him. He knows he is loved. He knows he is cared for. He knows he is special. We have so many of you to thank for that.

Max even got a gift from Ott and Beera, or Art and Vera to those of you who don't speak Jonah's language! He has successfully hidden it from Jonah.

Christmas at our house was wonderful this year. It was such a reminder of the sweet friendships we have, the wonderful family we are part of and the celebration of a baby who took on flesh and came to this world to be Immanuel...GOD WITH US!


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