Saturday, December 11, 2010

Off to see Santa

We took the boys to see Santa at The Mall at Millenia last Thursday. I didn't dress them in their clothes for the picture until we made the final turn in the line to meet him. Our wait was 70 minutes and we were so impressed with how well Jonah did. That is a LONG time to wait for a 4 year old but he never whined or misbehaved one time. We kept telling him how proud we were and he finally told us not to say that anymore.

After we met Santa, we headed back home and took a few pictures in front of our Christmas tree. Dan was changing Micah's diaper while Jonah and I sat in front of the tree and talked. And, we also took a few pictures of just him. And, as usual, he wanted to take a few pictures himself. So, he chose me as his subject.

Dan brought Micah in and put him in Jonah's arms. The photo sessions with them usually don't last very long because Micah cries because of the way Jonah holds him. Then, Jonah gets nervous and wants him out of his lap. Then, Max usually starts howling. It's a lovely experience!

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